Million Lords Guide: 10 Tips to outshine the enemy

Million Lords is a real-time strategy game on mobile that involves simple gameplay. In this time when most of the RTS games focus on the building aspect, Million Lords overlooks that part and focuses purely on the conquest part. Although the gameplay looks pretty simple, it involves some strategic thinking. So, today in this Million Lords guide we will discuss the best 10 tips that will help any player to understand the basics of the game and catch the enemy off-guard.

1. Understand the Skill Tree

million lords skill tree
Million Lords Skill-tree

The first and the foremost thing for a new player is to understand the skill-tree of the game. As the game purely focuses on the conquest part, so players should prioritize the army expansion and gold production at the beginning. And as they progress they should set the skill tree based on the requirement. Without understanding the skill tree, the bonuses will go in waste.

2. Quick Expansion is the key to success

What could be a better way to grow other than capturing more cities. A player should focus on capturing the first 30 cities as soon as possible. More cities mean more gold and more army! And once the idle cities are captured, then its time for some real battles.

3. Empty the Gold always

Golds are the only necessity for upgrading a city. Higher the level of the city, better the gold production. So, there is absolutely no need to hold the gold for future use. Just use it to upgrade the existing cities. It will boost the overall progress.

4. Know the importance of Temple

Temples are an important part of Million Lords. They are a free boost. Each temple gives a significant amount of boost to the existing skill tree. If any temple is nearby then players/clan should consider capturing that at the earliest.

5. Always reinforce the main city

This is the tricky part of Milion Lords. None cant hit the main city or the first city of any player. So its always better to gather and keep all the troops into the main city to keep them safe and sound.

6. Scout before attack

million lords guide
Million Lords conquest

This is the normal rule of war. Scouting is necessary before hitting any enemy city. Otherwise, a player might be surprised to lose all the troops just because he/she chose not to scout and hit a big army of troops stacked inside a city. So, always scout a city before hitting to avoid unnecessary troop losses.

7. Splitting up the army for quick movement

Higher the number of troops, lower the troop speed. If a player is sending 100k troops to an enemy city, rather than sending the full army in one go, consider splitting it into 50k and 50k. It will save some time.

8. Equip Items based on need

Items in Million Lords can be equipped and removed at any time. While some items give a little boost to attack traits, some help in defense. So, before attacking, make sure to equip the best attack items. And change them according to the need.

9. Attack Stronger opponent for quick XP

When a player will attack an enemy of higher level, the gained XP will be much higher. The XP points by hitting an enemy ranges from 0% to 200%. So always look out for this XP percentage before considering to attack any city.

10. Join a clan for additional help

million lords guide
Join a clan for additional help in Million Lords

Last but not the least. Joining a clan will bring the social feature of the game. Players can ask help from the clan mates and do the conquest together. It becomes much easier to attack and defend when there are supports from friends. Also, experienced players can be a guide for the new players to make the Million Lords experience a better one.

Hope this Million Lords guide will be helpful in your conquest to dominate on your server. If you find this useful, please make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates.

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