Motorsport Manager Online Guide: Tips and Strategies

If you are into racing or simulation games, then probably you have heard about the Motorsport Manager series. Motorsport Manager Online is the latest addition to the series. However, unlike the previous versions, Motorsport Manager Online let the players race with the world, featuring 10 player races at a time. In this guide, we will discuss various tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to level up your Motorsport Manager Online game to get the victory.


Cars are an important part of the game. You can have maximum of two cars at a time. At the beginning you’ll start with a basic car. You’ll have 3 options to choose from. As you level up, you’ll unlock more varieties. This includes,

  • Open-Wheel
  • Stock
  • GT
  • Concept
  • Formula E
  • Endurance
  • 80’s Open-Wheel
  • 70’s Open-Wheel
motorsport manager online
Pick the one you like

All the importance of cars lies in its parts. So it does not matter much on what cars you are choosing at the beginning. You can always change later.


There are mainly three kinds of parts in Motosport Manager Online. Brakes, Suspension and Gearbox. There is also an exclusive part for the engines which unlocks at a much later stage. All these things will help in improving car performance. So if you want to perform better, you must make sure to keep your parts levelled up at the highest level. However, sometimes you’ll run out of materials to upgrade. Do not worry about that. Just focus on race wins and you’ll get those materials along the way.


Now, this is the place where the game becomes a bit tricky. Just like the real-life Motorsport scene, drivers are important in Motorsport Manager Online. Each of the driver comes with a special trait. And for some, Nationality matters. Although it is totally up to your play style on which drivers you’ll pick, just try to have a proper balance between the two drivers you’ll have. Because some drivers can help the other one to improve the performance.

drivers in motorsport manager online
Best drivers in Motorsport Manager Online

Here’s an important tip about the drivers. Do not upgrade your drivers, unless you’re in the top tiers where you know that you are going to keep the driver for a long time. Otherwise, the money would become a waste. With the progress in the game, you’ll unlock better drivers. So, just keep the driver position open for better ones and hire as per your requirement.


Staffs are required to upgrade parts, upgrade headquarter and help the drivers. With the each HQ upgrade you can hire more staff, but they can become real expensive. So please plan your investment so that you just don’t over-invest into staff.


The research tree is connected with the Headquarter. The research projects progress will be stopped if you do not upgrade the HQ. So as you progress through the game, make sure to upgrade the HQ and finish the projects. Those add some real valuable boosts.

Keep the constructions ongoing


They are the free money in the game. Higher the tier, better the money. Just make sure to get the 2x reward when there is an ad available while collecting the sponsor money.


It is the premium place in the game where you can buy stuffs. There is also a way to collect free money each day from the shop. So whenever you login, just collect it. Other than that, if you need parts just check the shop rather than direct purchase.


This is one of the most vital parts that can make you the victor! Synergy between the drivers, your car and the strategies are very important. If they are properly set, your team can become unstoppable. This is the place where you’ll need guide on Motorsport Manager Online.

You should always set strategies primarily with the coordination of the drivers. However, if you can also pick up some strategies depending on the track you are playing. Some strategies are focused on soft types, some are for hard types and even some gives bonus when there’ll be rain. So, keeping everything on your mind pick up the strategies. Its alright to fail sometimes but do not stay back from experimenting.


Powertrains unlock after you make a little progress in the career mode. This is a little complex part that you need to understand properly. It is recommended that you focus on having a balanced powertrain. Otherwise, your race performance might get impacted heavily. This is the part which is worth investing (upgrading) when you can foresee that you are going to use that part for a longer time. For me, I could see the next few powertrains will not suit my play style. So I upgraded this one for better performance.

Pick the the right one for you

Motorsport Manager Online Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t hold on to any driver unless you know you are going to keep him

As we have already mentioned in the drivers part don’t unnecessarily hold on to any driver. Buy new drivers as you move to the next league. Otherwise, your drivers will be outdated.

2. Don’t make long contracts

Long contacts will make your drivers become outdated in the competition. But outdated I mean, there will be new drivers unlocked so always pick the better ones. Ofcourse some drivers will still be good, but that mostly depends on the situation. It is generally recommended that you make 10-12 race contracts. And while making the contracts, don’t over-invest.

3. Have a fair overview of the economy

Motorsport Manager Online has a very well designed economy. Although the cash flows are regular, you may run out of money if you make a lot of mistakes or poorly perform in the races. Here are the ways that will help you earn more money in Motorsport Manager Online,

  • Watch the regular Ads. They come every 12 hours.
  • Collect the free money from the store
  • Try to collect the Sponsor money at the right time. If you delay in the collection hat means you are losing out on money.
  • Some drivers come with a special trait – Charisma. This gives +50k bonus after each race.
  • Try to meet the race objectives. That gives some good bonus amount of money.
  • Rank well in the weekly leaderboards to receive a fat amount of money after each week.

4. Focus on the bonus from the Projects

Prioritize the projects that will suit your play style. For example, if you want to make your economy strong, then make sure to unlock those research project bonuses first that will let you earn more from the sponsors.

5. Look out for the weather and plan your game

Before a race starts, always check the weather. Sometimes you might need to make changes according to that. Also, some tracks which have a rain chance of over 30% often brings in the rain. So, have an eagle’s eye on the weather forecast. And when you see the rain is about to come or starts slowly, don’t bother to change the tiers as soon as possible.

6. Race qualification position does not matter if you plan properly

Many the players are worried about the qualification position. While it matters a bit, but it should not overwhelm your race if you have a proper plan. You can come up to top from the last position. Just look at this image below.

motosport manager online tips, motosport manager online
The Track is my Canvas

So how did I do it? For this particular track of Bahrain, the oval race track helped me to sustain the tyres for a longer time. I had Aggressive Strategy as well which gives -15% tyre wear rate. The only issue with this strategy is that you get less fuel of 2 laps. So I had just put the engine in the conservative mode until the fuel came to positive from the negative. And then set it to normal. But I did not change tyres, which helped e to get to the top.

7. Pick your best track and play it again and again

It is better to not to play on random tracks. Just pick up a track and find out what are the best thing that are working for you. Just repeat and you’ll progress much faster. For example, I had played Bahrain in one championship and Phoenix in another, back to back. It accumulated the points very quickly. For me, it was Bahrain. It can some other track for you.

Motorsport manager online, Motorsport manager online guide
Is this Racing or Ping Pong?

8. Do not play Exhibition Races unless you are sure that you can win

Remember you have contracts with your drivers. Unless you are very sure that you can win the exhibition races, do not jump into those extra races. Most of the times, those are just a waste of money. You should be very careful about your economy. If you analyze the necessity of the extra races, you’ll understand what I’m saying here.

Hope you’ll find this Motorsport Manager Online guide useful. If you have something on your mind, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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Un point où je ne suis pas d accord c est course exibition,faite en un maximum! Car vous recevez beaucoup d’argent et de composant pour amélioré les moteur,les course exibition rapporte de 60 à 75 % pour mon budget..sans ça je devrais payer pour jouer

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