Mini Basketball Beginners Guide and Tips

Put on your sneakers, and get ready to go to the court!

Mini Basketball is Miniclip’s latest title and the first-ever casual experience in Basketball. This newly launched Basketball simulation game takes players through the rush and thrill of playing a real Basketball game. Among the giants that are currently ruling the sports game genre, its casual gameplay and easy-to-learn controls make it stand out from the crowd. The game has indeed turned out to be a sixth man’s Paradise. In this Mini Basketball beginners guide, we are going to walk through all the game modes that Mini Basketball has to offer and share some valuable tips and strategies so that Basketeers can move up from the Brass League to the All-Stars League in no time.

Gameplay Overview

Mini Basketball has a casual pick-up and plays, exactly how things work in the original sport. Players don’t need to waste time on endless mechanics as they now just need to pick it up and jump straight into the action. It gives you the experience of real-time multiplayer across different Tiers and Tournaments.

The gameplay and mechanics are similar to that of Mini Football comes from the same Developer House. Each game is short but fast-paced and rewards you with exciting Player Packs on victory, which unlock after a certain period of time.

Gameplay Overview
Image via Miniclip

You can build and upgrade your own team with players that you earn from these packs. You can even customize your gameplay experience by choosing the ball that you prefer to play with, mascots, cheerleaders, and Dunks. Your performance gets tracked every week in the Weekly Leaderboard where you compete against online users who belong to the same league as you. Gradually as you climb up the Leaderboard, you get a chance to win loads of in-game resources and Epic Player Cards.

Understanding the in-game Currencies

The game rewards you with Gold Coins and Gems as in-game resources.

Gold Coins

They are most widely obtained. You can earn Gold currency by just grinding the game on a daily basis. Completing Daily Missions, unlocking Player Packs, and winning games reward you handsomely with in-game Gold currency. They are used for updating and strengthening your squad members once they have an up-gradation available and as an entry fee for entering a Match.

The coins earned after winning a match are double the amount spent to enter the same. Coins to be spent in entering a game increases with each new arena that you unlock and play at. Gold Coins can also be used for Bagging Player Cards from the Shop and unlocking new skills to increase Team OVR. As a Jump Start, you are rewarded with 300 Gold Coins.


Gems are the hardest to earn as they are not given out for free. You can earn 100 Gems as a one-time deal by logging in to the game with your Facebook account. Gems can be mostly earned by Unlocking Player Packs or by completing in-game Achievements. Unlike the Basic Pack, the Gold Pack and Super Pack reward you handsomely with Gems.

But to earn them you need to win games with a higher point lead. They can be even earned by leveling up. Gems can be used for Bagging Special Player Cards, Player Packs, unlocking new skills that would strengthen your squad. But, a lot of Gems are charged a fee for bagging the same. Hence use them wisely and do not unnecessarily spend them. As a jump-start, you are rewarded with 40 Gems.

Introducing the game modes

Further in the Mini Basketball Beginners Guide, let us walk through the three game modes available.

1 VS 1

1 VS 1 is a Classic Online Game Mode where you can challenge players online for a head-on-fight against you. Both of you field your 5 men team against each other in quick 4 minute games split into 2 halves. The rules are pretty similar to the Original sport.

Each basket rewards you with 3 points if you score from beyond the 2 point line and 2 points otherwise. Fans applauding and cheering in the background take realism to new heights. The entry fee for each game depends on the Arena that you wish to play in and its crowd capacity.

1 VS 1 Mini Basketball Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

Winning each 1V1 encounter rewards you with Gold Coins and Leader points. Leader points do not reflect as an in-game currency, but you will find your tally of Leader points in the Weekly Leaderboard section. As you win Leader points, you start climbing up the Leaderboard and Leagues. Safe to say, the 1 VS 1 Game Mode is your ladder to reach the All-Stars League.


This is a special mode that unlocks when you reach Level 5. Tournament Mode is an Online Multiplayer Mode that asks you to challenge users globally for a series of contests. The games will take place both on your home court as well as on International Courts.

