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Moonlight Sculptor Beginners Guide and Tips

Shatter Your Reality and Sculpt Your Legacy!

Moonlight Sculptor is an MMORPG by Kakao Games. It was first released last year in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao, and globally it was released on iOS and Android devices in May 2021. It has won the hearts of mobile MMORPG enthusiasts everywhere. In this game, a player will experience the immersive light novel of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Being it is an MMO, there are lots of mechanics behind it, and in this Moonlight Sculptor beginners guide, players know about the basic function, tips, and tricks to level up the game.

Moonlight Sculptor Class Guide

After joining the game, a player has to choose among the given classes to get the best class player. Here in our Moonlight Sculptor beginners guide, we will explain all the six classes and help you select the best one to begin your journey.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide classes
  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Archer
  • Paladin
  • Alchemist
  • Sculpture


The Warrior is a melee class that wields a two-handed weapon to deliver heavy strikes, which means the warrior class has heavy armor and a two-handed sword, which is a powerful weapon to deal with the highest attacks. Warrior can clear mobs with two hits, so if a player wants to go strong in the early game, choose Warrior Class.

The warrior class is the main tank in this game with high strengths that can play roles, from absorbing damage as a tank to dishing it back as DPS. Their main stats are STR, DEX, and CON. It is also a master of AOE, with two skills that are:

  • Attacking foes in an area,
  • It can increase its critical damage.

The only downside is a lack of ranged options, which can punish the Warrior if it finds itself at a distance from its foes.


The Mage utilizes high intelligence to conjure all sorts of elemental magic. The Mage is specialized in AOE damage, which makes it suitable for the farming course. It also has a DPS class to gears up with cloth armor. Their main stats are INT and WIS.

Mage is capable of dishing damage but incapable of returning fire. They also have an option to keep foes at a distance. Mage is not the best class for beginners, but if a player wants to control the battlefield, they can choose Mage.


Archer is another great DPS and backline ranged class that fights in tandem with tamed monsters. It is the only class that can utilize tamed pets in combat. Their main stats are CHA and DEX.

Archers are a hybrid class who can do almost everything. They keep foes at bay like a mage, throw the damage around and have a good defense. There are two downsides to the Archer:

  • It is a difficult class to learn
  • He can do everything but not as effectively as other specialists.


Protects allies from hostile forces as a disciple of the goddess Freya. The main support class in the game and also an off-tank. Their main stats are CON and STR. Paladin has crowd control skills and healing that make it very good for PVE and PVP.

If a player wants to play with a supporting class, they can choose Paladin as this is the only class that has a combination of healer and tank as he is capable of absorbing blows with greater efficacy than the warrior class, but a player has to keep patience as paladin deal with slow damage. However, the Paladin is much more effective when working as part of a team.


Fights with the power of various chemicals and homunculus. A unique class that focuses on science rather than magic. They have a lot of status-inducing skills. Their main stats are WIS and INT.

The Alchemist hurls chemicals at enemies to damage them – almost exclusively as AOE attacks. Functionally, it is a similar class to the Mage, in that it stands back and hurls magic-based attacks.


An exclusive class that is locked, but in the latter level, this class can be unlocked. Their main stats are STR and DEX.

Choosing the Best Class

If a player is new to the world of MMORPG or RPG then go for Warrior as it is a class that can survive for a longer time dishing out serious damage. If a player is familiar with the game they can go for Mage as they are the best damage dealer in the entire game whose attacks are capable of AOE damage. It also has great utility, and can slow, knockback, and stun its opponents.

If a player is someone who wants to play in a team they can choose Paladin as a paladin is a combination of healer and can reduce the defense of their enemies allowing the team member to cause more damage. Want some fun class so that a player doesn’t feel bored, go with Archer as it has baked-in-tank thanks to its pet, deals with damage at range, and has utility.

Ways to earn or learn the skills in Moonlight Sculptor

Learn skills and perform level-ups to use even more powerful skills. Here in our Moonlight Sculptor guide, we have explained all the skills that one must acquire before starting out.

