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Metal Revolution Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you ready for a revolution?

Metal Revolution, is a next-gen mechanical fighting game developed by NExT Studios and Gtarcade. It brings the classic arcade fighting game feel into the age of cyberpunk and enhanced cybernetic combat. Players will be able to take control of a wide range of fighters. Each fighter will have its own fighting styles and customizable aesthetics. If a player needs a Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks to be an expert player in Metal Revolution go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies.

Getting Started

On the official website, the players will find the option of Activating their Mecha or Character, where they are made to do tasks through which they can earn rewards. Players can get the rewards of the mission accomplished once the game announces an official launch.

Metal Revolution Beginners Guide

Thereafter, creating an account and returning to the website, pressing on the claim option through which the claims are sent to your account. By making a participating in the mission, the player gets the Early Bird Pack Access.

With not just the mode of choosing a character and commencing the fight. But it also makes the player known to different modes such as to get into the classic arcade mode where the player can get to know more about the game by getting to know the story of each character’s story. For making the skills a perfection, players can log into different segments such as tutorials, Arcade and Training Modes, etc.

Introducing the Characters

With the choice of the modes, controls, the game also allows the players to make choices of Characters to be used in the gameplay. At the initial stage of the fight, the players are offered to defeat the opponent with Jamal Ritter.

Further, as the players keep making progress in the game and the fighting divisions, they are offered more Characters with more profound skins. Currently, the game allows the players to choose between a total of 14 characters, also referred to as Heroes, they are:

  • Jamal Ritter – who being a son of a boxer, has the boxing enthusiasm in his veins.
  • Mike Lee – Having an immense amount of popularity and also being a fan favourite of all time, as being a street dancer. He is also keen on martial arts and has a habit of always heading forward a trend.
  • Kim Woo Ryong – Having the skills of leadership as being an instructor, he’s at the Metal Revolution to get more disciples at dojang.
  • Trishula – Accepting his survival from the tragedy occurred at the stadium, the will of Buddha, Trishula jumps at the Metal Revolution in order to find his new and more prominent skills.
  • Mikhail – Due to the collapse occurring in the country, she discovered that he was separated from his wife and daughter, for which he joined an agency to get ample information about his family. The latest of the information made a sign towards an underground tournament.
metal revolution characters Metal Revolution Beginners Guide
  •  Chromeleon – Came out as a toxic as well as dangerous product of a scientific research carried out. Proved out that even a touch may cause serious damage.
  • Inari – Coming out to take revenge against Ren, who when seizing control on Sasoriza-Kai, wiped out her family.
  • Miyamoto Ren – Growing up as an orphan, he faced betrayal from the one he gave the status of his parents.
  • Gindy Connor – Having the most powerful equipment at her arm which is even used against the enemies and even for self-repairment. She is here at the tournament to get more data for making more successful inventions.
  • Ted Graham – For making a comeback at the spotlight, which he gained as a star player in Mecha Football League.
  • Justitia – An energetic member of Apostles of Athena, and has been fighting in the name of the old gods.
  • Xophi- IX – As the latest model of the Mecha from Interpol, she is able to adjust her appearance as well as fighting equipment with any situations.
  • Kong – He was selected for the M-Metal AI Project, growing up as a lab monkey in a research facility. His awareness was implanted in a Mecha, to participate in the tournament.

Metal Revolution Beginners Guide and Tips

For the more aware as well as for great fighting experience, the players must keep themselves up to date at the controls and even the necessary equipment for the hero.

  1. Not just the 1v1 mode, even at the 2v2, the player needs to make a precise decision on the hero selection.
  2. The different control combination, used in the fighting end not to be mugged up as they get on the players hand with practise.
  3. As for most of the controls such as moving back, which makes a defeat mode, it requires an ample amount of energy and even the Critical attack does. Therefore, it would make the gameplay even more effective if the player keeps the check on even the energy level as well as combinations.

That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Metal Revolution Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Metal Revolution Beginners Guide. Did you find our Metal Revolution Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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