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Oath of Peak: Open World Beginners Guide and Tips

Master the spirits with different classes!

Oath of Peak: Open World is a new MMORPG game that has recently come into play. The game has numerous features and interesting characters in the game that fascinates the players a lot. It has many in-game currencies and resources that help out in various in-game purchases and trading as well. The game follows up a single storyline game mode and with many mounts and spirit beasts that will help put the players to support their main character in between battles. In this Oath of Peak: Open World beginners guide, we will discuss the various aspects of the game,

Gameplay Overview

Oath of Peak: Open World is an MMORPG game based on a storyline and allows the players to roam all around the beautiful world of Oath of Peak. The gameplay mechanics are just mesmerizing as they follow the typical RPG setup where a joystick is provided at the left of the screen and the skill buttons and the right side of the screen.

The game offers five main characters to the players as per their classes and players must thus choose one of the characters from the five provided as per their desire and suitability. Players do not get an automated setting in the game thus they have to fight against villains manually.

Image via Yeeha Games

But there is a slight advantage where players can head towards their destination by just tapping on the assigned missions to them. Players also get a teleport option in the game that will help them teleport from one point to another and that will thus save time for the players as well. 

Introducing the Basics of Oath of Peak: Open World

The game provides a lot of features for the players that keep their interest inside them, but here are the best and most important ones that are required at every point of their journey:


Image via Yeeha Games

The Events sections come up with various subsections that provide certain missions and thus players need to complete them to win exciting rewards such as in-game currencies and resources. It includes;

  • EXP
  • Equip
  • Guild Centre
  • Leisure


Skill Oath of Peak: Open World Beginners Guide
Image via Yeeha Games

Skill is the section where players can check out the different sets of skills the main character has and unlock them. Players can even enhance, upgrade and select the skills they have from the set of unlocked ones. This will help the players to increase their CP as well and make the character stronger.

Kun Soul

Kun Soul is the section in which players get free rewards from different sections, these sections are;

  • Treasure map
  • Daily login
  • Online gifts
  • Gift code

Players must go through this section once at the end of the day to claim some of the resources that will thus help them to use them in a valuable place.


Gear Oath of Peak: Open World Beginners Guide
Image via Yeeha Games

Gears are one of the prime partners of the characters as they help to increase the DEF stats and help the character deal with more damage than usual. In this section, players can thus enhance and refine the gears they own and thus it will make the character stronger.


Guild is the clan section where players can join clans or create their own clan and come under one roof to support each other at the time of requirements.


The section in which players can check out all the gears and resources and can even use them from the Bag.

Mastering the in-game characters

The game offers five main characters to the players with whom they can start off their journey in the world of Oath of Peak. The following are the five main characters along with a brief about them:

1. Alkaid

Image via Yeeha Games

Alkaid is a warrior-class character that has excellent melee fighting skills. It also comes up with great ATK and DEF skills that hereby help the characters in taking the frontline battle. The character also plays as a Tank character and thus provides both physical and survival abilities.

2. Dubhe

Dubhe Oath of Peak: Open World Beginners Guide
Image via Yeeha Games

An assassin-class specialist character, Dubhe is the best one in short-tanged battles. The character comes up with immense rogue skills and thus comes up with one of the best survival and fragile abilities.

3. Megrez

Megrez Oath of Peak: Open World Beginners Guide
Image via Yeeha Games

Megrez is mainly a Mage-class player who is best in its long-ranged attacks. Quite poor in ATK stats but one of the best in DEF stats and thus can deal great damage. This character can even control a whole battle site just like a controller and thus

4. Phecd

Image via Yeeha Games

A healer class character with a beautiful combination of long-ranged attacks that completes the character. This character mainly focuses on healing its teammates and other partners so that they can snatch the victory away from the enemy team.

5. Alioth

Alioth Oath of Peak: Open World Beginners Guide
Image via Yeeha Games

Alioth is considered the best damage dealer among the five characters. The character is a master in puppetry and thus uses its ability for long-ranged attacks. The character is best in tactical stats and needs to work a lot over its survival traits.

Utilizing the Mounts and Spirit beasts

Mounts and Spirit Beasts are the side characters that help out the main characters while fighting against the villains. The game offers a vast range of mounts and Spirit Beasts for the player so that the players can make a stronger trio and defeat the enemy troop easily.

The Mounts are the character that helps the main character travel from one point to another. At the start of the game, players are given three basic choices of Mounts and thus players need to select one of them and start off the journey.

mounts and spirit beasts
Image via Yeeha Games

Spirit Beasts are the characters that work as a companion for the players and provide the best support to them. The best part is, players can easily breed, seal and even control the beasts as per their desire. The spirit beasts are recognized as stronger or weaker by the intelligence score level of the beasts. If the beast has a 250 or higher intelligence level, then it is considered one of the strongest and if the beast has an intelligence level less than 100, then it is regarded as a weak common beast.

Managing the Resources and in-game Currencies

The game offers numerous in-game currencies and resources but the best ones of them are:

  • Rogue Shell: This in-game currency helps players purchase valuable items.
  • Shell: Shell also serves the same purpose and thus helps the players in buying items.
  • Spirit Stone and Jade: Both of the in-game currencies help out players in buying premium resources that help the players in important aspects such as summoning mounts, and spirit beasts or upgrading the skills and others.
  • Corespirit Chest: Helps the players to receive some core spirits.
  • Trading Order: helps the players to refresh the Mystery Shop.
in-game currency guide
Image via Yeeha Games
  • Corespirit: This is a precious item for alchemy.
  • Jade Mirror: Helps out players in sealing the spirits and arch spirits. This Jade has a comparatively higher success rate compared to other sealing items.
  • Morning Dew: A fruit that helps players to increase 100k EXP for their beasts by feeding them.
  • EXP Talisman: By using this player will receive 1000 EXP points from each Talisman.
  • Carbon Meteorite: This resource helps the players in enhancing the gears by a few points and thus it makes them stronger and increases the DEF stats.

Oath of Peak: Open World Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through the beautiful world of Oath of Peak, here are the best tips for beginners that will help them flourish in the game.

  • Players must follow up on the Quest and complete every mission as assigned. This will help the players to receive valuable resources such as soul stone, EXP talisman, and rogue shells. The main character will also get an increase in the CP level that will help the players to defeat the enemies easily.
  • Summon more Spirit Beasts and breed them, breeding will help the players to get stronger Spirit Beasts. A strong Spirit Beast will help the players to provide the best support to their main character and thus can easily take down the enemy team.
  • Players must enhance and upgrade their skills and gears after a proper interval of time. This will help them become more powerful and increase their DEF stats. An upgraded skill will help out the player to come up with the best attacks and thus can easily take down enemies.
  • Finish off all the extra missions from the events sections so that players can receive a basket of valuable resources and thus use them to collect core spirits, and EXPs and can even use them to upgrade their mounts and Spirit Beasts.
  • Players form a team and join a guild as well. This will help them fight a powerful enemy and can even support their teammates. Every player can use their potential and help each other at every stage of the fight. Players can even support their guild members and thus can get support in return as well.


Oath of Peak: Open World is one of the fascinating open-world MMORPG games that bring up outstanding graphics in smartphones. The game follows a particular storyline mode and also has typical gameplay mechanics just like all the other RPG games. There are numerous in-game features that attract players. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Oath of Peak: Open World beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all for today’s Oath of Peak: Open World beginners guide. Did you find our Oath of Peak: Open World beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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