Entrance Plan

entrance plan

Some skills can be earned in-game by completing the quest. To know about the quest and the certain skills that a player can earn, go to the skill menu at the top right of the screen.

Combat Skills

combat skills

These are the active skills that a player can cast or perform. Go the skill menu, tap the skill then go to the desired slot at the bottom to place the skill slot.

Continuous Skills

continuos skills

These skills constantly stay in effect.

Level ups and Upgrade the Skills

upgrading the skills

To increase the skill level, a player has to use Skill books and bold obtained from adventures and quests as basic material. Once a skill reaches level 9, a player gets Essences of Enlightenment and Gold upgrading it to a more powerful skill.

How to Automate the Skill Settings

There can be a case where skills are not set to automatic even after registering in the slot. Here is how to set up the skills:

  • Add skill to the slot.
  • Press and hold the skill.
  • An AUTO text will appear. Then, press the Auto button on the bottom left side of the screen to use the skill automatically during combat.

Other miscellaneous tips for Moonlight Sculptor

Gathering Settings

If a player is having trouble gathering materials, they can try utilizing the Auto-Play feature to gather.

  • Go to the Auto-Play settings and select the Collect Materials
  • To automatically collect materials when going near gatherable objects.
  • Go to Settings-Auto-Play – and check the checkbox for Collect Materials under the Priority section.
  • Players can adjust the automatically collecting materials by pressing the arrows next to the category.

Taming Pets

A player can feed various kinds of monsters in the field to tame them but the charisma and feed required for taming, that will depend upon the monsters.

taming pets in pet system
  • Tap the main menu icon – Codex – open a monster.
  • Select the region where the desired pet is located to check out the Feed and Charisma required.

There are different types of Feed that a player can buy such as Meat, Grass, Bugs, or Honey. Each monster has its preference of Feed.

  • All a player has to do is to select the monster, register the feed, then tab the feed in the slot.
  • If a player is not an Archer, they will be able to learn pet taming through a quest at level 45.

Make use of Buddies

Buddies help in collecting items and sending them home when inventory is full. So, a player has to feed them too.

Moonlight Sculptor Guide buddies
  • Go to Bag – Consumables, select a Buddy egg, and press open.
  • Go to Bag – Consumables, select a Premium Feed, and press to use.

Changing Potions

This is used when a player wants to use better potions instead of the default potion.

  • Press and hold the potion icon on the bottom right.
  • Press the potion a player wish to use.

This will change the potion registered to the slot.

How to check the Quest details

  • Go to Menu – Quest.
  • Press the quest a player wants to check.
  • This will show the content, target NPC, location, description, and reward details of the quest.
  • Press the Shortcut button at the bottom to go to the location of the quest.

Sleep Mode

Kakao Games has prepared a sleep mode where a player can continue to grow the hero even in sleep.

  • Go to Menu – Sleep.

Remember a player can only use the sleep mode in a field for about 4 hours where a player can see the basic requirements of level, attacks, and defense that the character must meet. In Sleep Mode, a player will only get to fight to gain gold and XP with the character who is sharing sleep mode.

Note: Sleep mode will automatically end when a player is out of HP points

Weed’s Growth Plan

In the game, a player has to complete the mission from Weed’s Growth Plan! Where a player finds themselves experiencing content through the event and also receive rewards by completing missions.

  • Press event icon – Growth Guide – Weed’s Growth Plan
  • Rewards can be claimed at the mailbox.

Moonlight Sculptor Equipment and Crafting System

Specialization of equipment

specialization of equipments

Players can use the specific weapon to specialize the character in a deadlier form giving them a boost in damage output.

Modification of equipment

modification of equipments

Modification of equipment can produce further upgraded equipment. A player has to focus on enhancing and granting upgrades to boost strength. Obtained equipment can be modified freely by Enchanting, Option Transmutation/Granting.


Crafting can be done by a player through various equipment, cooking, and sculpting items. As the crafting level grows, a player can craft items of greater value.

