Omega Strikers: The Complete Ranked Mode Guide and Tips

The only guide you will need to become Omega of this sport

Omega Strikers is a 3v3 action-packed air hockey game that offers a lot of fun, and excitement with a little bit of chaos. The game is divided into three game modes, the ranked mode, the unranked, and special modes which are inducted in the game from time to time by Odyssey Interactive. In this Omega Strikers Ranked Guide, we aim to explain how to get into the Ranking system and how to increase your rank quickly.

Understanding the in-game Ranking system

Before we dive deep into the know-how to increase your rank guide, let’s take a look at the ranking system of this game. The game has a progressive ranking system where there are eight different ranks every ranked match you win, you are awarded 30-40 League points, and the more you collect the ranking points, the higher you climb in the rankings.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

You start from the Rookie tier and as you collect more and more points in the game, progressively you climb the ladder all up to the ultimate Omega tier. For each tier, you have 2 sub-tiers like mid silver, high silver, etc. Following are the ranking tiers available in Omega Strikers,

  • Rookie
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Challenger
  • Omega
Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Progressing into the next tier might sound like an easy thing to do by the looks of it, but it is anything but that. For every tier you progress into, the difficulty level keeps on increasing, in the rookie to the silver level you will be competing against a lot of AI-controlled opponents but after silver, it is all about competing against real-time players and things get a lot more complicated.

How to unlock Ranked Matches in Omega Strikers

Ranked matches are not available in the game from the get-go, you need to put in some work, to unlock them. More specifically you need to complete the in-game set of missions available in the mission section. Each set you will complete in the mission section will unlock new sections in the game and ultimately the ranked matches too.

How to climb up the ranks quickly in Omega Strikers

1. Play as a Goalkeeper to get more league points

There is an unspoken trick that not many know, and that is that playing different positions can actually affect the points you get in the game. Playing as a default Goalie actually gives you more points in the game rather than playing as a default Forward.

Goalies are the backbone of the game and it is fairly harder to play as a Goalie rather than a forward. Playing as a Forward would award you approx, 20-25 points whereas playing as a Goalie would award you somewhere between 20-30 points. The difference is not much, but each point counts when you are competing in the ranked matches.

2. Play with friends to turn the odds in your favor

Another point worth mentioning is team efforts, games like hockey and football can never be won by an individual effort, team spirit and coordination usually overshadows and undermines individuality, hence playing with friends can actually help you a lot in coordinating and timing your attacks and solidifying your defense.

3. Managing the game for better results

Game management is crucial to make sure that you get maximum league points from every game possible. League points help you climb the ranks progressively. Every game you win, depending on your performance and position you will get somewhere around 20-30 points but every time you lose, you will lose approximately 8-15 League points.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

To reduce the points deducted, even when on the losing side, try to score the most goals on the team, by doing this you can actually reduce the points deducted even after losing a match. The more points you will collect, the higher you will rise in Omega Strikers.

Did you find this Omega Strikers Ranked guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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