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Nexus War: Civilization Hero Tier List for September 2023

Recruit legendary Heroes to conquer Origin Star!

Nexus War: Civilization is an open-world, strategy-based RPG game developed by Phantix Games. The players witness a handful of legendary heroes from each race that lead different classes of troops including infantry, artillery, and tank units. The players can use this information to personalize an army, build a solid team composition, and overpower their enemies with victorious military units. Thus, without any delay, let’s get into this detailed Nexus War: Civilization Hero Tier List to learn about the distinctive skills, attributes, and positioning of the lead Heroes and revenge on the invaders.

Nexus War: Civilization Hero Tier List for September 2023

The heroes in Nexus War: Civilization are classified into three major tiers namely: S,

A, and B.

Strong (S)Zelim, Hardy, Magni, Toma, MiryamViolet, Orlaith, KyuttaVangurra, Nauraa, SamuelHeinoh, Zafar, Cintra
Good (A)Katherine, Fluffy, Walaii, Kiave, Itri, Pampam, Dante, Cayman, Pyronia, FitzgeraldMinerva, MarteauRoub, AquaviusVenn, Monarella
Average (B)Bazur, Keith, Erdu, Cyllene, Agnellia, Droga, Asuna

Best Meta Class Heroes for each Class in Nexus War: Civilization for September 2023

There are further two types of division for the four classes in Nexus War: Balanced and Unbalanced classes. As the name suggests the Balanced class is of the balanced types and the rest three are of the unbalanced type:

Balanced Class – Zelim

Balanced Class heroes are those who are capable of leading troops of all units whether it be Artillery, Infantry, or Tank. When the players are intrigued about this class, Zelim is surely the best among all the Balanced Class heroes in the game. Her powers can be unlocked when leading any of the three unbalanced army units. 

Nexus War: Civilization Tier List
Image via Phantix Games

Among her active and passive skills, Psionic Whirlwind disarms her enemies by 25% for 1 round while Hunter Killer and Scorching Downburst deal 4,690 and 5,240 elemental damage to 2 random enemy teams for 1 round respectively. The Passive skill, Reaping Wind, increases all damage types the Hero-Led Team deals by 166%

Infantry Class – Violet

Infantry Class Heroes are those that are ground troops and engage with the enemy in close-range combat. Violet is the best among all when it comes to the Infantry Class heroes in Nexus War: Civilization. Her powers are activated only when she is leading the Infantry Units in fights. 

Image via Phantix Games

Among her active, passive, and leadership skills, Charm greatly reduces the damage her enemies deal on her or her units by 15% and it happens to be 20% if the enemy troop is of the Infantry type, Seductive Cling deals 11, 760 Elemental Damage to 1 random enemy team, and Tainted Kiss increases the damage she deals to her disarmed enemies by 30% for 2 rounds.

Tank Class – Vangurra

The Tank class heroes are popularly known for their excellent rage attacks at the enemy teams. Vangurra is the most powerful Tank Class hero the players can witness in the game. He is most suitable for the Tank unit on the battlefield. 

Nexus War: Civilization Tier List
Image via Phantix Games

Among his skills, Seething Blaze reduces the damage his enemies deal by 30% for 1 round, Moral Abhorrent deals 2,490, 3,430, 4,370, and 5,300 elemental damage in rounds 2, 4, 6, and 8 respectively to 2 random enemy teams, and Planetary Impact increases the damage he deals to his silenced enemies by 15% and if the enemy team is of the Infantry unit, the damage dealt increases by 30% proving reliable during combat. 

Artillery Class – Heinoh

The Heroes of Artillery Class lead an army unit that carries large-caliber guns on the battlefield. For this reason, Heinoh is considered to be the best Artillery Class hero in Nexus War: Civilisation. Since Heinoh is an Unbalanced Artillery Class Hero, all types of skills are activated only when they are leading the troop type same as their class i.e. Artillery Units. 

Nexus War Civilization Heinoh
Image via Phantix Games

Among his active, passive, and onslaught skills, Angel of Death reduces the damage his enemies deal by 30% for 1 round, Great Annihilation deals 4,840 physical damage to 2 random enemy teams after an attack, and Dead Silence greatly increases the damage his assigned army deals by 15% for 1 round.

Final Thoughts

Nexus War is an exceptional RPG game created by Phantix Games, enforcing strategic formations and combats throughout the game. The players will witness various vital features along with the liberty to explore the world map and gather resources for the functioning of the game. Thus, follow up on this detailed Nexus War Hero Tier List to pair up with powerful heroes, destroy The Astra i.e. the invaders of your planet, Origin Star, and conquer it back from those vicious enemies.

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