Crafting Tools

crafting tools

In the World Map, tap the NPC in charge of what a player wants to craft, and then move your character to them and the crafting equipment.

Crafting Method

in-game crafting methods in Moonlight Sculptor
Moonlight Sculptor crafting items

Tap the Crafting Tool to open a Crafting screen where a player can craft the item by themselves. By tapping a Sculptor NPC, a player can craft sculpture items. In the process, a player will learn the skills to craft sculptures through quests.

Crafting types

Crafted items include Pieces, Cooking, Weapons, Armor, and more. As players progress through the game, they can collect a wider variety of materials to craft a wide range of different items.

  • Armor Crafting
  • Weapon Crafting
  • Alchemy Crafting

Crafting Level Growth

Crafting items depends upon their unique types. As the level grows, a player will get more craft items and experience. That means, the higher the level, the greater the chances of crafting higher value. Culinary Research can raise the cooking level. Here a player has to submit four-ingredient materials to attempt a whole new recipe.

Effects of Crafted Item

crafted items
Moonlight Sculptor

Crafted items receive a unique effect. For example, polishing can enhance a sculpture. Cooking and sculptures depend on the items crafted that last for a duration. Crafting can result in great success to produce Fine, Superb, and masterpieces results.

They can also display these sculptures by receiving higher effects compared to Average sculptures. Use the Grade Up system to upgrade sculptures from Masterpiece to Transcendent.

Explore, Growth and Collections

The World Map and its functions

Moonlight Sculptor Guide world map
Moonlight Sculptor map

The World Map is a map where a player can view the locations of all in-game regions, terrains, NPCs, available quests, and more.

Pets System

Moonlight Sculptor Guide pets

Progressing through the game will eventually allow a player to learn the skill to tame pets. When summoned, pets will assist in combat, and their skills or abilities will enhance as their XP increases.

Codex System

Moonlight Sculptor Guide codex
Moonlight Sculptor

The Codex system is a collection of information on monsters, equipment, cooking, and transformation. To collect codex rewards, a player has to complete Codex. Access and view the Codex by tapping the Codex icon in the top-right menu of the main screen.


A player can increase their character performance by equipping Sculpture Pieces inspired with Special stats like Sunlight Piece (Attack), Moonlight Piece (Defense), and Starlight Piece (Support).


Moonlight Sculptor Guide homestead
Moonlight Sculptor homestead

As players progress in the game, they will get their space to build, decorate, and manage a house within the game. A player can also display Sculptures to receive additional effects.

Moonlight Sculptor Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Moonlight Sculptor as a game can be pretty hard for new players, but don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are some of our tips and tricks in this Moonlight Sculptor beginners guide on how to progress in the game easily as an amateur in the initial stages of the game.

Request Board

It is the daily mission in which a player can gain experience, gold, and other goodies when accomplishing boards. Request Board opens at level 27.

Daily Dungeons

Moonlight Sculptor Guide dungeons

It offers different playstyle and rewards daily. Using Butterflies increases the reward chances. This dungeon is available once the character reaches level 30.

Chaotic Entrance

Various equipment, Option Stones, Enchant Scrolls, and more are required to complete these dungeon rewards. This dungeon is available once the character reaches level 35.

Mir khan Tower

Every floor provides a player to complete the goal to unlock the next floor. For this, the character should have Mysterious Curse de-buff. This dungeon can be completed every day once a player reaches 80 levels. Remember, the more floors a player completes, the better the rewards.

Twisted Abyss

Once players Reach level 100, they can unlock the Twisted Abyss, where a player can join forces with party members to defeat even stronger bosses and obtain rewards.

Bonus tips

  • Control Your Destiny in the Immersive Story.
  • Tournament of the Champions! Battlefield of Valor.
  • Dive into the Heat of the Action at the Chaotic Entrance.
  • Master Your Craft With Life Content.
  • Find the Best Companion.
  • Collect Fragments to Craft Sculptures.
  • Play offline.

Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Moonlight Sculptor Beginners Guide for tips!

Did you find our Moonlight Sculptor beginners guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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