Merger Legion Hero Tier List for January 2023

Choose from the best heroes in the game!

Merger Legion is an extraordinary strategy-based game available on both Android and iOS devices. The game offers numerous features to the players and a unique gameplay mechanic that can attract players to its storyline. The game comes up with several heroes as well who have the role to support the troops and win battles against the opponents so that players can expand their territory and embrace their empire. Thus, let us check out the Merger Legion hero tier list and know about the meta-class heroes in detail. 

Merger Legion Hero Tier List for January 2023

Merger Legion categorizes Heroes into SSR, SR, R, and N (where N stands for Normal).

SSR Strong (S)Eulji Meondok,
Ragnar Lodbrok, 
William Wallace,
Miyamoto Musashi,
Barbarossa Hayreddin,
Genghis Khan,
Yi Sun-sin,
Hua Mulan,
Fu Hao,
Joan of Arc,
Alexander the Great,
Prince Edward
SR Good (A)Spartacus,
Gajah Mada,
Han Xin,
Mochizuki Chiyo,
Robin Hood,
King David,
Xiahou Dun,
Tomoe Gozen,
King Ashoka,
Brian Boru 
R Fair (B)Teuta,
Cyrus the Great,
N Average (C)Zoie,
Merger Legion Hero Tier List for January 2023

Best Meta Heroes from each class for Merger Legion in January 2023

Warrior Class Heroes – William Wallace

Warrior class heroes are one of the most daring ones and thus go up to the frontline to thrash away enemies. William Wallace is thus by far the best Warrior Class and comes up with one of the best skills in the game.

Merger Legion Hero Tier List
Image via Karma Game

The character has a massive 1K Combat Power along with 63, 57, and 310 ATK, DEF, and LDR stats respectively. The best skills used by the character are:

  • Decapitating Strike
  • Spirited Charge 
  • Dogged Resistance
  • Heroic Sacrifice
  • Intimidating Charge

Knight Class Heroes – Brunhild

A Knight is a warrior that takes up their sword and runs towards the enemies to slice them up to conquer the land. Thus here is Brunhild, the best Knight character anyone could ever use in the game.

Knight Brunhild
Image via Karma Game

The character comes up with a huge Combat Power of around 1K continued with 65 ATK, 55 DEF, and 310 LDR stats. The best rage attacks from this gorgeous knight are:

  • Ride of Valkyrie
  • Guide of the Einherjar
  • Shieldmaiden’s Spears
  • Thor’s Messenger 
  • Lethal Momentum

Tank Class Heroes – Eulji Meondok 

Tank class characters have the same set of powers and rules just like the warrior class. The main difference being they fight at the frontline to provide physical support to the warrior class characters. Thus, we have Eulji Meondok in the game to support the warrior class hero of the team.

Merger Legion Hero Tier List
Image via Karma Game

The character is also known widely for his great CP which is recorded as 1K. It also has 57 ATK, 63 DEF, and 310 LDR points which makes him the best Tank class in the game. The best skills are as follows:

  • Deadly Deluge
  • You are all Weaklings
  • Unassailable Position
  • Intimidation
  • Expose Weakness

Support Class Heroes – Genghis Khan 

Support class heroes stand at a far away distance and thus provide the best support to the troop members and other heroes fighting at the frontline. So for the role, Genghis Khan is the best one who fits in the position.

Merger Legion Hero Tier List
Image via Karma Game

Riding on the top of his horse along with his legendary bow, Genghis Khan comes up on the battlefield with a massive 1K Combat Power along with 71 ATK, 49 DEF, and 310 LDR points. The Arabian legend follows up with his remarkable skills as follows:

  • Wrath of Khan
  • Mongol Horde
  • Recurved Composite Bows
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Clear Eyes Steady Hands

Archer Class Heroes – Yu Sun-sin

Archers are best known for their best supporting role played with their legendary bow and archers from far away distances. And thus by far, the best archer is Yu Sun-sin.

Yu Sun Sin
Image via Karma Game

The Korean legend is known for his excellence in reigning over his empire and the best set of history he created over the span while breathing. He comes up with a Combat Power of 1K along with 51 ATK, 69 DEF, and 310 LDR in his stats. The best set of archery skills he shows up are:

  • Roaring Currents 
  • Turtle Armor
  • Beat the Drums
  • Piercing Bolts
  • Raging Waves


Merger Legion has numerous characters that have delightful traits and skills and thus attract the players towards the game and gain the best possible experience. Thus jump into the world of Merger Legion and enjoy the battle of the greatest empires. 

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