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Meta World: My City is an outstanding simulation game and comes up with so many interesting and different features that enthusiasts the players while they play the game. Such a feature is the amazing Board game that allows players to compete against other players over a game and thus players can easily win up the round. The game has many elements underneath it that players must keep up in their minds while playing. Thus, here is a detailed guide to the board game that will help out players to win over every round they play.

Meta World: My City Board Game: Ranking System

Before we go straight away to the gameplay guide, players must know about the ranking system the game has set for the board game. Players mainly get the following ranks over the board game:

  • Rookie
  • Amateur 
  • Pro 1
  • Pro 2
  • Expert 1
  • Expert 2
  • Champion 1
  • Champion 2
  • Champion 3
board game
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On every rank up, the entry fee increases, and thus players win a reward that is always the double amount of the entry fee. Over this ranking, Rookie is the lowest rank from which players mainly start their journey and then end up at the top, which is Champion 3. 

How to play Board Game in Meta World: My City

The Board Game is just like the Business Board game that players have experienced once in their lifetime. But, this board game has a little twist as well. The main rule of this Board game is that both the players will get dice and thus they have to roll both the dice at a time. Players get a maximum of 12 numbers by rolling both dice and the lowest one is 2.

The game also has a rule that if the players roll the dice and both the dice come up with the same number, then it is called a Double and players will again get a chance to roll the dice over the board. Players can go a maximum of 2 times consecutively for a Double and then the third try has to be a normal roll of dice where both the dice come up with different numbers. 

Meta World My City Board Game guide
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After players roll out the dice, players have to count on the number they got and move to that particular location by counting from the location they are standing at that very moment. Then players need to utilize the money of 10M250K that is being provided to the players at the beginning of the game.

Players need to use this money and buy out properties in the location they move to. The Board game has different locations and four special locations as well that have different abilities. The game also has two locations known as Cards where if the player moves, will get an advantageous card and thus can collect points. 

Meta World My City Board Game constructive points
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The game has a total of 30 Turns which is to be utilized by both players. Players can only win the game if they get 10 Construction points. Players can get Construction points by building properties over the locations they move.

Players can also gain Construction points by upgrading the pre-existing properties or by buying out properties of their opponent in any of the locations. Players also get a deck of 4 cards, every card holds unique abilities and thus players can use those cards in between the game to come up with some benefits that will help them win the game. 

Different sets of Locations present in the Board Game 

The Board game has several sets of renowned Countries from all over the World and thus players can move to that location and buy out properties. The list of Countries goes on like this:

  • United Arab Emirates 
  • Taiwan 
  • South Korea
  • Thailand 
  • Australia 
  • United States
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Fortune Card
Meta World My City Board Game locations
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The Board also has more 4 locations that come with unique abilities, these locations, and their abilities are as follows:

  • Starting Block: gives players salary when players pass by this location after the start of the game. 
  • Uninhabited Island: players cannot move for one turn if they come to this location.
  • Shop Block: players get three unique cards up here that they can use and thus have some benefits.
  • Train Travel: players can select a block and move directly to that block up from here.

Final Thoughts

The Board Game helps the players a lot and thus they are able to win up to great prices and Golds that will eventually help them to construct properties over their Meta Island. Thus, follow up on the details regarding the Board Game and win over every round and conquer the board. 

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