Mobile Legends: Top 5 best hero picks in Mayhem mode

Pick only from the best in Mayhem mode

Mayhem mode is probably the most enjoyable mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Each hero gets an upgraded skillset, and the matches are overall very intense and fun. Here are the top five heroes to pick in the Mobile Legends Mayhem mode.

Mobile legends mayhem mode heroes

As we know, the Mayhem mode is a 5v5 classic game mode within the game itself, but everything is upgraded to make matches intense and fast-paced. All the heroes have enhanced skill effects, damage, and skill cooldown. Players can start with a level four hero from the beginning and gain Gold and Exp much faster than the classic ML game mode. 

List of top 5 Mobile Legends best Heroes for Mayhem mode

1. Johnson

Johnson is one of the most fun heroes in mayhem mode. With a buffed ultimate which can carry all four of his teammates, a successful crash is a guaranteed kill. Landing his first skill (Deadly Pincers) will give AOE damage and will reduce the enemy’s movement speed. His passive also received a buff and gets a large amount of shield. Overall, playing Johnson in Mayhem is very fun for both the player and the team.

2. Nana

Nana is a very good mage/support in Mayhem mode. With her upgraded Skill 1 where she can launch out 4 of Molina’s enemies will have a hard time getting close to Nana. Her Ultimate received a buff too, where Nana can now summon Molina to attack seven times. Being a very fun hero overall, Nana is a very good hero to pick Mayhem.

3. Aurora

Aurora in mayhem can actually instill fear into the enemies. Her basic attacks fill her passive bar and the fourth attack freezes the target. With Attack Speed items, Aurora can finish off any target without allowing them to react. Along with the Spell Flameshot, she can one-shot tanks as well. With her Ultimate being useful for team fights as well, Aurora is a very good pick in Mayhem.

4. Gusion

Gusion is a very good pick in Mayhem. With his first skill which can immobilize the target, it is very easy to execute his combos. His second skill can throw out 10 daggers instead of 5, and deal twice as much damage. If paired with Johnson, any target marked is a guaranteed kill; Gusion is one of the most overpowered in Mayhem.

5. Zilong

A farmed Zilong in Mayhem can take down any target in a matter of seconds. While casting his ultimate, each of his basic attacks triggers his Passive (Dragon Flurry), which deals 150% Basic Attack damage and restores Zilong’s HP equal to 50% of his Physical Attack. Zilong can be played as a pure assassin in Mayhem.

That’s all for the Top 5 best hero picks in Mayhem mode of MLBB. Do note that it takes practice to dominate the Land of Dawn with any of your desired heroes.

What do you think of this Mobile Legends best Heroes list for Mayhem Mode? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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