Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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Tigreal is the leader of the Moniyan Knights in Mobile Legends. Eventually, he is the first tank-type hero you will get after installing the game. He has a good set of dash skills, CC power, and Area of Effect. Tigreal is a damage absorber type primary tank. Basically, he can initiate any team fight cause his ult will gather all enemies and give them a free hug which will lead them to death. With the revamp he got in the recent update, Tigreal is now all the more dangerous than ever. If you want to see your name in the most assists category then just pick Tigreal and jump on the battlefield. In this guide, we will be seeing these ban-worthy hero skills, items, emblem, as well as some tips and tricks on how to play Tigreal in Mobile Legends.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends heroes like Ling, WanwanPharsaCarmillaHayabusaAtlasLuo YiYu Zhong, Aurora, Khaleed, Freya, Khufra, X.Borg, Lesley. So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Tigreal.

Skill Analysis

Tigreal is a hero that has four abilities which are one passive and three actives. In this Tigreal guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Fearless

Passive skill

Tigreal will receive a layer of blessing whenever he casts his skill or hit by enemy/jungle monsters. Each layer of blessings can be stacked up to 4 times. It will pop up as a mini shield mark on your head and then you are immune from the next basic attack (jungle creeps).

Note: For stack purpose minions hits are excluded.

Skill 1 – Attack Wave (AoE)

CD 7/6.5/6/5.5/5/4.5, Mana 45

Tigreal swings his sword and generates three shockwaves in a fan-shaped area towards a pointed direction while dealing270 / 300 / 330 / 360 / 390 / 420 amount of physical damage. For every successful hit, enemy units will slow down for 1.5 seconds by 30%.

Note: During chase or checking the bush this skill is very useful.

CD 12.5/12/11.5/11/10.5/10, Mana 90

You can press this skill two times, when you press the skill for 1st time; Tigreal dashes into the pointed direction and if any enemy units collide with him, they will also move along with him. Tigreal will deal with a certain amount of physical damage to them at that time.

Within four seconds if you press this skill again then it will deal 280/300/320/340/360/380 amount of physical damage and knock them in the air for one second. Use this skill wisely for a successful gank or escaping from enemy, but you cant pass through the walls by pressing this skill.

Skill 3 – Implosion (CC,AoE)

CD 45/41/37, Mana 120/140/160

Tigreal forcefully stabs his sword in the ground, during this period it will show a circle. The nearby enemies within the circle will be pulled in the middle of the circle and stunned for 1.5 seconds while dealing 270/350/430 amount of physical damage

To complete this ultimate, Tigreal will take 0.3 seconds, if you stunned, transformed, knocked up, or silenced during casting your ultimate, then it will be canceled.

Skill-up Method for Tigreal

Max your skill 1 first then skill 2 accordingly. And ultimate whenever available.

Battle Spells

Flicker and Petrify are the two most useful spells for Tigreal. When you are playing as a solo queue use Flicker for a surprise gank or escape from a bad situation. If you are playing in a lobby and know your teammates will help you then use petrify for extra magic damage and buy time for casting your Ulti properly.

Best Emblem Set and Builds for Tigreal in Mobile Legends

Emblem Set 1

Tigreal is a heavy-duty tank, you can put physical defense points on him to soak physical damage or put magical defense points to absorb a large scale of magic damage. So in 1st case; put your points like this

Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide Emblem Set
Emblem Set of Tigreal
  • Firmness(+3)
  • Fortress(+3)
  • Tenacity(+3)

In this custom build, we focus on upgrading Tigreal’s physical defense output. To trigger this emblem we have to build a suitable item set as follows:

Build Set 1
Build Set 1 for Tigreal in Mobile Legends
  • Shadow Mask
  • Warrior Boots
  • Immortality
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Dominance Ice
  • Queens Wings

So in this build, we can clearly see that our first prior is to buy a wooden mask, then don’t expand it. After that buy your boot and try to build immortality to gain an extra life. Then complete your mask and buy your required items. Emblem’s Tenacity and item’s Queen’s Wings; both passive will be triggered when you have 40% HP left, so it will help you a lot on the battlefield.

