Mobile Legends Guide: How to calculate or check Win Rate in MLBB

Calculate your win rate in MLBB with ease!

Win rate is a term that we use to see the percentage results of matches using a certain hero or account statistics seen from the chances of winning. Win rate is one of the important elements that is taken into account, especially for top players. The higher the win rate achieved, each player will find it easier to estimate the ratio of their and the team’s wins in dealing with enemies. In this guide, we will help you to calculate your win rate in Mobile Legends, and also give you simple tips to achieve your desired win rate.

Mobile Legends Win Rate
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If the hero you often play has a high Win Rate, it means that the better the player is in mastering the game from the hero they control. The percentage can be seen from the team’s winning or losing match ratio. For example, out of 50 matches that you have played when you use Gusion, you manage to lose 25 times and win 25 times. On this basis, the system will generate a win rate of 50% from the ratio of wins and losses. This calculation also applies to your main account win rate, the win rate will be calculated per season.

How to check your Win Rate in Mobile Legends

  1. First, open your Mobile Legends account.
  2. On the main game page, select the Profile menu with the character icon and account name at the top left.
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3. To see the overall Win Rate, select the Battlefields menu > Statistics > All Seasons.

Mobile Legends Win Rate
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How to calculate your Win Rate

You can do WR calculations automatically through several sites such as Hitungwr. This site can calculate how many matches you must win in order to get your desired win rate

Mobile Legends Win Rate
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The site is quite easy to use, so it doesn’t confuse people who are using it for the first time. The function of this Win Rate calculator is to calculate the number of wins that must be achieved so that your Mobile Legends Win Rate is on course. In Mobile Legends, there are two types of win rates, namely WR accounts and the second is WR heroes. We will help you calculate your desired win rate through

Mobile Legends Win Rate
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  1. First, open the Mobile Legends application.
  2. Then, tap your profile.
  3. Navigate to the Battlefield tab for the WR account, then navigate to the Favorites tab for your particular hero win rate. Then, please record the total match and the total WR.
  4. Enter the browser and visit the site
  5. Next, fill in the Total Match column with the number of matches that have been made.
  6. Fill in the total win column with the current win rate in the Mobile Legends account.
  7. Then, the column for the desired win rate is filled with the Mobile legend win rate that you want to achieve.
  8. Press the result button. That way, it will show how many matches you have to do to reach the win rate you want.

Tips and tricks to maintain win streak

Players have to read the draft composition carefully, so they can make a counter draft to their opponent and use their favorite hero. Make sure that you play together with friends to maintain good communication, and lastly, do not push yourself harder if you are on a lose streak. Taking a break will be good before continuing playing.

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