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Mythic Samkok Warrior Tier List for January 2024

Choose the best warriors for each faction!

Mythic Samkok was developed by EskyfunUSA as a strategic RPG that immerses players in the Three Kingdoms, offering tactical battles. The recruitment or gacha system provides a wide choice of characters for your team, and auto-based battles allow you to witness your warriors’ triumphs. Utilize this Mythic Samkok Tier List to determine the best warriors for your lineup.

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Mythic Samkok Tier List for January 2024: Best Warriors Ranked

We’ve categorized the existing factions into three tiers for your convenience: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B), making it easy for you to understand each warrior’s potential. After investing considerable time in the game, we’ve created a tier list that takes into account various available warriors.

Strong (S)Gou JiaZhuge LiangSun CeLu Bu
Good (A)Zhang Liao, Xu Zhu, Dian Wei, Cao Cao, Zhang Chunhua, Cao Ren, Xin XianyingZhao Yun, Zhu Rong, Zhang Xingcai, Huang Zhong, Ma ChaoGan Ning, Huang Gai, Zhou Tai, Taishi Ci, Sun Jian, Bu LianshiJia Xu, Wen Chou, Xu Shu, Gongsun San, Yuan Shao, Kong Ron, Emperor Xian, Hua Xiong, Zhang Jiao
Average (B)Zhang Hei, Wang Yi, Xiahou Dun, Cao Chong, Cao Zhi, Man Chong, Yue Jin, Chen Qun, Cheng Yu, Jiang GanJiang Wei, Guan Yinping, Wei Yan, Pang Tong, Fa Zheng, Xu Shu, Guan Ping, Zhao Yun, A Dou, Ma Yunlu, Lady Mi Sun Shangxiang, Lu Su, Sun Luban, Zhang Zhao, Xu Sheng, Ling Tong, Ling Cao, Zhuge Ke, Sun RuLu Lingqi, Yan Liang, Yuan Shu, Dong Bai, Dong Zhuo, Gao Shun, Li Ru, Cai Mao, Empress Dowager, Lady Cai

This list is designed to assist newcomers like you in selecting powerful warriors for your battles as you begin your journey.

Best Meta Warriors in Mythic Samkok for January 2024

In our tier list, we strive to highlight the top warriors in each faction of Wei, Shu, Wu, and Han, as indicated in the table above. With a wide array of warriors available, you have numerous options to choose from and deploy in battles, offering a diverse range of choices. Each warrior comes with unique qualities, providing players with a great variety of options.

When evaluating the available warriors, the selection process becomes a matter of personal preference. The effectiveness of warriors and factions can vary based on individual playstyles, making certain choices more valuable to different players.

Best Wei Warrior – Gou Jia

Gou Jia takes the lead as the ultimate warrior in Mythic Samkok for the Wei Faction. His mythic-grade status isn’t just for show as Gou Jia brings game-changing abilities to the battlefield. Imagine dealing damage to enemy warriors in horizontal rows and having a 50% chance to stun them for a round. That’s the kind of strategic power Gou Jia brings to your team.

Mythic Samkok Gou Jia
Image via EskyfunUSA

So, if you’re venturing into the Wei faction, make Gou Jia your top choice for battles. His unique skills, when used with a bit of tactical finesse, can turn the tide in your favor and secure those triumphant victories.

Best Shu Warrior – Zhuge Liang

Shifting our focus to the Shu faction, Zhuge Liang is the hero you want by your side. This Mythic-grade warrior boasts skills like Eight Tactical Arrays, delivering precise damage to a single enemy warrior and throwing in a 45% chance to cast an astrology effect for good measure.

Mythic Samkok Zhuge Liang
Image via EskyfunUSA

Zhuge Liang’s second skill, Fall of Seven Stars, extends the impact to three random enemy warriors. If you’re aligning with Shu, Zhuge Liang is the strategic powerhouse you need for a well-rounded and effective team.

Best Wu Warrior – Sun Ce

Now, in the heart of the Wu faction, Sun Ce rises above the rest. Picture this: skills like Against the Rebel and Gathering of Predators, targeting back-row enemy warriors with potent damage and extra effects. Sun Ce doesn’t stop there as his third passive ability, Overlord, kicks in at the start of the battle, providing an extra layer of advantage.

Mythic Samkok Sun Ce
Image via EskyfunUSA

If Wu is your faction of choice, Sun Ce is the warrior who can lead your team to dominance with a dynamic set of abilities and a strong battlefield presence.

Best Han Warrior – Lu Bu

For those venturing into the Han faction, Lu Bu stands tall as the premier warrior. With mythic-grade prowess, his skills like Skywrath and Of Gods and Ghosts deal substantial damage and even cast Burning status on enemy targets.

Mythic Samkok Lu Bu
Image via EskyfunUSA

Lu Bu is the epitome of versatility and power in the Han faction, making him the ideal choice for those seeking a formidable warrior to lead their team to victory.

Final Thoughts

In the world of Mythic Samkok, the tier list showcases top warriors from different factions, each bringing unique strengths to the battlefield. Gou Jia leads the pack in Wei with stunning abilities, while Zhuge Liang’s precision dominates in Shu. Sun Ce’s dynamic prowess stands out in Wu, and the versatile Lu Bu reigns supreme in Han. Whether you seek strategic finesse or raw power, this tier list provides a guide to assembling a formidable team, ensuring an exciting and victorious journey through the Three Kingdoms.

What are your thoughts on the Mythic Samkok Tier List? Let us know in the comments below!

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