MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips

Hit it out of the park and continue your MLB dynasty with the best baseball players!

From the house of Glu, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 is the latest version of the famous mobile-baseball title. Users can now build and manage their dream team of real-life players who featured in the 2021 season of the MLB league and rise up the ranks. In this MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 Beginners Guide, we are going to do a complete breakdown of this game and share some valuable tips and cheats for the newbies willing to start their mobile-baseball journey with this beautiful title.

Gameplay Overview

In MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022, you only have to control the batters. The ball pitching and field placements are all decided by the AI based on the strengths and weaknesses of the striker in real life. When you launch this season for the first time, the game gives you the liberty to choose your favorite team from amongst the 30 teams that feature in the MLB League. You even get the choice to select the ballpark you want to play at before the start of a match.

Game Overview
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The game brings you a host of game modes including Slugfest, Home Run Battles, Walk Off Hero, Event Royale, Pick’em, Season Mode, Pitching Labs, Club Rally, and many more. The developers have promised to bring in new content each week and Live Op events based on what’s happening in this MLB season. Users can now team up with Baseball fans around the globe and dominate in Club Events. The rewards earned would be shared between them.

Initially, you will have a low-rated side to start with. The OVR of your batter is likely to hover around the 40s and 50s. Even if you are an existing player, from this season onwards, your in-game progress does not get carry-forwarded. You need to grind from the beginning.  As you keep winning games and unlocking in-game achievements, you get to collect high-rated MLB Player Cards of current superstars of the game and even the All-Time Greats. Strengthening your team is really important if you want to rise up the ranks.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here is our bonus MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 guide for players to quickly build and assemble their Team, tactfully manage their in-game resources, and rise up the tiers quickly What follows next, are some useful tips and strategies from us to make this a promising outing for baseball fans.

1. Never miss out on the Challenges section

When you launch the game on your device, you will find the Challenges Section on the top right corner of the Game Tab. Once you tap on that, the Beginner Achievement section opens. Closely keep your eyes on the first, as they end up rewarding you handsomely with in-game paper currencies. Most of these achievements can be unlocked by just grinding the game on a daily basis.

Challenges Section
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The Challenge menu has another section known as the Challenges section which brings you a host of in-game Challenges each day. To be honest, these challenges are pretty easy-to-complete and require just an hour to complete. Make sure when you log in each day, do visit this section first and complete the challenges set for the day.

It would reward you with Experience Points, Gold, Paper Currencies, Ice-Wrap, and Energy Drinks on a daily basis. These resources earned can prove to be vital in bagging high-rated batters that would ultimately help you move up the ranks.

Challenges Section
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Moreover, if you hold on to a 5-Day streak of completing all the daily challenges, you are generously rewarded with a Daily Challenge Bonus Box that might contain a Superstar Player who would strengthen your team. As a beginner, we would suggest you keep everything aside and only follow the challenges set in this section. Don’t look to play against Online Users initially. This is the easiest and fast way to build a core team.

2. Resource management and Draft picks

Another important aspect of any sports game is resource management. One should ensure tactful spending of in-game currencies. In MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022, in-game currencies come in the form of Gold and Paper Currencies. Avoid doing any in-game spending with Gold. You will find that cash currencies would be in abundance from Day 1. Hence, prefer cash for in-game spending as they can be easily earned by unlocking new Achievements.

You will find a Draft Picks option in the Store section that allows you to draft a player from 6 random players. The game asks for Gold currencies in exchange. DO NOT initially spend your hard-earned Gold Currencies on these Draft Picks as, unlike real-life Drafts, you cannot Draft one of your choices. Among the 6 players that show up in the Draft pick, one is randomly added to your side.

Resource Management & Draft Picks
Image via Glu Mobile

Since these picks guarantee only one 3-star/4-star player, your probability of getting a decent player out of these picks is 0.167%. There is no use spending on players that won’t make it to your Dream Side. Hence avoid going for these Draft Picks initially and save your Gold currencies.

If you want to go for premium players, then pick them from the Player Shop Tab in the Store section. This section allows you to sign the player of your choice in exchange for paper currencies. Save your cash currency and eye on this section daily to pick the ideal player when he shows up.

Another way of signing Franchise players is by spending Franchise Coins. Franchise Coins are special in-game currencies that one can earn as they progress up by a tier. You may go to the Franchise section of the store menu to pick them up once you have Franchise Coins. However, they would serve your team for only 5 Games. Hence we suggest you pick players from this section only when you are competing in some Tournaments or Live Events. It would be a steal deal then.

