Mobile Legends: Top 5 Easiest Heroes for beginners

Overwhelmed with the vast number and complexity of MLBB heroes? We have you covered!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is a trending multiplayer MOBA game with over 100 million downloads. It has a wide collection of heroes with 100+ heroes in the game. But to actually rank up more efficiently, one must have a thorough understanding of the most basic heroes. This guide features the heroes in Mobile Legends which are the easiest to learn and understand, giving you an insight into what makes them a good pick for beginners.

List of the Top 5 Easiest Heroes in Mobile Legends

1. Miya

This marksman-type hero is very easy to learn and understand as a beginner. Her skill set allows her to deal damage to multiple enemies at once from a wide attack range. While playing with Miya, players should focus more on meeting the conditions of her passive. When the conditions are met, she can easily deal more damage to enemies due to her increased attack speed derived from her passive ability. Miya’s ultimate ability provides great defense since it removes all debuffs and CC (Crowd Control) effects from her while concealing her.

mobile legends easiest heroes
Miya in Mobile Legends

This improving one’s chance of surviving an ambush. Her skillsets are easy to learn and understand since whichever skill you use first doesn’t really matter. Using a Skill 1 + Skill 2 combo is just as good as a Skill 2 + Skill 1 combo. This makes her one of the easiest heroes to learn in Mobile Legends. Learning and understanding Miya’s abilities are very important since it helps one to understand heroes like Claude, whose damage is mainly dependent on his attack speed.

2. Balmond

This fighter hero is very good at dealing enormous damage while recovering HP based on his kills thanks to his passive. His skills are mainly about dealing enormous damage to enemies, and he is very useful in taking down slow-moving enemies. The 2nd skill of Balmond introduces a new phenomenon called ‘Continuous Damage‘, damage enemies receive increases based on the number of hits they get.

Balmond in Mobile Legends

This skill is useful in dealing damage to multiple enemies at once provided they are within his attack range. Using Balmond makes one understand how AOE (Area of Effect) and Continuous Damage works. This in turn improves our knowledge when using heroes like Odette or Gord whose ultimate deal lots of continuous magic damage.

3. Eudora

Eudora is a very easy-to-learn mage hero. She can deal high burst magic damage in a matter of seconds. While playing with Eudora, one must take special cognizance of her passive, which increases the damage of her skills. Take a look at her second skill, which stuns a single enemy target.

Mobile Legends Eudora Guide
Eudora in Mobile Legends

But when you follow her passive, she can stun a group of enemies provided they have the semiconductor mark on them. Learning Eudora is important since she makes one understand the importance of CC to mages as well as high burst magic damage dealers, because, without the CC of Skill 2, she wouldn’t be able to conveniently land her ultimate ability on enemies.

4. Tigreal

This tank hero is very good at soaking up damage received from enemies while providing a strong offense for your team. Tigreal is well equipped with CC skills ranging from push forward, knock airborne, pull to the center, and stun effects. The CC skills and very high HP of Tigreal make him a very strong rank hero.

Mobile Legends Tigreal
Tigreal in Mobile Legends

He can easily turn a tide of a battle from defense to offense. When using Tigreal one must be patient, because it is a useless strategy if you think you can take down enemy damage dealers on your own. One must always be backed up by one’s teammates (Fighters, Mages, Assassins, or Marksman).

5. Layla

Layla is another easy-to-learn and understands marksman hero in Mobile Legends. She can deal a high amount of damage to enemies since her damage output scales with her attack range. Unlike Miya, who can conceal herself if ambushed, the only way Layla can protect herself using her skills is by fighting back and maximizing ‘the keep the distance’ rule of her passive in order to deal much damage to the enemies.

mobile legends easiest heroes
Layla in Mobile Legends

Her ultimate is very useful since it has a very long attack range. When used, it will deal damage to all enemies within the attack range. Using Layla teaches one how to properly maximize one’s attack range while dealing damage to enemies, that is, one must always try to keep a distance between you and enemy heroes while dealing damage to them. This will in turn increase one’s survivability as a marksman or a mage.

That’s all about the easiest heroes in Mobile Legends! Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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