Mobile Legends Lucky Flip Event: How to get Kaja epic skin

The Lucky Flip Event is returning soon in September 2023 and it is expected to release with a new Epic Skin meant for Kaja, a support/Fighter role hero. The Lucky Flip Event is mostly regarded as the cheapest way to get high-quality epic skins cheaply and easily if played right. In this guide, we will take a look at how to easily get the upcoming Epic Skin of Kaja from the Lucky Flip event in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends: Lucky Flip Event Overview

The Lucky Flip Event allows Players to make draws to accumulate Lucky Cards. Players, on accumulating 3 Lucky Cards, can then proceed to exchange them for any of their desired Epic Skin listed in Lucky Flip Event  Prizepool.

The event is expected to contain the following three skins:

Mobile Legends Lucky Flip
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Kaja’s Epic Skin
  • Hylos ‘Ironsteed’ limited epic skin
  • Diggie ‘Fairytaler’ limited epic skin 

Lucky Flip: Draw Rules

Players who intend to get any of the above-listed epic skins would first have to make some draws by flipping a card. On flipping a card, players could get different rewards, however, the main Target reward is the Lucky Cards. The following are the Event Flip Costs and the chances of obtaining a Lucky Card at each number of Draws: 

  • 1st Draw – 10 Diamonds (1.54% chance)
  • 2nd Draw – 25 Diamonds (5.73% chance)
  • 3rd Draw – 40 Diamonds (31.92% chance)
  • 4th Draw – 60 Diamonds (25.04% chance)
  • 5th Draw – 80 Diamonds (18.32% chance)
  • 6th Draw – 100 Diamonds (11.82% chance)
  • 7th Draw – 100 Diamonds (5.63% chance)

Mobile Legends Lucky Flip Event: How to get Kaja Epic Skin cheaper

To easily get Kaja Epic Skin, players must first try to get a Lucky Card in the Draws, on getting a Lucky card from the draw. Players should be able to get one between one to three draws. On getting one’s first Lucky card, players must then make use of the Lucky Wish segment of the event. Choosing a lucky card to be the next Prize item in the draws, guarantees a Lucky Card on the next draw.

Mobile Legends Lucky Flip Kaja epic skin
Image via MOONTON Games

Since the Lucky Wish, can be done twice, players can then proceed to make another wish and get another Lucky card easily. Thus, on collecting the three Lucky cards, players can then proceed to choose their desired Epic Skin, preferably the newly upcoming Kaja Epic Skin.

In short, to get Kaja Epic Skin, players would first draw to get the First lucky card, then use Lucky Wish to easily get the next 2 Lucky Cards.

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