MergeCrafter Beginners Guide and Tips

Keep merging to discover new biomes!

MergeCrafter: Magical Merge World is a simulation puzzle merge game that invites players to merge similar items to create new lands. The game takes its players to the fictional lands of Runaria, where items can be merged by players however they please to make them stronger. Stronger items will then help players in their exciting quests to explore Runaria and meet unique characters. To progress quickly in the game, refer to our MergeCrafter Beginners Guide for tips, tricks, and strategies to be an expert player in MergeCrafter.

Getting started

While MergeCrafter is a unique game, it is not as complicated as it may appear to be to players who have little experience playing a similar game. The game cleverly mixes aspects of axe crafting that many players are used to with match-3 elements-esque puzzles to entice its players. The game can also be played offline.

Merge Crafter Guide
MergeCrafter garden

The items level up when matched 3. Matching 5 will enable the player to gain additional rewards like Craft gear including shovels, axes, etc. Players can enhance their tools, search and dig for lost treasure, and even mine ores. Players are able to explore different types of land including but not limited to caves, deserts, frozen lands, and forests in search of diamonds, emeralds, gold, and iron.

MergeCrafter Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Remember to tap the generators

As with any new game, there are lots of small tricks that most beginners may not be aware of. This is one of them. Players should remember that they are able to tap generators for a faster process when they need items to be shelled out in dungeons and the home base.

2. Focus on merging tools quickly instead of other items

Players need 3 merged tools for the next tier, so they are recommended to merge their tools as fast as possible. Players are encouraged to avoid working on fruit trees or ore deposits at the beginning. Ores can be sold or smelted to gain more XP. Players can do the Cave quest to get a furnace to smelt the ores.

3. Use in game Runic efficiently

Players are encouraged to not spend Runic on various tools early into the game. This is because they almost immediately get discarded. free runic is hard to come by. It is also important to remember to do merges of 5 when it comes to Runic for maximum benefit.

4. Make sure auto merge adjacent and merge combo is turned off

MergeCrafter Guide
MergeCrafter settings guide

It is recommended that players go to the settings option from the menu on the top right and turn off the auto-merge adjacent and merge combo features. This organizes items beside each other without any merging taking place and prevents merges that may occur even if the player did not intend to merge.

5. Remember to use up all your fuel

Players are highly encouraged to make sure all the fuel is consumed before they go about upgrading the furnace. The fuel gets reset to 0 anyway after the upgrade so it is better to make sure the fuel is used up.

6. Position balloons in dungeons

The Dungeons contain balloons that are relocatable. Players can move them around as they please based on their own convenience depending on when players use them. Players can move them to open up certain positions like the back of a new level to free up a spot to do merges. It is also important to note that merging with items that are greyed out is the quickest method of clearing.

7. When creating storage, make sure you make combos of 5

It is suggested to make combos of 5 when players are creating storage. This always is necessary, and players are encouraged to not think that they may not need to make combos of 5.

MergeCrafter Beginners Guide
MergeCrafter scenery

8. Know what chests you can merge

There are 3 different possibilities when it comes to merging chests. They are labeled as old, fair, and greater. There are 6 items in the old chest, 21 items in the fair chest, and 35 items in the greater chest. It is recommended to choose a fair chest. Players can also save and merge chests into a greater chest with chests from dungeons.

9. Grouping and merging ress

Players are suggested to assemble as many ress as possible in one area to complete the merge at once. If players have a generator beside them, they need to ensure the generator is completely exhausted before any merging occurs. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this MergeCrafter beginners guide and tips!

That’s all for today’s MergeCrafter beginners guide. Did you find our MergeCrafter beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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