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Moonlight Blade: Tips to level up and become Powerful in the game 

Become the most powerful Hero of all time!

Moonlight Blade follows a fascinating storyline throughout the game and has many amazing features and modes. As an MMORPG, there are so many ways by which players can easily become powerful while going through this fantastic journey. It is also quite obvious to all the newcomers that they won’t know about all the best ways so that they can easily make their character stronger. Here is a detailed guide on tips to level up and become powerful in Moonlight Blade! Additionally, if you are just starting with the game, you can check our beginners guide here!

How to level up and become Powerful in Moonlight Blade

1. Upgrade the Character’s HP regularly

Health Points is one of the most important entities of this game. The more the HP, the more the character will survive. This justifies a lot, if the character has upgraded HP then it will easily fight against any strong villain without any further doubt.

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Even the player will be quite confident in their character. Thus players need to use all the HP portions and keep adding them in the Character section, then players can easily upgrade the HP and make their character stronger. 

2. Create great Bonds with Partner

In an RPG storyline game like this, creating great bonds with the side characters is one of the most important things for the players. Making great bonds helps the characters to get some of the best partners in the game, these partners later create a great lineup. Players can take help from this lineup while going through a tough storyline mission, and thus this lineup of all the best partners makes a great team and can easily knock out any of the strong villains. 

3. Go through all types of Quests

The game provides three types of Quests; Main Quest, Jianghu, and Adventure. The Main Quest brings up all the missions related to the storyline, thus players need to give more priority to Main Quest missions as players will get in-game resources in the form of rewards.

On the other hand, the Jianghu and Adventure sections bring up missions related to other features and other game modes. By completing these missions, players will let their character upgrade faster along with collecting in-game resources in the form of rewards as well. 

4. Enhance your Skills and Gears 

Gears and Skills are the most important entities of the game. If the character has the most powerful Gears along with the most upgraded Skill sets, then be sure that it is the only kick for your great and successful journey in this amazing storyline.

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Powerful Gears help in the defensive stats and thus players can easily defend themselves against heavy attacks that the character will be receiving from the enemies. On the other hand, upgrading the Skills will help the character to build up immense power and thus it can deliver more damage to the enemies. 

5. Prioritize the Story Mode

Moonlight Blade has some of the best game modes apart from the main storyline mode, but the only drawback is, that they cannot provide that much growth that the storyline mode provides. In other words, going through all the storyline mode missions and challenges will help the players progress faster in the game compared to that of other game modes.

And for beginners, the progression rate will be even quite faster at the beginning. So focus more on the main story missions and complete them to rise the ladder of progression faster than anyone else. 

Final thoughts

Moonlight Blade has some of the easiest, yet best ways to become more powerful in the game. Players have to just focus on the most appealing ways and follow them to become a powerhouse in the server they are playing. Hence follow our detailed Moonlight Blade tips to become a more powerful guide and become the real Hero for the entire territory!

What do you think about our Moonlight Blade guide on how to become more Powerful? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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