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Moonlight Blade Character Class Tier List for December 2023

Select the best character and become the ultimate Hero!

Moonlight Blade is an amazing action-based MMORPG that revolves around the pre-historic era of the South Asian continent. The story is fictional yet gives great chills while going through it. Moonlight Blade has six different types of character classes to choose from initially in the game. That is, players have to choose a character of a certain type of class they want to roleplay as and start their journey. All 6 characters have different and unique abilities as all six of them belong to different classes. Thus let us go deep in a detailed Moonlight Blade Character Class Tier List to learn about them in detail.

Moonlight Blade Character Class Tier List for December 2023

The character classes are divided into three different sets of classes; S, A, and B

Tier Class 
Strong (S)Guardian, 
Good (A)Fairy, 
Average (B)Enchanter,

Best Meta Character Classes in Moonlight Blade 

1. Guardian 

Guardian is undoubtedly the best character class to choose from in the game. The character has controlled stats based on Damage, Maneuver, Control, and Difficulty makes this character the best.

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The best part of the character is its Survival skills, with the best sets of Melee and High Defense attributes along with its Long Spear as the primary weapon making Guardian much more reliable for any beginner.

2. Fairy

Fairy is yet another best choice for the players in the game. Survival is the best attribute for Fairy as well along with Damage, Maneuver, Control, and Difficulty that remains constant for this character.

Image via INFIPLAY

This character performs martial arts in the form of traditional dance. The main skills of this character are Medium-range and Healing

3. Swordsman

Here comes the best character, who is built entirely for raw combat skills and to come up with the best attacking units, The Swordsman. Damage is the main key attribute for this character and thus Survival, Maneuver, Control, and Difficulty remain constant.

Image via INFIPLAY

This character, as the name suggests, carries a Sword as its primary weapon and is known as the master of Melee attacks due to its great Damage-dealing abilities. 

4. Enchanter

Enchanter is a character who is half shadow, and half human. Quite an interesting character and thus its key attributes are Damage and Difficulty, on the other hand, Survival, Maneuver, and Control remain constant.

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This character uses magic skills to take down opponents and thus is considered one of the best Ranged characters in the game. 

5. Beggar

Beggar is a character who focuses entirely upon raw melee attacks, that is hand combat. Control is the key attribute for this character and all the other attributes such as Damage, Survival, Maneuver, and Difficulty remain constant.

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Thus the main skill sets of this character are Melee and Control because of its rapid and successive attacking combos. 

6. Flutist

Flutist is a supporting character as it has Maneuver as its key attribute. The other attributes like Damage and Control remain constant and thus help it to provide a great sense of support from behind.

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Attributes like Survival and Difficulty lack compared to damage and control as it is a supporting class character. The key skill sets are Maneuver and Support which makes this character the best supporting class in the game. 

How to change your Class in Moonlight Blade

As you start the game, you must create a character from any of the six classes available. Every class has a gender choice i.e. a male and a female counterpart. You can create a character according to your preference. After customizing the character, you must type down a name and start your story.

Now the only doubt remains about how can we change or switch between the different classes within the game. Moonlight Blade doesn’t provide the chance to change the class of your character later in the game. Once you have customized the character, nothing can be changed except for their name. If you wish to play with other class characters, you need to create another room and then select a different class.

Moonlight Blade character customizations
Image via INFIPLAY

You are allowed to create a maximum of four characters to roleplay as. They can all be of different classes or you can repeat the same character class. Each of the characters created will be displayed on the game screen along with their levels. You need to select a role to switch between the different classes this way. Each character class will begin the quest from ground level.

The progress and level will depend on how well the players perform as a particular class character. According to the character class they have chosen, you get access to the respective Skills. The bound ones can be unlocked as they make progress with the main storyline quest. 

What do you think about this Moonlight Blade Character Class Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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