Miraculous Life Beginners Guide and Tips

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Miraculous Life is a new casual adventure game brought to you by Budge Studios. The game follows the fictional story of two local heroes, the Ladybug and Cat Noir, who assist and protect their neighborhood from a deadly contagious virus that has infested the neighborhood. The game has a very casual touch to it and it aims to deliver a blend of adventure and action. In this Miraculous Life Beginners Guide, we will break down the game into different sects and will try and list the tips and tricks that one player would require to succeed in the game.

Understanding the Basics of Miraculous Life

The game, Miraculous Life offers a very simple and basic gameplay where players can take control of their character and explore various locations of the city. It follows a basic point-and-drag system, where players have to tap or touch the section of the screen and the character moves to that respective position on the map. Apart from that there are civilians and points of interest scattered all along the map of the game, through which players can interact and progress further down the storyline

Miraculous Life Beginners Guide, Miraculous Life 
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When it comes to the combat system, the game again does a good job of keeping the explanations simple and easy to understand. The game, follows a quick and simple combat layout in general, whereas players have to form patterns that appear on the screen in a bid to have a successful attack on the enemy. The same is required to be done for evading enemy attacks and dodging incoming attacks.

Play as a civilian and a superhero in your Miraculous journey

The game, Miraculous Life offers a combined experience of being both a superhero and a civilian. The gameplay features the whole city which allows the players to explore each end and encounter sets of monsters, after defeating them, players get ladybug tokens which can be further used to level up the character and get some freebies along with it.

While the game features a lot of options and features it is worth noting that most of it is not accessible on a free version and is only available once the players subscribe to the monthly package which has everything to it.

Miraculous Life emphasizes the customization part of the game very well

One thing, for which players can’t complain against the developers is certainly the customization that comes with the game. Customizations can be done not only to the apparel and looks of the character but also to the rooms of the character.

Miraculous Life Beginners Guide, Miraculous Life 
Image via Budge Studios

Players can choose from a wide range of new paints, wallpapers, furniture & cute decorations. To top that off, players can get a bunch of dresses, accessories, and many such items in the game to make sure that their character stands out in public.

Miraculous Life Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game, the following are the tips and tricks which we would like to share in our Miraculous Life Beginners Guide.

1. Collect Ladybug Coins to level up faster

The ladybug Coins are the in-game currency around which the whole game revolves. The currency allows the players to not only upgrade their character but also get in-game cosmetics to customize their character to their desire. The ladybug coins are scattered all along the map and are very hard to miss once the players hit the ground running.

2. Keep an eye out for Public events

Public events are interactive events that are scattered all along the city, they are easily identifiable on the map and will trigger an action sequence where the players will have to either defuse an ongoing infestation or fight the monsters present there. Once again, these events are necessary for the players to earn in-game currency which is the Ladybug Coins.

Miraculous Life Beginners Guide, Miraculous Life 
Image via Budge Studios

Once players will interact with these events, an action sequence will be triggered, which would require the players to fight the monsters and solve the issue quickly. The events are scattered all along the map and are easily identifiable.

3. New locations offer more content

In the game, Miraculous Life, the whole map is subdivided into different locations. Some are streets while some are buildings that can be accessed for further customization and quests. However, not every location is freely accessible and thus causes a hindrance for the players who actually want a full experience. The other side of the map offers more content, hidden monsters, and more engaging NPCs to offer a complete casual gaming experience.

4. Complete the Lost and Found missions quickly to level up faster

Even though there are different sections of the map with additional sets of quests and content, the type of missions more or less stays the same. The lost and found missions also work as a solid source for Ladybug Coins and can prove to be very necessary and useful in terms of character progression. Players can easily use the coins earned in these quests for character development in the game.

Miraculous Life Beginners Guide, Miraculous Life 
Image via Budge Studios

5. Get more customizing items by leveling up in the game

Customization in the game is only possible via leveling up, that is you get more and more accessories and clothing items once you level up in the game. Leveling up is also not a very complex procedure and is based on the amount of Ladybug coins that a player collects in the game. Once a milestone in terms of the experience points and ladybug coins the character’s level gets upgraded and rewards can be received.

Final Thoughts

The game, Miraculous Life aims to deliver a casual superhero gaming experience where players can take a role of both a superhero and a casual human being. Despite the game being simple and basic there are certain things to be aware of before starting the game, like the ladybug coins. We hope that with this Miraculous Life Beginners Guide, we were able to do the game justice and discuss the important tips and tricks of the game.

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