NBA Live Mobile 21: How to earn coins easily in the game

Your pathway to earning more coins efficiently

NBA Live Mobile from the houses of EA, the masterminds of the sports mobile gaming industry with popular titles like FC Mobile, UFC Mobile, and Madden Mobile is quite popular among fans of basketball around the world. The game offers tons of features, game modes, and high-quality graphics. Released in July 2016, the franchise is almost 5 years old and still stands out as the best mobile basketball game. Though gamers enjoy the incredible and stunning gameplay, coin-making is what every player in the game is concerned about. Having plenty of coins has a lot of advantages. In this guide, we will discuss the simple yet efficient ways to grind the game and earn coins easily in NBA Live Mobile 21 without ever spending a dime!

Earning coins in NBA Live Mobile 21

If you have ever missed a limited-time event that offered your favorite player as a reward, you always can buy that same player from the auction block by spending coins. Players can always buy collectibles or boost items for improving their team performance, from the store. But here we will discuss the most efficient way to grind out objectives and events and earn coins easily in NBA Live Mobile 21.

The following strategy is completing Objectives, playing Limited-time events, and playing the live today Coin Blitz event. Now, Live emblems are limited, so they have to be spent strategically. Follow the steps below and let the coins rain. Follow these steps and you can earn a minimum of 460k coins!

Note: This is a 7-day strategy and steps have to be followed in chronological order.

1. Make sure that you have a maximum of Live Emblems

After collecting the 1500 Live Emblems, play the Coin Blitz Live Event 15 times, which is in the Live Today section. Here’s the catch, you have to repeat this after every 2 days, which will be 3 times per week.

NBA Live Mobile 21 earn coins
Coin Blitz Live Event

For example, if you play this Monday, now the next time you play this would be on Thursday. Playing this 3 times a week just like mentioned, will give you 213K coins at the end of the week!

2. Complete Daily Objectives every day

Complete all your objectives

There are no days off for this. Remember to complete them as a compulsion Also, complete weekly objectives, which you can check in the objective section. Completing daily objectives every day for a week will give you a total of 35K coins at the end of the week.

3. Exchange Live Tickets for more Coins

Now the reason why completing weekly objectives is a must is because if you check the Live Pass event in the Limited-Time Events section, you’ll find that you have earned 30 Live Tickets. These tickets can be exchanged for 150K coins in the Ultimate Store that you’ll find on the left top of your screen.

4. Spend your stamina wisely on objectives

NBA Live Mobile 21 earn coins
Utilise the League Training Ground

While completing your daily objectives, do not spend more than 35 stamina! For completing objectives like 3-Pointers, Blocks and Dunks, or Layups, restrict to just playing League Training Ground which you can find in Live Today events. This will save your stamina, and you can still grind on limited-time events, which leads us to Step 5.

5. Focus on Limited-Time Events

Playing the limited-time events will help get more Coins after getting the first win. And also it will help complete the Win Live Events objective. Play these events till you are out of stamina. Doing this will get you approximately 65K coins by the end of the week

Now if you add up these numbers, it will result in you earning 460K+ coins. And what’s more, you didn’t have to sell a player compromise limited-time event grind or spend any real money. It is pure work of strategy and grinding out events.

Maintaining your Coins

Maintaining your coins is as important as farming and earning them. Here are a couple of tips for maintaining your hard-earned coins in NBA Live Mobile 21.

1. Don’t spend on players for your bench

Never buy players for your bench from the auction block. Having elite starters is better. Bench players can give boosts to your starters but it isn’t worth spending a load. You might not have a team overall advantage but having an awesome starting lineup will ultimately make you win more games.

NBA Live Mobile 21 earn coins
Ultimate Store Packs

2. Never buy the regular packs from the store

Do not buy pro packs or premium packs from the store as the chances of getting a good player are quite low and you will be wasting your coins. Never do it, it’s a strict No!

Final Thoughts

This amazing strategy turns out to be the only way players can earn maximum coins in less time unless any player was to spend real money. There are a lot of objections to the game for bringing out new in-game currencies so that players earn a short amount of coins. But hey, a good strategy always works. So work on this strategy and make the strongest team in NBA Live Mobile 21.

We hope you liked our guide on how to earn coins in NBA Live Mobile 21. Do let us know in the comments section below!

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