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Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Hero Tier List for February 2023

Be sure to get best from the rest!

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG is one of the newest RPG games developed by the Fatbee Games. The game comes through a Sci-Fi era with the Greek gods as the Heroes and follows up a great storyline throughout the game. The characters are quite interesting and thus every character holds a powerful place in the game. This often makes an issue for the players while choosing their best 5 heroes before departing them into any battle. Here is a detailed Hero Tier List for Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG players so that they can help themselves to form the best 5 men’s squad and end their journey with the greatest team possible.

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Hero Tier List for February 2023

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG categorizes heroes into 4 major tiers; S, A, B, and C.

Strong (S)Hades,
Good (A)Orpheus,
Fair (B)Hypnos,
Pleb Bouncer,
Average (C)Titan’s Shooter,
Titan’s Enforcer,
Titan’s Medic,
Regular Defense Bot,
Regular Support Bot,

Best Meta Heroes for Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG in February 2023

Tank Class: Hades

Tank-class heroes are the best frontline fighters ever. Tank class heroes grab up their weapons and carelessly jump into the enemy side to thrash them away with their special attacks. These heroes have the best set of health points and can thus deal with great damage as well. 

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Tier List
Image via Fatbee Games

Hades is the best Tank class hero players can witness over the game. This character has the highest HP compared to all the other characters and thus makes him deal with great damage as well. The special attack of Hades comes up with the maximum damage and makes him the most powerful character in the game itself. 

Warrior Class: Ares

Warrior class heroes are the ones who patch up with the Tank class heroes at the frontline and provide them the best support while fighting at the front. These heroes also have the highest health points but not higher than the Tank class heroes. These heroes mostly believe in a hand-to-hand combat fight and thus crush the heads of the enemies within a few seconds. 

Image via Fatbee Games

Ares is considered the best Warrior class hero in the cyberpunk Olympus world. The character comes up with a shield and a spear that helps him convert his potential into a physical output and thus thrashes away the enemies. The character also has its physical strength apart from its weapons which are thus very deadly indeed and crushes out the enemies. 

Archer Class: Artemis

Archer class heroes are one of the best supporting class heroes considered in the world of RPGs. These heroes roll over the battlefield with their legendary bow and arrow to come up with the best headshots for the enemies and their fellow troops. They lack a lot of physical attributes and thus are best placed far away from the enemy team. 

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Tier List
Image via Fatbee Games

Artemis is the best-chosen Archer in the game. The intelligence held by this character is outstanding. Artemis comes up with the best sets of moves and special attacks with its bows and arrows and thus controls the battlefield during the battle. Artemis doesn’t have much of a health point and lacks defensive traits as well, due to this, the character plays at the backend of the team and provides the best cover fire to its teammates at the frontline.  

Support Class: Uranus

Support class heroes are the ones that help out the frontline members from the backend with their strong melee attacks. The characters also lack health points and defensive traits which makes them stand in the middle or at the backline of their formation. 

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Tier List
Image via Fatbee Games

Uranus is the best-considered Support class hero in the game and thus provides the best cover fire players can ever witness. The character has a decent health point and defensive traits which lets him move a bit at the frontline. The character uses its manipulative powers and thus converts them into the best form of physical attack and hence thrashes away the enemies.


Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG is one of the best 2D games that has recently come into play on android and iOS devices. The game follows up a unique gameplay style with an interesting story that helps out the players to keep up their enthusiasm towards the game. Thus follow up the Tier List and go for the best squad to defeat the enemies in every 5v5 battle you go for. 

Did you find this Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Hero Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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