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PUBG New State Troi Map: List of locations, buildings, and more

Take a look now to plan your strategy and come out on top!

While the battle royale world is still intoxicated with PUBG Mobile, the famous battle royale game from PUBG Corporation, a new battle royale game is now in the works. From the makers of PUBG Mobile and Krafton, the upcoming mobile battle-royale game of PUBG New State has already surpassed the milestone of 10 Million pre-registrations on Google Play. As we hear from Krafton, the alpha-testing will be on the new map of Troi. PUBG New State has now released a video about a field trip in TROI. We’ll take a similar walkthrough of the basic features of the Troi map in PUBG New State, different locations, and more.

PUBG New State TROI Map: Details with the list of the buildings

TROI is a brand-new, massive, futuristic, 8km×8km map, which is built from the ground up. Players will get some amazing futuristic vehicles to spawn for them, to move quickly and get engaged in fights. As we discuss about each of new places in the new Troi Map, there will be new strategies for the players who would want to master the map, even before the launch. Come out on top using the information we provide. Let’s start!

1. Exhibit Hall: The Heart of TROI

Quite possibly a certain hot drop for players, this location looks like a bullseye from the top. The building comes with different levels of verticality. Players with different playstyles should not face any problems joining in for a fight. It is recommended to land on the roof, if you have a good aim. Bulletproof glass is covering overhead for players who like to play stealthy.

PUBG New State Troi map
PUBG New State Troi map: Exhibit Hall

2. The Mall

With an open roof and wide spaces, the mall features a similar dynamic to the Exhibit Hall. Like the School and Apartments in Erangel of PUBG Mobile, this place is all about positioning. The roof could become a hot ground with players, if the path of the plane goes a bit attached to it. If players survive it, they can sneak around, and use flanks to take down enemies within their perimeters.

PUBG New State Troi map
PUBG New State Troi map: The Mall

The honeycomb architecture and bulletproof glass can save players from bullet hits, when roaming in the lower level. The most attractive thing present in the mall is the elevator. Being fully functional and directional, if a player chooses the wrong direction, he might end up as an easy target to get back into the lobby quickly.

3. The Laboratory

We can compare it with the main buildings of the School in Erangel as it has been created to promote corridor warfare. A great deal of cooperation and creative thinking is required among teammates to get out alive from this four-storied building. The central area is encased in bulletproof glass, which can keep one safe until he comes out, or opponents go in, or the blue zone which comes for you.

PUBG New State Troi map
PUBG New State Troi map: The Laboratory

4. Trailer Park

Although it used to be once, it is no longer recognizable as a trailer park now. Players will have to vault, sneak and climb to conquer this spot because it is a bunker filled with bullets. At the end of the runway, a standing ramp can let players jet out of trouble if things are not looking good for them there.

PUBG New State Troi map
PUBG New State Troi map: Trailer Park

Final Thoughts

PUBG New State has been claimed as a game that is ‘beyond battle royale’, owing to its advanced features. Ultra-realistic graphics do exceed the limits of mobile gaming. Players will enjoy more realistic and dynamic gunplay and next-generation action-based interactive gameplay through PUBG New State. It is an expansion of the original PUBG universe where the game will take place in 2051, decades after the setting of the original PUBG Mobile. PUBG fans around the world will look to install and play after the alpha testing procedure is completed. The new map and its features seem to be really exciting to fight in it for the glory to stand as the last man.

That’s all about the walkthrough of the new Troi map in PUBG New State! Let us know your reactions in the comments section below!

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