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Oath of Peak: Open World Hero Tier List for January 2023

Choose from only the best heroes in the game!

Oath of Peak: Open World is one of the latest MMORPG games that has come into play with numerous fascinating features and outstanding graphics. The game follows up a single storyline gameplay mode with a hero, mounts, and spirit beasts who are considered as the side characters in the game. As an MMORPG game, Oath of Peak offers five interesting main characters to the players so that they can choose one of them and enjoy the journey in the new open world. Thus, let us dive into the Oath of Peak: Open World Tier List about all the heroes and their respective classes in the game. 

Oath of Peak: Open World Hero Tier List for January 2023

Oath of Peak: Open World categorizes the Heroes of the game into four different tiers; S, A, and B respectively.

Strong (S)Alkaid,
Good (A)Dubhe,
Average (B)Alioth 
Oath of Peak: Open World Hero Tier List for January 2023

Best Meta Heroes from each class for Oath of Peak: Open World in January 2023

Warrior Class Heroes – Alkaid

Image via Yeeha Games

Warrior class Heroes are one of the most terrifying characters players can ever witness and here comes the character Alkaid. Alkaid is a character that has the ability to deal most of the damage and can even backlash the enemies with double the amount of power. The character can even survive in the worst situations and snatches away the victory easily. The character mostly fights at the frontline and thrashes the enemies in just no time. 

Assassin Class Heroes – Dubhe

Assassins are the greatest backstabbers and thus here comes Dubhe with the best stealth skills indeed. Luring out its companions and mounts at the front, Dubhe just gets inside the enemy troop and clears out the area in just no time.

Image via Yeeha Games

Dubhe can also deal immense amounts of damage and can even come up with the best punches as well. It has the best constellation power and is considered the mastermind of the battlefield. The character is a bit difficult to handle at times, but if the players master it then it will just become unstoppable. 

Mage Class Heroes – Megrez

Megrez is the mage class character that comes up with different sets of mystique forces to manipulate an enemy side and shows them defeat on their face. The character has unique abilities and can easily hallucinate the enemies to show the path which they deserve.

Image via Yeeha Games

Megrez can also deal with the best sets of damage and thrashes away the enemies as well without any sort of judgment. Megrez is one of the best controller players can witness over the game and thus playing with Megrez makes the journey more interesting than witnessed ever. 

Healer Class Heroes – Phecd 

Image via Yeeha Games

Healers are one of the most required characters in a game like Oath of Peak. Phecd mostly lets its companions fight at the front and comes up with the best set of damages from a distance. It has great skills and snipes out enemies from behind. Phecd has a great ability to survive and can even deal with damages with ease as well. The character has the ability to manipulate the spirits and thus thrashes the enemies with ease.

Support Class Heroes – Alioth 

Image via Yeeha Games

Alioth is the support class character who has one of the best abilities to lure out his companions and provides great damage to the enemies from a faraway distance. The character is an underrated maniac who just finishes the enemy side with just its long ranged skills. The character has a contradictory ability in which it can deal with great damage and can maneuver the best of all.

Final Thoughts

Oath of Peak: Open World is an amazing MMORPG with many variations in the characters that consistently keep the interest of the players towards the game. Follow up the tier list and choose the best character you feel is the best for you. And thus, start off with the journey and bring back peace in the world of Oath of Peak.

Did you find this Oath of Peak: Open World Character Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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