This is the most competitive of the three Modes as it makes you go through playoff stages and win a trophy at the end of the road. As you progress through to the playoff stage, the competition gets tougher. Winning tournament games reward you with loads of in-game currencies, Player Packs, and Leader points that would ultimately help you go up the Leaderboard.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is a term common to all Basketeers. Simply putting it, players need to perform a dunk shot in this mode, i.e. slam the ball through the basket. But unlike an original game, you just need to dunk the ball in an open net. There won’t be any Defender.

Slam Dunk
Image via Miniclip

It is a Daily Game Mode that asks you to slam the ball through the basket and gives you 5 tries each day to do so. If you basket the ball 3 or more times, you end up getting a lot of freebies including gems, Gold coins and Player Packs. Once you have attempted all tries this mode is locked for the day and unlocks exactly after 24 hours.

Mini Basketball Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is our bonus Mini Basketball guide for players to quickly assemble their Team, choose the ideal tactics and know the strength and weaknesses of their characters so as to field the best 5 in Online Matchmakings. What follows next, are some useful tips and strategies from our experience of playing the game.

1. Never miss out on your Missions

Once you launch the game on your device, you will find the Missions Tab on the left of the in-game menu screen. This section brings you 3 new challenges that refresh each day. Pretty simple tasks like upgrading a Player, Equipping a new celebration, will be set for you.

Completing Daily Missions rewards you with Player Cards suited for various positions, Gems, and Mission Points. After every 80 mission points collected, the game gives you a Mission Pack that ends up rewarding handsomely upon unlocking. Hence make sure to log in each day and complete the Daily Missions so that you can eventually build a strong team and rise up the ranks.

Daily Missions & Point Missions Mini Basketball Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

Apart from the daily missions section, the Missions Menu also has a special segment entitled Point Missions. Unlike Daily missions, they don’t refresh or have a completion deadline. This section rewards you with special Player Packs upon completing the missions. You need to Score 100 points in Online Games, 25 two Pointers, 25 three-pointers, and 25 Dunks to fully exploit the rewards from this section.

2. Choose the ideal team Tactics

Choosing the ideal Team and Formation plays a pivotal role in any sports game. The same goes with Mini Basketball with 2-1-2 being the most popular tactic used in the game. It leaves 2 players on the top, 1 in the middle and 2 forward players playing low.

ideal Team Tactics
Image via Miniclip

The 2 players on the top can flexibly switch from the Guard role and facilitate as Wings making this tactic effective both offensively as well as defensively. Additionally, make sure that you field your strongest 5 with the players placed in their correct position, or else it would lower their in-game performance. See that your team OVR is maxed out.

3. Management your Resources efficiently

Another important aspect of any sports game is resource management. One should ensure tactful spending of in-game currencies. Initially, use Gold Coins only as Match Fee and for upgrading your Team members. Do not unnecessarily purchase Player Cards with coins initially.

As a beginner, your task should be to build on your resources. You cannot reach the All-Stars League in a day and to be honest, you will be getting decent enough player cards by winning 1V1 Games.

Resource Management Mini Basketball Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

Do not waste your Gems to unlock Player Packs then and there. Even if your Pack Slots are full, each pack needs only a few hours of unlocking. You can always wait rather than spend your hard-earned gems for the sake of immediate unlocking. Gems would come in real handy in unlocking the Mega Box and the Ultra Box from the Shop that eats up a lot of Gems. So save your Gems initially if you want your grind to pay off.

4. Upgrade your Players whenever possible

As you go on winning games and opening Player Packs, besides getting new Player Cards, you receive an upgraded version of your existing Player Cards. Whenever you see that a player can be upgraded, do that immediately by spending Gold Coins.

Upgrade your Players Mini Basketball Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

It would increase his personal stats and your Team’s OVR at the same time. The in-game performance of the player would also get a boost. You can check for an Upgrade by looking at the Upward Arrow Symbol on your Player Card on the team sheet.