Emblem Set 2

Now let’s see our 2nd type of Emblem set. Put your points in this order:

Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide Emblem Set
Emblem Set of Tigreal
  • Shield(+3)
  • Purity(+3)
  • Brave Smite(+1)

In this set, we just put our all points in magic defense, if the enemy side picks magical damage type heroes just use this emblem and harass them.

Build 2
Build Set 2 for Tigreal in Mobile Legends
  • Tough Boots
  • Immortality
  • Guardian Helmet
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Dominance Ice/Antique Cuirass

In this build, we are amplifying our magical resistance to face the enemy. Whenever you low on hp just don’t recall, step back and hide in a safe place for few moments, you will re-gain your hp for Guardian Helmet. Then building Cursed Helmet will give you an advantage on clearing lane. Wrap it up with Dominance Ice if you face mana problem or build Antique Curiass to take less amount of damage.

Mobile Legends Tigreal Gameplay Tips

Tigreal is a proper tank, so as a tank you have to help your carry(MM/Assassin). If your team takes MM then do the 1-2-2 rotation in bot-lane with your MM, else support your carry(assassin)in mid lane(1-3-1). According to his gameplay, we can break it down in two phases. Our Tigreal guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and middle/late game in Mobile Legends.

Early Game

If you are the only tank hero in your team then buy a wooden mask. Open skill 2 first, help your carry to take buffs. After taking buff take a look at your minimap and if you get the chance to invade your enemy buff, do it with your carry. Use your skill 2 properly in this period to prevent enemies. Don’t just babysit one lane, roam in the bush in order to gank enemy.

Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide Early Game
Early Game with Tigreal

Try to take hits from jungle monsters to activate your passive. Don’t afraid to turret drive once you reach level 4, you have enough hp to knock enemy in their turret. But don’t do it without your team support, keep that in mind you are a damage soaking hero so use your 4 layers of blessings to avoid enemies damage. Use skill 2 and push your enemy towards your allies then knock them up for a sure kill.

You can use this skill combos to initiate a perfect fight:


Note: You can use Petrify spell before casting your ultimate or Flicker before using skill 2, its depends upon the situation.

Mid/Late Game

In this stage try to protect your squishy heroes from the enemy. Always stay in front of your carry, if enemy ganked your carry use skill 2 to push them back. Help your teammates by providing them a vision. Max your wooden mask to Shadow mask(or Courage Bulwark)as per the situation. After clearing outer sets of turrets try to take the turtle and gank enemy carry. Conceal yourself and your allies during poke enemies, though the shadow mask has a longer cooldown. In late-stage don’t just use your ultimate in anywhere, wait for the perfect moment. once you do a successful initiate with your ultimate the whole enemy team will be wiped out.

Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide Late Game
Mid Game with Tigreal

To do this in a perfect way first know your enemy location, lure them towards your team, let them cast their abilities, and:

Use Instant Flicker- [Skill 3+Skill 2+Skill2+Skill1]

Mobile Legends heroes that can act as backup for Tigreal

Heroes with the AoE power are the best companion for him.

Mobile Legends heroes that can counter Tigreal

Already discussed previously that Tigreal’s ultimate can be interrupted by any stun or shape-shift effect. So all stunners and shape-shifters are counter for him. i.e.


  • Don’t try to chase dot life enemies, slow them(skill 1) instead of chasing.
  • Casting your ultimate is not easy in front of wise enemies, so play smart. If it gets canceled, then re-position yourself and press it again
  • Tigreal’s passive can not prevent True damage(endless-battle, demon hunter sword’s passive).
  • Use your cc skills on enemy damage dealers.
  • Use bush to get closer to your targets, it will help you to cast your skill 2 easily.

That’s all for today’s guide about Tigreal in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Tigreal in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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