Mobile Legends: How to hide your in-game match history

Steps to hide your in-game match history easily in MLBB!

When you play Mobile Legends, you must have felt the experience of victories and defeats, but there are times when you think about losing in a row or the first consecutive defeat, and worse, you got bronze due to your poor performance. We will give you a simple guide to hide your match history in Mobile Legends.

When an unfortunate situation occurs or happens to your teammate, it is natural for players on the same team as you or you as the one who feels discomfort if your teammates will directly visit the mobile legends profile account and see the results of the game history.

Mobile Legends: How to hide your in-game match history
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Sometimes you will get toxic feedback from your teammate in the chat column. But don’t worry, now you can hide your playing history like what pro players usually did to hide their recent results, which hero they recently used, and the item combination they made during the game.

How to hide your in-game Match History

Before we enter the guide, there are several requirements that you must fulfill. Because the method we present requires an account already logged in with an advanced server, however, this method will be available soon for original server players. Here, we will guide you on how to hide your match history:

Mobile Legends: How to hide your in-game match history
Image via Moonton
  • Enter or log in to enter the game with your account.
  • Then look for the History menu or match results in your Mobile Legends account.
  • There is an icon Hide History written above the menu in the history menu or match results.
  • Then click the hide history icon to turn it into a checkmark.
  • If the hide history button icon has changed to a tick, then outside players will not see your history results on mobile legends.

Remember that this method can only apply to players who are on the advanced server. For players on the original server, this method will not work because the hide history icon button is not yet available. Still, in the following method, there is a bug that you can apply to the original server to hide your match history.

Mobile Legends: How to hide your in-game match history
Image via Moonton
  • The first step to take advantage of this bug is to set up two different accounts, the one with the original server and the one that has access to an advanced server.
  • Next, log in to the account that has entered the advanced server. After that, change your advanced account to switch to the original server and switch back to the advanced server after you are on the original server.
  • There will be a notification in this section because you have changed your account. You have to click the back button on your smartphone to stay on the original server.
  • The thing to remember is not to press the ok button because this method will fail.
  • After that, go to your account and look for history or match results in the account menu. Then, a ” hide history icon will appear on your original server account.
  • Next, you just need to check the hide history icon and outside players will not be able to see the results of your match.

Final Thoughts

Hiding match history has various benefits as it will help in hiding your recent games, hero selection, and item combinations. It is very useful for you to enter the pro scene or enter tournaments. It will prevent your enemies from taking a peek into your game style. And is also beneficial to avoid any toxic and malicious comments, especially when poor performance during the battle.

What are your thoughts on how to hide your in-game match history in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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