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Monster Hunter Now Beginners Guide and Tips 

Experience the world of monsters in real life!

Monster Hunter Now is an impressive Action Role-Playing game where the players travel across their nearby areas and hunt down the best dinosaurs. The game is developed by Niantic and is similar to the concept of Pokemon Go. Just like the way players used to travel across their surroundings and cities to catch Pokemon, in this game players need to fight and hunt down dinosaurs and then collect them. The game has 2 major resources as well that help in upgradation and other certain jobs.

Thus, let us move in depth to the world of monsters with the help of our Monster Hunter Now Beginners Guide piece and also get some of the best pieces of advice in hand. 

Gameplay Overview

Monster Hunter Now has the exact same gameplay mechanics just like Pokemon Go. The characters move as per the movement of the players. A fixed radar searches for the monster present near the character and then pops up when the monster is under the radar.

Players then have to tap on the monsters and then fight against them with their character. The combat mechanism is also effortless to understand, in a single tap the character will start attacking, a slide toward left or right to dodge attacks from monsters, and tap and hold will help the characters to defend the attacks and deal with less damage.

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The game comes up with an Urgent Quest where the big monsters come across the character’s path and then the players need to fight them and finally capture those big monsters. These help the players to complete an important quest and earn in-game resources such as Zenny and Gems. These two are the most important and only resources players can witness in the game. The game also comes with limited features but has a lot of adventure into it for the players to get an amazing gameplay experience. 

Introducing the basics of Monster Hunter Now 


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The Hunter section is the place where the characters can check out all the details about their character. This section just acts like a Profile section in the game. Players can thus check out the game ID, and character level, and even edit the appearance of their character whenever they want to. Players can also check for the EXP points they have for that particular level and how much is required as well.


The Equipment section shows all the details about the weapons and the armor used by the character. Weapons help a lot to the character while fighting against the monsters. Armors help in dealing with great damage from the attacks of the monsters. As the weapons and the armor serve a great role in the game, it is very important to upgrade them as well. So follow the following steps to upgrade your weapons and armor:

Image via Niantic
  • Open Monster Hunter Now and go to the Equipment section. 
  • Tap on the Weapon or Armor options as per your choice of upgrade and then move to that section. 
  • Select the weapon or the armor you want to upgrade and then tap on it. 
  • Check out for the requirement of Iron Ore and Zenny required to upgrade the weapon/armor. After this, tap on the Level Up option and confirm it to upgrade the equipment. 


Image via Niantic

In the Paintball section, players will be notified about the big monsters who are present in a very wide range of areas. All the monsters stay for a limited time, thus players need to check out for the time limit and then land an attack on the big monsters, and then win amazing rewards such as Zenny, Gems, and Iron Ores. 


Quests is the place where get to see all the assigned tasks in the game for their characters. Thus players need to go through them and complete them to get EXP points, and in-game rewards such as Zenny, Gems, and Iron Ore which they can further use for progress in the game. 


Items is the section where the players can check out all the items that are necessary as a healing factor in the game. After every fight, the character will surely lose some health points and then this section comes into play. Players can thus go to this section and use those healing aids to gain health points and make their character fully fit to fight. 

Monster Hunter Now Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks 

1. Hunt down more monsters 

Players need to hunt down more monsters that come under their radar as this will help them complete certain quests and then level up faster as well. Hunting down more monsters will also lead the players to gather lots of in-game currencies and resources that the players can later use to upgrade many features in the game. 

2. Complete the Quests on time

Players as a beginner, need to follow up the quests section and complete all the assigned quests in the game. This will lead to earning lots of in-game currencies and resources in the game and also earning lots of EXP points which will help the players to level up faster. 

3. Call out all the urgent Quests

Urgent quests are really very important and at the beginning stages, players will get to see easy quests under this section. So, players need to complete them as early as possible because all the urgent quests come with a time limit and thus players need to complete them in time. By completing the urgent quest, players can earn more rewards compared to the daily assigned quests. So, players need to go through this and mark it as a very important aspect of the game.

4. Upgrade your Equipment on time 

Players need to upgrade their weapons and armor after a regular interval of time, as this will help the players to make their characters stronger than before. This will also help the players to defeat the monsters faster compared to before and reign over their locality like no one else. 

5. Be careful while Hunting 

As the players need to walk down the streets to hunt down monsters, be very careful while you cross the roads. This is very important because players must first think about their lives rather than think about all the fictional aspects provided to them by this game. So be careful while you are on the road to hunt down the monster. 

Final Thoughts 

Monster Hunter Now is thus an outstanding game to witness and come across for all the players who are into this genre. So follow up on our detailed Monster Hunter Now Beginners Guide and Tips article to know about all the in-game features in detail. Also, go through the tips and tricks to learn about the best ways to climb higher in your locality.

That’s all from us for the Monster Hunter Now Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our HEIR OF LIGHT: Eclipse Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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