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PUBG: New State Mobile Siege Mode (PvE) Guide and Tips

Siege mode and how it works!

Ever since New State Mobile got released in November 2021, to some heavily negative feedback, the developers at Krafton have been working at their best to bring the game up to par and meet the established expectations. We can say that they have done a good job at that, as the game right now is vastly better and without significant bugs and such. The Siege mode is the newest mode in New State Mobile, and here is our complete guide for the gamemode along with some tips and tricks

New State Mobile Siege mode: Overview

In the patch update on the 21st of December, 2022, New State introduced us to its newest mode in the making, called the Siege mode. As of now, the mode is only available as a beta feature, with the official statement being that the mode will be added to the game later on after an assessment of the feedback received from the players after participating in this game mode.

Image via Krafton

This will be done to eliminate any major issues that a player could have with the mode and thus make it favorable from the get-go as a result. In this mode, players are spawned at the graveyard in the Troi map around a blue zone inhibitor which can control the shrinkage of the blue zone.

The task of the players is to defend themselves and the inhibitor against hordes of Androids intent on ransacking the place. Each successful defense against the Androids will prompt the arrival of another wave which will be tougher and faster than the previous ones. The game ends once all players in a squad are dead at the same time.

How to play the New State Mobile Siege (PvE) Mode

To excel in this mode, players should always take a very calculative and well-planned approach to defeat and keep an upper hand against the androids. This is because being way too aggressive might leave gaps in your defense and in turn, the androids might just deal enough damage to the inhibitor and doom your chances for the game. Meanwhile, being way too defensive might result in you being overwhelmed by hordes of androids.

Siege mode, New State
Image via Krafton

The key is to blend both offense and defense in your gameplay while fighting against the said androids. As you will be fighting in teams of four, it should be relatively easy to delegate tasks and work more efficiently together. As the mode is heavily focused on endurance, patience also plays a big part, and keeping a cool head could go a long way in this game.

New State Mobile Siege Mode Guide: Tips and Tricks

In the following part, we will highlight some crucial tips which you can utilize while playing the Siege mode and therefore perform better overall. Here they are:

1. Delegate roles to each member of the team

As you might already be aware, your turn in the new Siege mode ends as a team when all four members of your squad are dead at the same time. Therefore, to maximize the time spent in the mode and kill more androids, you have to ensure that at least one squad member is alive at any given time. This could be done by efficiently delegating tasks to the players.

For example, two players could be assigned the role of being the defenders or assaulting the androids, a third player could then be assigned a role where they have to protect the inhibitor and alert the squad in case the androids attack it. Meanwhile, the last player could focus on survival and thus ensure that all four members of the squad do not die at once.

2. Pay attention to the Health of the Inhibitor

As per the mechanics of the Siege mode, the radius of the blue zone in the game will shrink every time the inhibitor is damaged until the circle is completely gone and the whole playing area is inside the blue zone. To delay the inevitable and prolong your time in the safe zone, you have to be very vigilant and pay attention to the current state of the inhibitor.

It is suggested that a player is always kept on standby in order to defend the inhibitor and repair it when the option offers itself. On using the repair option, a portion of the health of the inhibitor will be restored and thus lessen the risk of losing it when the next wave of androids strikes.

3. Seek Cover while taking fights

The androids, although not real players are still very accomplished at fulfilling their objectives, that is, to kill the four-man squad and destroy the blue zone inhibitor. The androids become tougher, faster, and downright deadlier with time as the waves progress. The red androids especially can be a very big pain in the hindsight of the players due to them being very handy with firearms.

Image via Krafton

To avoid being gunned down by the hordes of red androids, or being mauled to death by the rest, you have to make sure that you always have a hardcover when taking the fights where you can seek refuge when low on health while another member of your squad takes over the fight from you.

4. Locate and utilize the Healing items spawned

While fighting the androids you will find that you are bound to lose chunks of your health after each encounter you have with the waves of androids. The game offers you randomly spawned healing items to replenish your health which you must always take note of. That way, when in need you can always come back to the place which you marked early on instead of scrambling all over the place looking for a health kit desperately restore your health.

5. Do not venture out too far and away from your teammates

Initially, when the game starts you will notice that the safe zone is quite large with a lot of ground to cover for a team of four players. But do not let it be a ruse and fall into the temptation of wandering off alone into the safe zone without your teammates. You might soon find yourself cut off from the rest of your team by the incoming androids, in which case chances are high that you will die to them without any support from your teammates.

Therefore, always stay in compact groups where you can watch out for each other and cover when needed. Wandering further away only leaves chinks in your armor, that is, the defense and makes the fight even more tedious, even threatening if the androids somehow manage to break into your defensive parameters and attack the inhibitor.


So that is it for the Siege mode. The chances are high that the mode will stay in the game for a fairly long time while the developers try to sort out issues with the mode if any and make it overall a more balanced and fun experience for all the players. Till then we hope that you have fun playing it and get aided by our guide.

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