Minecraft: Top 5 rarest items obtained while Fishing loot

Did you get any of them?

Nearly 10 years ago, in updated version V1.2.0 in 2012 fishing was added to Minecraft where fishing resembled a particularly simplistic system which signified different from the much more refined fishing system seen within the modern version of Minecraft. Now, fishing can offer you a plethora, all its own set chance. In this article, we shall list the top 5 rarest items to be accepted while fishing loot in Minecraft.

Top 5 rarest items obtained while fishing from Minecraft

5. Enchanted Book 

Minecraft Top 5 fishing loot
Enchanted Book 

There is a 0.8% of chance to induce this item and thought of to be the most useful item which will be obtained from fishing. Players can’t consider it to be rarest but not under common items too. It may be considered to be partially rarest with an opportunity of 0.8%.

4. Stick

Minecraft Top 5 fishing loot

Theoretically, loot is very rare to induce from fishing but it’s not so difficult to get them from other means. Having an opportunity of 0.5%, it can just be a difficult and the most convoluted method to get a stick altogether of Minecraft.

3. String


 Players have an opportunity of 0.5% of getting a string while fishing that would be in use than a stick. This can be in use in a number of precise game mode difficulties like peaceful within which string is harder to return because of spider not spawning.

2. Fishing Rod

Minecraft Top 5 fishing loot
Fishing Rod

While fishing if you get another fishing rod then consider it to be a welcome surprise that will also mean to continue your fishing session even after your rod breaks. Having an opportunity of 0.2% to occur. So, consider being blessed after getting an additional rod within the game.

1. Ink sac 

Ink Sac

Stands in position one to be the rarest item to be obtained while fishing in Minecraft. With an opportunity of 0.1%, it may also be considered for the player to be lucky enough to fish up this item and find that they’re given 10 individual ink sacs at a time.

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