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My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero June 2021 Tier List

Ranking the Strongest Heroes!

My Hero Academia (MHA): The Strongest Hero, developed by Xin Yuan Studios is an Action RPG MMO game that has been received with great adulation by the mobile gaming community since its global release. Adapted from the popular manga and anime, the new mobile game enables fans to enjoy the source material in a completely different entertainment platform. The following My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero tier list is based on the author’s personal preference and experience with the game and can vary with others depending on their playing styles.

Characters that have been announced but have not been released are not included in the tier list. With there being 14 Heroes available to play with as of now, here is the Character Tier List for MHA: The Strongest Hero, made by combining both the PvP and PvE aspects of the game

Overpowered (S)All MightShota Aizawa, Fumikage TokoyamiEndeavor
Strong (A)Eijiro KirishimaIzuku MidoriyaMomo Yaoyorozu
Good (B)Katsuki BakugoOchaco Uraraka, Tsuyu AsuiShoto Todoroki
Average (C)Mashirao OjiroDenki Kaminari, Minoru Mineta
Poor (D)Tenya Iida
My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero tier list
My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero tier list

My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero tier list: Best Characters ranked

1. All Might

  • Type: Power
  • Quirk: One For All -This causes a significant increase in all of the player’s physical abilities.
  • Observation: Incredibly strong and very fast despite being a Power type.

2. Shota Aizawa

  • Type: Speed
  • Quirk: Erasure – This power disables the Quirks of all characters that are in Aizawa’s line of sight.
  • Observation: Arguably the most difficult opponent to face, very powerful.

3. Fumikage Tokoyami

  • Type: Speed
  • Quirk: Dark Shadow – A shadow monster that can materialize and contract freely is manifested from the user’s body through this Quirk.
  • Observation: Needs some getting used to, but once the user masters how to use Tokoyami, they can be very difficult to defeat in PvP.

4. Eijiro Kirishima

  • Type: Power
  • Quirk: Hardening – All or any parts of the user’s body is hardened and sharpened via this Quirk.
  • Observation: Amazing counter-attack ability which stops the opponent from landing their attack and turns it back on them.

5. Izuku Midoriya

  • Type: Speed
  • Quirk: One For All – Just like All Might, this quirk enhances all of the user’s physical abilities.
  • Observation: Ability to teleport to the enemy and back with fun combo attacks.

6. Momo Yaoyorozu

  • Type: Technique
  • Quirk: Creation – This Quirk enables the user to create any non-living object as long as the user knows the structure.
  • Observation: Her ability keeps damaging the opponent even when she’s swapped out with another Hero in PvP.

7. Katsuki Bakugo

  •  Type: Power
  • Quirk: Explosion – Through this Quirk, a nitroglycerin-like sweat is secreted from the palms of the Hero, which can be ignited on command to create explosions.
  • Observation: Can counter gravity by hitting the opponent when the opponent is in the air.

8. Shoto Todoroki

  • Type: Technique
  • Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot -This Quirk gives the user the ability to wield both ice and fire.
  • Observation: Can freeze the opponent and land multiple attacks without interruption.

9. Ochaco Uraraka

  • Type: Power
  • Quirk: Zero Gravity -Gravity on targets is nullified by touching them with the pads of user’s fingertips via this Quirk.
  • Observation: A ranged hero who can levitate, which stops most enemy attacks.

10. Tsuyu Asui

  • Type: Speed
  • Quirk: Frog – Anything a Frog can do, Tsuyu Asui can do as well!
  • Observation: Cool combos

11. Denki Kaminari

  • Type: Technique
  • Quirk: Electrification – This Quirk allows the user to generate electricity and cover their body in it. If the wattage limit is exceeded, however, the brain can short circuit.
  • Observation: Ranged attacks but not as good as others.

12. Mashirao Ojiro

  • Type: Power
  • Quirk: Tail – Ojiro’s tail is not only incredibly strong and powerful, but it can also be controlled and utilized as a third arm.
  • Observation: Abilities not as strong as others higher up on the list.

13. Minoru Mineta 

  • Type: Technique
  • Quirk: Pop Off – This Quirk produces highly sticky and removable spheres from the user’s head.
  • Observation: Can be difficult to control.

14. Tenya Iida

  • Type: Speed
  • Quirk: Engine – Iida can gain incredible running speed with the car-like engines in both his calves through this Quirk.
  • Observation: Clumsy and can miss its targets while attacking.

Please note that the tier lists are highly subjective and My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero is not an exception.

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I agree with the list but what about endeavor?


I don’t think Iida is poor just because he can miss if you get 200% he is a god killer

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