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Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Beginners Guide and Tips

Test your strength against enemies up to 75 lvl!

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG is a comic-style battle adventure game, published by Fatbee games. In this game, the players can interact in the role playing game genre. In this game, the players can collect heroes, battle, improve characters, train characters, discover new stories, and own new assets in different forms. In this beginners guide, players will receive a basic guide on Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG followed by some Tips and Tricks to help on the go.

Gameplay Overview

The game consists of two opposition parties and the player can choose the squad which will play against the set of enemies in the battle. As soon as the player enters the game, the player is directed to the homepage, where they can choose from various features of the game. The tutorial begins only after the player clicks on the battle icon on the right bottom of the screen.

Introducing the basics of Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG

The main intent of the game is to collect and improve heroes and attack enemies trying to attack them and occupy their accommodation. As soon as the player clicks on the battle, they are shown the number of levels in the battle available, the guaranteed rewards, tentative rewards, and the name of the map. After going through this the player can click on the Battle and they are redirected to a selection of the squad.

Olympus Hero Sci-Fi RPG Beginners Guide
Image via Fatbee games

Here the players are shown the number and kind of enemies they are going to face and the players are shown the heroes available. The players can choose suitable heroes and enter the battle. The battle has auto-attack mode so the battle happens based on the kind of selections made previously and the level of the characters. If the player wins the match they will award rewards and if the player loses the match they will be redirected to upgrading the character


Image via Fatbee games

This is the main gaming part of the game. The battle button is located in the right bottom corner of the game. Upon clicking on it, the players are redirected to instructions about the game, squad selection, and enemy squad information and then they are directed to the main game. There are many features in this section that can lead to other parts of the game like upgrading heroes, purchasing goods, etc,


The stories icon is located on the right side of the screen, with a storybook icon. This part of the game has different chapters including different storylines and gameplay. The players can participate in battles with specific goals other than just battling to protect their city. For example, players can play the game for anger management.

Upgrading your Heroes

The players can keep collecting heroes throughout the game. And they have the option to upgrade them using the rewards. When a player loses a match, they are redirected to the upgrade section, which is available in the heroes section.

On the middle bottom of the screen, the players can see a helmet icon representing the heroes. Upon clicking on this the players are redirected to the list of heroes the player owns and the upcoming and available heroes.

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Beginners Guide
Image via Fatbee games

Upon clicking on a hero, they are led to the statistics of the hero along with information regarding their gear equipment, and abilities. Here the players can upgrade the heroes and improve their gameplay too.

  • Abilities: In the hero’s profile, the player can upgrade the abilities of the hero using the credits asset.
  • Training: In the training section, the players can train their heroes to improve their attacks, defenses, and other traits using the experience cards they own.
  • Assets: The player can own two main monetized types of assets. They are credits and crystals. These can be used to make different types of upgrades in hero characters and purchases.
  • Non-assets: The non-assets are those types of rewards like experience cards, gear, etc, which can be used to develop the hero characters and the gaming experience.

Other in-game features and characteristics

The game’s homepage has many features and sections. A few of the main sections are unlocked from the beginning of the game. Few of the sections need higher levels to be unlocked. Some of the main parts of the game are:

  • Recruit: On the homepage, different parts of the game are represented by different buildings. The building under the name of recruit leads the players into a section of the game in which they can recruit new hero characters using the boxes. The boxes can be purchased using crystals.
  • Quests: The building under the name of quests leads the player into the part of the game showing different quests and missions available.
  • Goods: The building under the name of goods leads the player into the shop of game. Here the players can purchase different items required.
  • Mail: On the bottom of the screen, there is a mail icon, which leads the player to the mail and gives notifications regarding the game.
  • Inventory: On the bottom of the screen, right next to the mail, the players can see an inventory icon. Upon clicking on this, the players are led into an inventory describing various elements of the game.
  • Rewards: Right next to the inventory, the players can see rewards that are reloaded over time. The players can click on it to collect timely rewards.
  • Player profile: On the top right of the screen, the players can click on the profile to see the statistics of the player and change the personalization of the character too.

Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

If you are a first-timer to the game, you can follow the following tips and tricks if you want to better understand the game.

  • Check the type of enemies before entering the game and choose the hero who counters attacks their abilities.
  • Do not forget to keep collecting rewards in different parts of the game.
  • Check in the quests section for new quests and collect their rewards.
  • Play the battles in the stories section to improve the characters of the heroes as well as to play various storyline-based battles.
  • Try to equip new gear to play better.

In a heartbeat, it is a delightful game for both RPG game and fighting game lovers. It has a good appeal and an easy-to-enjoy approach to the game. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG beginners guide for tips. Happy gaming!

That’s all from us for the Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Beginners Guide! Did you find our Olympus Hero: Sci-Fi RPG Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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