3. Level up your Batters whenever possible

Now that we have covered the Store section, let us move on to the Teams section. Leveling up your batters ensure overall enhancement in their in-game performance. The resources required for upgrading your batters are in-game paper currencies and Experience Points that can be earned easily by just playing the game.

Level Up your Batters
Image via Glu Mobile

Hence, do not shy on spending them to upgrade your batters as team strengthening is important for going up the leaderboard. However, only upgrade your best players from the squad. There is no use upgrading low-rated players who won’t make it to your Dream side.

4. Focus on Upgrading your Team

Rather than individually upgrading your players, as a beginner, you should first focus on updating various aspects of your team performance. Having just high-rated players in your team is not sufficient. You also need to cater to their all-round skill development. 

Team Upgradation
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Go to the Upgrades tab from the Teams Menu and start upgrading your coaches first. This would help your players with the hits and help them on steals and taking extra bases. Upgradation requires spending of Gold or in-game cash currencies. As discussed earlier, always go for cash as they can be easily earned.

5. Create your own Legendary Player

You cannot solely rely on Draft Picks and the Player Shop section for completing your Dream Lineup. The franchise has added a new feature from the last season that allows you to create and customize a Legendary Player with the qualities and strengths that your team lacks. It is one of the very first things that you should do as a newbie. The player that you create would be rated 5 stars.

Customize your own legendary player
Image via Glu Mobile

Assign him a name of your choice, a position, and most importantly the Player Type. The Player Type would be set at Balanced by default but we would suggest you add him to your lineup as a Homerun King since your side would lack hard-hitters in the beginning and this game requires hard-swingers.

6. Start off with playing against the AI

If you are a beginner, we would suggest you start off with quick matches against the AI and not compete in Tournaments and Live Op events initially. You are gifted with a few Bonus Games as a Jump Start that keeps on increasing as you win games.  Timing your shot requires a lot of practice and concentration. First, get a hang of swinging the bat at the appropriate moment, and then go for more Competitive Modes.

7. Stay careful about the Foul Ball

Avoid hitting the ball in the Foul Territory. For people who are new to baseball, a Foul Territory comprises the part of the playing field outside the first and third base lines extended to the fence and perpendicularly upwards.

If you hit the ball in the Foul region, it counts as a strike if the batter has less than 2 strikes to his name. And as we all know, the batter is given out on the 3rd strike. So avoid hitting in this region as it would pile up your number of strikes.

8. Trade the unwanted players in your line-up

There is no use in keeping unnecessary players in your team just for the sake of bench-warming. You can just trade those players who don’t make it to your dream side.

Trade the unwanted players
Image via Glu Mobile

Players can be traded in exchange for Experience Points (XPs), which would in turn help you to level up your main strikers.

9. Autoplay games against weaker opponents

Just like real-life Baseball games, each game lasts for 9 innings and hence games can go a bit longer. You can use the Autoplay feature in Season Mode Games, and in Group Stage Games of a Tournament, to simulate all 9 innings or maybe 1 or 2 innings to see where the game stands and take charge when required.

This would save time and accelerate the in-season progression. However, if you are matched against a stronger opponent or the situation demands, we would advise you to play on your own. This is a time-saving tip for people who already have a hang of the game. For newbies, it is advisable to give yourself a considerable amount of game-time and not skip a single inning.

 10. Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • The game generously rewards you with a new Player everyday in the First week. Make sure to login each day to claim all the rewards.
  • Use Ice packs and Energy Drinks only in Playoff games or in Live games against tougher opponents. They should be used wisely since they are not easily given out as match winning rewards.
  • Watch ads daily to earn loads of in-game resources.

Final Thoughts

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 is undoubtedly a dream for every fan of this beautiful sport. The developers have made this title even more addictive this Season by introducing Fresh Club events and Weekly Content. Collecting cards of your favorite stars of the game is a different feeling altogether. Team Glu deserves huge credit for smoothly carrying out the transition from real-world to mobile.

The only negative that existing users are complaining about is that their progress has not been carry-forwarded in this Season. But that is the beauty of it. You need to start from the bottom and grind your way through to the top. Overall, the game is fun and a must-try for every Baseball Fan.

That’s all for today’s MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 beginners guide. Did you find our MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2022 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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