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Wartune Ultra Class Tier List for March 2024

Start with the best class!

Embark on a strategic journey in Wartune Ultra, a captivating MMORPG developed by 7Road. As you delve into the intricacies of this fantasy realm, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each character class is paramount. Dive into our Wartune Class Tier List to uncover the most formidable heroes and strategize your path to victory.

For a smoother start to your gaming journey, explore our Wartune Ultra Beginners Guide. If you encounter any challenges during gameplay, refer to our guide on contacting the customer support team for effective problem-solving. Don’t forget to level up your adventure by unlocking amazing rewards with exclusive Redeem Codes!

Wartune Ultra Class Tier List: Best Classes Ranked

The game currently has three classes. To simplify, I’ve categorized them into two tiers: Strong (S) and Good (A). This helps you easily grasp the potential of each class and pick the one that aligns with your journey. Remember, that your gameplay approach can also shape how these dynamics play out.

Strong (S)Knight, Mage
Good (A)Archer

Best Meta Classes in Wartune Ultra for March 2024

Knight Class

In my journey through Wartune Ultra, I found that the Knight class is really powerful. It’s not just about dealing heavy physical damage; this class also excels at tanking on the frontlines.

Wartune Ultra Knight
Image via 7Road

Whether I needed to dish out damage or protect my allies, the Knight proved to be reliable and versatile. With its high HP pool, it could soak up enemy attacks, making it a solid choice for any battle scenario.

Mage Class

From my experience, the Mage class shines in dealing with magical damage, securing a top spot. Utilizing its potent DPS capabilities, I’ve seen the Mage’s attacks, especially its Area of Effect (AoE) skills, wreaking havoc on multiple enemy troops simultaneously.

Wartune Ultra Mage
Image via 7Road

The Mage’s versatility extends to a supportive role, using healing skills to fortify team resilience during intense battles. This strength proves beneficial in the early game, establishing the Mage as a formidable choice for players seeking impactful performance right from the start.

Archer Class

In my experience, the Archer excels at dealing physical damage to enemies through its ranged skills. Its extended attack range proves invaluable for strategically handling distant foes.

Wartune Ultra Archer
Image via 7Road

As someone who appreciates a more strategic approach to battles, I found the Archer’s skills, including the ability to debuff enemies, to be highly effective.

How to change your Class in Wartune Ultra

As you start your journey in Wartune Ultra, you’ll need to choose one of the three available classes. Keep in mind that once you’ve made your decision and begun playing, you won’t be able to change your class later. However, if you’re determined to switch classes, you can follow these steps:

  • Exit the game while you’re playing.
  • Return to the main screen.
  • Change your server.
  • Create a new character upon entering the new server.
  • Select the desired class for your new character and proceed with the game.

Keep in mind that this process involves starting fresh with a new character on a different server. Choose wisely from the beginning to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. In conclusion, the Wartune Ultra Class Tier List provides valuable insights into the strengths and strategic nuances of each class.

Whether you favor the versatile Knight, the magical prowess of the Mage, or the strategic finesse of the Archer, understanding their attributes is crucial for a successful journey in the game. Keep in mind that personal playstyle and preferences may also influence your choice.

What do you think about this Wartune Ultra Class Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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