5. Avoid going for Long Passes

Do not go for 3 Points and Long Passes initially. You won’t have a strong lineup initially and all your players will be in their base version. Going for long passes initially would result in losing the ball to your opponents. Build up with short passes as you sprint past your opponents. The closer you are to the basket, the more are your chances of earning points initially. When you lose possession, take the initiative in stealing the ball as your opponent would be on an Offensive run. Keep switching control from the Offensive Player to the Defensive Player.

Miscellaneous Tips Mini Basketball Beginners Guide
Image via Miniclip

6. Always be Offensive with your Approach

As they say, Attack is the best form of defense. When you are in possession look to pass on the ball to your teammates and dribble past your opposition and immediately look for the basket. You have to be very quick in your approach. Since games are short, you have to cope with the pace of the game. There is practically no thinking time. If you are slow in your approach, you lose possession, as simple as that.

7. Other miscellaneous tips

  • Watch ads regularly to earn Coins Gems and Basic Player Packs. Go to the Free Prizes section present in the in-game Shop menu daily to do the same.
  • When you are looking to basket the ball, make sure to hold on to the Shoot button till the cursor on the Shot meter reaches the green zone. It would almost confirm your chances of scoring.
  • Grind the Online 1V1 Mode and Tournaments on weekends.

Final Thoughts

Miniclip keeps on impressing us with each title that they launch. This new basketball game is a true addiction for every sixth man. The controls are really smooth and easy to grasp. However, as you progress up the ranks, you will face a dearth of coins and Player Packs. If you play the game professionally, you will find out that after a certain stage it becomes a “pay-to-win” game. But, if you play it casually, it is all fun and a really enjoyable game.

Overall, the only issue with the game is that it lags sometimes in Online Matches. If the developers fix it in the coming updates, then Mini Basketball is a must try-game for every Basketeer. If you face any difficulties in your journey with Mini Basketball, you can always refer to this Mini Basketball beginners guide for quick assistance.

That’s all for today’s Mini Basketball beginners guide. Did you find our Mini Basketball beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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I still do not understand how to make haley hoop 🙂
Can you please help me ?

Mini Basketball Legend

it’s mostly luck, you just have to shoot a three pointer perfectly when you have another player under the basket, it’s quite annoying sometimes when i’m trying to score a three pointer and never happens when i need it to haha. i’m just trying to find out how to “score with a post” for a mission

Ray H

Hello, I have a question, in the shop I bought a ‘mini ticket’ with my diamonds, and it sure was expensive! But I have no idea what it is, or how to use it. Can you help?


If u find out let me know!


The win streak mode


It’s for the dunk completion,win streak game


What are the mini tickets used for? I have 2 and cannot find out where to use them!


The win streak mode


how can i get gold players? did they in megapacs? or just for money?

matt wright

how do you move up in teirs I’m still in teir 2 and it has never changed


You have to play in the higher arenas like the League arena. If you play in the 25k or 40k arena, every couple of games it should rise a tier. And then all the player packs you accumulate from there will be the same tier you’re currently at. I didn’t know this until the other day. Now I wait to open any packs until it’s at Tier 5. But yeah, that’s how you go up in tier. Also on the same token, if you start playing in The Block it’ll go down in tiers so beware of that. I play… Read more »

Player 102

How do you score 5 times with a guard or score 5 times with a post? What’s the objective to accomplish this?


I’m not sure what it means with the post thing. I’ve had the score 5 times with a post mission all day and can’t seem to figure it out. I thought it meant a Post player, but when I score with my post it doesn’t ever count for some reason.


Do you not swap halves at half time?

Who me

Who is the character “the guardian” supposed to be in real life


I’ve heard Kemba Walker or Chris Paul. Not sure how the name would tie into either of those. If you’ve figured it out, respond back to let me know.


Whats the best way to dunk in the game, my players.miss most of them. Is the a technique to dunk?

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