MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 Players Guide with Tips

Get to know your players well!

MLB Tap Sports Baseball is a popular Glu Mobile title, but since their $2.4 billion acquisition deal to become a part of the EA family was announced, the latter has taken over the publishing of the baseball hit. Even though there haven’t been many changes in the 2023 edition, the developers are expected to come up with something unique. Players are essential to the success of your club, so you must have good players to rock the games. As a result, we created this comprehensive MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 guide to help you understand the players in the game.

Players in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023

Like any sports game, players in MLB also become an essential part of your club. They will be the ones playing, hence making the difference whether it be hitting or pitching. It becomes important to know whether the players in your team are balanced, and have the important ones in your squad while playing. To start things off, we shall look at the categories: Batter and Pitcher.


The one who bats is called a batter. He has a simple task, hit the ball that’s pitched to him. While playing, he is also expected to concentrate and judge wide and balls coming, to take an advantage of a bad pitch. He has to make sure that he gets a base hit at least so that he can contribute to a run when other batters follow suit.

Batters in MLB Tap
Image via EA

Batters can be either Left handed or Right. Each player will have a designated position he plays in. The info section details for a batter are described below.

  • BAT: Batting Hand. Left or right.
  • HIT: Hit Rating. Accuracy at which he can hit the ball.
  • PWR: Power Rating. The force he can apply while taking a hit.
  • SPD: Speed Rating. The reaction time of the player to hit the pitch.


The pitcher is the player who throws the baseball from the pitcher’s mound to the catcher to start each play, with the goal of retiring a batter who attempts to make contact with the pitched ball or draw a walk. In MLB, users do not get to pitch, but it is very important to keep a note as it’ll impact the game at any moment.

Pitchers in MLB Tap
Image via EA

Just like Batters, pitchers can be left or right. The info section details for a pitcher are described below.

  • THR: Throwing Arm. Left or Right.
  • ARM: Arm Rating. The stat describes his strength to throw the ball.
  • CTL: Control Rating. Describes the control he has over his pitches.
  • STF: Stuff Rating. It is the difficulty rating for the opponent batter to hit his pitches.

Signing Players

You can sign players via the shop. Mystery Boxes are the best chance, and almost every time each of them will get you a player. There are a few boxes that guarantee you a top pull, and we suggest you opt for them. These boxes can be purchased as well, while players who do not want to opt for this route, can look at the events and complete them for the same.

Understanding the Player Positions

Most of the new users get confused with the positions, and to help them, we will be explaining the Baseball positions below. The numbers indicate the starting 9 players in the lineup, with one that can be a designated batter instead.

Pitcher (#1)PTo begin each play, the pitcher throws the ball from the pitcher’s mound toward the catcher.
Catcher (#2)CCrouches behind home plate to receive the balls from the pitcher
First Baseman (#3)1BPositioned closest to first base
Second Baseman (#4)2BPositioned closest to second base
Third Baseman (#5)3BPositioned closest to third base
Shortstop (#6)SSHe plays infield between second and third base
Left Fielder (#7)LFPlays outfield on the left side.
Center Fielder (#8)CFPlays in the outfield’s center.
Right Fielder (#9)RFPlays outfield on the right side.
InfieldIFThe square area inside the four bases
OutfieldOFPlaying area beyond the bases
Starting PitcherSPBegins the game as a pitcher
Relief PitcherRPTakes over as pitcher
Middle Relief PitcherMRPTakes over as pitcher in the middle of the game
Long Relief PitcherLRPRelieves SP if he has to leave the game early
Closer/Closing PitcherCL/CPComes in for the final innings

You might not across a few abbreviations as you don’t get to the field, but these are to be remembered as you will get an idea about your squad and the variety of players you have.

Training and Management

Training system

Training of the players can be done via the Improve menu. This is very simple however, just use cash and XP to do so. However, at a certain tier, the players get capped. This is so because, for each tier, a certain level is considered maximum.

Upgrading your players in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023
Image via EA

All your players start at Bronze, and top players including your legend can be upgraded all the way over to Diamond. For this, they shall need Evo Tokens. You can get them by gift bundles or by playing Season where a lot of rewards are given out. This way, you can filter the best and high-potential ones.

Managing your players

Management is also a part of getting the best out of your players. This can be done by making strategies in the Gameday menu, which helps in being a deciding factor.

This also includes having several decisions like Bunting, Stealing, etc. For example, if you want to not consider bunting in the game, you can set the strategy to rare. Similar way, you can also set this up for Stealing, Infield movements, Walks, etc.

Selecting a lineup
Image via EA

A batting order can also help in deciding games. You can set your order accordingly. For example, a right-handed batter will have an advantage against a left-handed pitcher because the pitch will come from the outside half of the plate, which will make it easy to take a swing at it.

Tips and Tricks to remember

Follow these tips and tricks that players can remember while they are managing their players.

  • Always look in the collections menu to see how many players you have unlocked. These list the top players in the game, and they’ll help in sorting your player upgrades.
  • Do have one pitcher with great stamina, even though he is not rated highly, do upgrade him as quickly as possible. Even if you bat well, in some games your pitcher concedes too many runs and will get drained out, thus resulting in losses.
  • Keep your Legend upgraded constantly. By default when you start fresh, he is your best player, and always, the best player should be trained well.
  • Trade in weaker players to get upgrade points. It’ll help you to keep a clean roster, and also easy to filter out different lineups.

That’s all for the players’ guide. For any queries, you can always drop a comment below.

That’s all for today’s MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 players guide! Did you find our MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 players guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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