Merger Legion Beginners Guide and Tips

Merger Legion is a strategy-based game that follows up with storyline gameplay where the players need to start off a journey in a barren land and begin with their quest. Players will get to establish their own empire and hunt down areas on the barren island to set up their own empire. The game has come up with several building blocks and features that keep up the interest of the players. The game also introduces several heroes as the guardians of the villages and thus they can control the barrack troops and defeat the places to conquer them. Thus, let us dive into a detailed beginners guide and a few tips for the players so that they can flourish in the world of Merger Legion

Gameplay Overview

Merger Legion is a strategy-based game and thus players need to plan out the construction of the buildings like mines, barracks, and defenses so that while they are under attack, they can easily call down the attack and save the village.

Players need to upgrade through the city hall by researching the itineraries and hence can upgrade the island. Players can train troops and can even merge the archers and the warriors into themselves by swiping one archer or warrior toward the other. This will pile up the power and come up with a new character that is stronger.

Merger Legion Beginners Guide
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Players can follow up with very easy gameplay mechanics and fight against other enemy troops and take down the places to conquer them. The gameplay mechanics are very easy to handle as well, the players have to deploy the troops and characters and tap on the main Hero to initiate its rage skill. Players need to upgrade the buildings and troops on a regular basis so that players can easily make their island a powerful one and further unlock other places.

Introducing the Basics of Merger Legion


The build is the section where players can check out all the buildings such as barracks, defense, and mines so that they can place and build them. Players can easily upgrade the barracks in the game by just sliding a building to a similar level building to advance it to the next level by getting merged. And thus that’s what the name suggests, all about merging and becoming stronger.


Considered the sole guardian of the village, the game comes up with 40+ Heroes who are categorized into a few tiers and classes. These heroes are way powerful and lead the troops to provide the best battle experiences and help out to snatch away the win and conquer an area from the habitat.

Heroes Merger Legion Beginners Guide
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The game comes up with several sets of Heroes who help out while the troop is sent into battle. The Heroes help out the troops and thus snatch away the victory so that they can conquer the land and expand their territory. Heroes can be easily upgraded as well by following a few easy steps:

  • Go to the Hero section and tap on the hero you want to upgrade.
  • Tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen and then select the number of EXP boosters from the several types you have.
  • Tap on the Confirm button to upgrade your hero.

Players can also tap on the auto-apply button so that all of the EXPs can be used on that particular hero. Heroes are divided into several classes and tiers as well which will be discussed in another piece.

Dragon’s Nest

Dragon’s nest is the section where the p[layers get to opt for a pet/companion that will support the player’s troop while present in the battle. The game offers several sets of dragons that fascinates the players and thus players choose the best one to get the ultimate support.


Inventory is the section where players can check out all the resources they own such as chests, EXP boosters, building upgrade plans, soldiers, decor, heroes, and jewels. Players can use them from the inventory as well and keep up with the progression process as well.


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Alliance is the section where players can join up with a clan and form a big community. This will help out the players to reach out to their clan members when in need and can even support them while they are in need. Players can even go for a clan war between other clans present throughout the world and enjoy the battle of the greatest.


World Merger Legion Beginners Guide
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The world is the section where players can look out for other villages from the earth and can attack or scout their respective villages. The players get a huge reward after they defeat the village. Players can also go for an exploration program where they send their troops to collect some necessary items for their village.


Tasks are the section where players can check on the assigned jobs and thus after completing them, they can claim their rewards. The rewards are always beneficial such as they receive golds, diamonds and EXP boosters which are essential resources and in-game currencies required by the players while upgrading their island.

Resource Management

The game offers several resources and in-game currencies, as these resources and in-game currencies help out a lot to the players while stepping ahead towards progression. Thus,  the most important of them are as follows:

  • Gold: Gold is one of the most necessary in-game currencies required by every player. It helps the players in building new architects and even upgrading them. It is easily available and can be received by completing assigned tasks and through gold mines.
  • Diamond: Diamond is the premium in-game currency and thus it can be obtained by completing a few assigned tasks and from the shop through real-life transactions.
  • EXP boosters: These EXP boosters help out the players in upgrading the troop members and heroes. These are easily available and can be obtained by completing the simple assigned tasks and by completing daily challenges as well. There are several types of EXP boosters, few are:
    • Epic EXP
    • Rare EXP
    • Normal EXP
    • Basic EXP
currency and resources
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  • Scrolls: Scrolls help the players to upgrade the buildings present over the barren island. This enhances and boosts production and helps in leveling up the buildings such as infantry, missile unit, and barracks. There are three main types of scrolls:
    • Infantry Upgrade scroll
    • Missile unit Upgrade scroll
    • Barracks Upgrade scroll
  • Building Upgrade Plans: The building upgrade plans are required for upgrading all the types of buildings present in the game. This helps out the players in the proper planning of the buildings and thus enhances the building just after it is upgraded or research has been done.

Merger Legion Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through the entities of the game, here are the best tips for beginners so that they can spark over the leaderboards.

  1. Upgrade the territory as soon as possible. Players must follow up on the required resources and upgrade the buildings which will lead them to acquire more experience for their profile and level up. Thus by leveling up their profile they can unlock more places and conquer them to expand their own territory.
  2. Upgrade the troops and the heroes. They are the backbone of the village and they will help out players to expand their territory by battling against the local habitats of the barren island and the outside world to expand their empire and become the greatest player of all time.
  3. Go for completing missions, this will help out players in obtaining more resources and in-game currencies which will thus help out players to use them in the required areas.
  4. Upgrade and research your Palace. This will lead the players to unlock more buildings and thus they can unlock more features to make themselves more powerful than before.
  5. Summon more heroes and make the team much more powerful so that players can defeat the hardest enemies and conquer the lands quickly.


Merger Legion is one of the best strategy-based games that has launched recently. With some of the most unique features the game thus keeps up the interest of the players. Players must follow up with the beginners guide to know in detail about the best features and sections. Follow up the heroes sections as well and summon the best one through the summon building to make your team stronger.

That’s all from us for the Merger Legion Beginners Guide! Did you find our Merger Legion Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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