NVIDIA GeForce Now: Here’s how to play PC games on Android mobile

By now you must be well aware of what cloud gaming is, at least the basic concept of what it offers. Evolved from the concept of cloud computing, cloud gaming is a field on which major companies such as Google, PlayStation, Microsoft, Nvidia, etc have been working since the past few years. Assuming you have access to a steady internet connection, you can play your favorite video games on any device. Even if they do not have the hardware specifications required to run the game, you can do it. Whether you have a low-end computer, a laptop, and sometimes even a TV or a smartphone, it hardly matters. You can play those games on any device as long as your cloud gaming service has a client application that supports those devices. At present, the most popular cloud gaming services include Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, GeForce Now, with many fans excited for Microsoft’s upcoming cloud gaming service which is under the working title “xCloud”. In this step-by-step guide, you will know everything you need to know about how you can play pc games on Android mobile devices using GeForce Now.

Before we head directly into the guide, you might want to get yourself acquainted with what GeForce Now is all about and whether you should even opt for it since there’s more to cloud gaming than just “log in and play”.

What is NVIDIA GeForce Now?

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service developed and released by Nvidia Corporation. This is the same company that designs and manufactures graphics cards and also provides cloud computing services to companies as well as individual clients. The service was first made available as a free beta in 2017 for Microsoft Windows and MAC computers in Europe and North America. In 2019, GeForce Now was released for Android mobile devices. Eventually, GeForce Now made its full release in February 2020. As of now, it is available in 71 countries all across the world.


As of now, GeForce Now consists of two tiers of membership – Free, and Founders

How to play PC games on Android mobile
Membership Tiers in GeForce

Free – The Free tier, just as the name suggests can be obtained without any charges. This tier gives you standard access to the service. That means you will most probably need to join a queue for the availability of a device at an Nvidia Data Center on which your game will run. Your session length will be 1 hour long which, to be honest, might not be enough for most gamers.

Founders – The Founders tier costs 4.99 USD per month for 12 months. Purchasing this membership gives you priority access to devices. This means there’s almost little to no waiting time before you actually get to play a game. Your session lengths would be increased and games can be played with RTX enabled in their settings. Moreover, this membership actually gives you free service for 90 days, that is, almost three months.


It is recommended to have an internet speed of at least 10 Megabits per second to stream games at 720p and 50 Megabits per second for 1080p gameplay. If you’re using a wireless device like a smartphone or tablet, it is recommended to have a 5 GHz Wi-Fi Router. Moreover, purchasing/using GeForce Now service does not mean you can play any game you want. While some of the games are free-to-play, most of them need to be bought from a digital game library like Steam, Uplay, Epic Games, etc, which you can link with your Nvidia account. Remember that not all games are available for GeForce Now. Be sure to check their games list beforehand. If you’re playing games on an Android device using GeForce Now, you have the option to use the app’s virtual controller. This can be done using the phone’s touch screen or pair actual controller(s) to the phone.

How to use NVIDIA GeForce Now on Android mobiles to play PC games?

Now that you know most of the things necessary to make a decision whether you should purchase/use a GeForce Now service, here’s how you can actually use it.

1. Purchase GeForce membership

Go to GeForce Now’s official website and purchase a membership. Your membership may be free or paid depending on which tier you choose. You will need to create an Nvidia account if you don’t have one already.

2. Get the app on your phone and login

Go to GeForce Now’s Google PlayStore page and download the Nvidia GeForce Now android app.

How to play PC games on Android mobile

Now, open the app and log in using your Nvidia account.

How to play PC games on Android mobile

3. Search and find the game you want to play

Assuming you have already bought a game on a digital library, search for that game in GeForce Now’s search bar.

How to play PC games on Android mobile

4. Login to the digital library where you own the game

Upon selecting your preferred game, you will need to log in to the digital library on which your game was purchased.

How to play PC games on Android mobile

5. You are all set

That’s it. Enjoy your game.

How to play PC games on Android mobile


Cloud gaming still has a long way to go since there are many geographical regions in the world where proper internet connectivity is still an issue. However, with time, internet technology will improve. And cloud gaming services might be available in all countries similar to video games. Of course, this goes without saying that playing PC games on an Android mobile using GeForce Now is definitely not the same as playing them on an actual computer but at least players will get an experience which otherwise would be impossible for them to achieve due to lack of hardware.

Let us know if you’re an NVIDIA GeForce Now user. Or, if you’re planning to play pc games on Android using it. Which game do you want to try out first?

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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