Online matches in PES 2020: Tips to improve gameplay

Even though PES 2020 has stepped up high time in providing good gameplay and graphics, players till find difficulties in Online mode, something that has been talked about often. Playing online games in PES 2020 often ends up with having rants running inside your brain, many would even up breaking screens. Sadly, the online experience to many isn’t satisfactory, the majority suffer issues with this. These have been increased since the introduction of Matchday. This might be because of like Input Lag, Poor connectivity, players who exploit bugs, etc. to mention a few. Players fail to find a solution for this; thus, the trouble is inevitable. So, in this article, we have listed some tips, with FAQs answered and with suggestions for online matches in PES 2020. If you haven’t checked out our other PES articles, please give it a read.

Online Matches in PES 2020: The Common Questions

Online match in PES rendered null
The most common screenshot after an online match in PES

Online matches are essential for many events, these events yield us rewards that help us to build a good squad and thus, use them in MyClub. But the major disappointment expressed is about how Online modes are often disappointing in terms of gameplay. Few have good experiences while playing online on a regular note, the rest will have their problems listed and blame KONAMI for their servers or end up blaming the opponent, as they completely believe it’s the opponent’s fault. Numerous questions arise while bringing up the online mode debate, who are actually responsible and what statement to believe? Is there lag intentionally created? Are there hackers? Are KONAMI servers that bad? These questions never end, we can’t expect them to.

Online matches in PES 2020: Tips and Tricks

To make your Online matches experience better, we have come up with some suggestions that might help you have a good online experience in PES 2020.

1. Check your Internet speed and connectivity

Have a suitable internet speed to get a lag free experience

Be it on console or mobile, to have a good, smooth online experience, you should check your Internet connection. Have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with good connectivity, lowest jitters and data loss. Also, make sure that your upload speed is around 800 Kbps to 2 Mbps with a ping of 100-150 ms which guarantees you to have a good online experience in PES. You can check your Download/Upload speed online using Internet Speed Test web pages like Ookla, even Google has that feature.

2. Choosing the Right Manager

Most of them would agree with the fact that managers play an important role in PES 2020, especially the tactics and playing style. You have a lot of options for managers in PES. Choosing the right manager is as important as choosing good players in-game. Play a couple of games against COM/Online, you should understand which tactic will suit you the best. Some prefer short passing or the Tiki-Taka style of play, so search for managers who are having this tactic. If you love your defense to pressure your opponent by having a solid defense, then choose Front Line pressure. Some like Counter-attacking style of play, go for managers who are having counter-attack formations. Search for the managers using these parameters, play your team and test them. You can refer to our manager formation guides on the website for reference.

3. Choosing the Right Players

It is very important to understand that players do a big difference in performance when they are played in their preferred position. In PES, playing styles are very influential in determining a player’s position preference. Whenever you choose a manager, try to get a player who is familiar with this formation.

Suppose you have a 4-3-3 formation. You want to have a striker, so you chose Griezmann as a CF (suppose). But here is the case of conflict. Griezmann, with a Hole Player trait, gets his playstyle triggered in SS/AMF positions. So, what happens is that he won’t be much involved in the game and you would often get trouble using him.

So, what can you fix? Play a pure striker, use a Goal Poacher or a Fox in The Box striker, he will give you the runs, feed him with your mids and wingers. If he doesn’t work out, try another option.

In simple words, it is important to take note of your player playstyle, manager tactic, and formation, play them accordingly. Check weak foot, passing, skills that a player possesses and many attributes for a player at a certain position.

Choose the right substitutes, a balanced one and check their skills. If they have a Super-Sub skill, they’ll perform at top form. Have a balanced bench of two defenders, two mids, two forwards and a goalkeeper.

4. Keep your team fresh

Player form in PES 2020
Play with players currently in top form

Most of them stick on to a particular and familiar team, which is not a good practice. PES has the Live Update feature where a player’s form can influence his performance on the pitch. Especially, these carry a lot of importance in Online. Check them out regularly and update your team accordingly. If every player has C form, play some of your legends, who will always be in B form, along with players who have form (in stats) of 5-8. They will remain in better condition before you play a game.

5. Play with full Familiarity and Team Spirit

Tam with good familiarity
Suitable Team Spirit for an Online Match

Team Spirit for Online matches in PES must be around 95+, worst case 90+. It is essential because if there is a decrease in familiarity, players often have less synergy with each other and on the pitch, while playing, you will feel irregularities like misplaced passing, ball watching. These will repeat in every online match in PES until you fix your Team Spirit. Another important aspect is the player familiarity. Even if your team has 95 Team Spirit, individual player familiarity is measured. A player will act weird if he’s not in good familiarity. He acts clumsy and does not perform well on the pitch. So, to avoid this, maintain your individual player familiarity over 80%.

6. Report players if you doubt them

Reestablish connection in online games in PES
Frustrating notification during an online game

If you face a lag cheater (or even at doubt), take a screenshot of his username and do take time to report him immediately. In your game got to Extras > Support > Contact & FAQ > Inquiry Form > Report Malicious Behavior. He may be at fault or not, KONAMI will identify and then take action. It may not be beneficial for you, but remember, it will decrease cheaters eventually and will not have your PES mates face a bad online experience like you did.

Bonus Tip

If you are losing many matches continuously, its better you take a break or work on your weaknesses. A lot of changes can be made within your game. Do not expect changes if you don’t learn from your mistakes. Try the suggestions mentioned above, swap players, change playing style and then learn. Slowly, you will improve with experience. Remember, with experience comes knowledge, nobody will win all the time.

How can you make online matches in PES better for others?

Not a suggestion for many, as most would love to play a clean game, but here are some requests planted just in case you belong in the following points:

  • Do not backpass the ball with your defenders after obtaining a lead. It is okay if you score in the 85th minute and do not want to take risks, but it is terribly hazardous if you practice that after scoring in the first half or early in the second half. If you are one among them, please play a fair game.
  • Playing using hacks and creating/exploiting lags, which disturbs the rhythm of the game. These are completely unnecessary; football is all about game spirit. There will be a day where you might get banned, all your players, GP, Coins will be of no use. End of the day, each gets the same rewards, just that one has to play a couple of extra matches.
  • Do not practice having lengthy goal celebrations. You are not going to achieve any bonus rewards for a lengthy endless running celebration. A 3-5 second celebration is acceptable, but why do have to go to the post and celebrate your 5th goal of the match?

FAQs on PES 2020 Online Games

These are some questions regarding online, we have answered them.

Q) Is there scripting involved in some online matches in PES?

Well, there is. It’s KONAMI’s favoring to some of the lower-rated players in Online, sometimes the higher-rated get the advantage too. Might be the reason that the level of play in both players doesn’t help (considering the ratings), so to make the match even, the matches are slightly helpful to the lower-rated players. Most of them will not agree, but this is valid.

Q) How to defend against continuous long ball spammers?

This has led to another long debate unfinished and many rants against. There isn’t a rule where long lofted passing shouldn’t be followed, but it does get on players’ nerves when the opponent continues doing that. Majority practice because either they are exploiting the game’s weaknesses or they feel this is the easiest way to win.

To get rid of this, switch your tactics to defensive, most defensive tactics have All-out Defense so your defenders will stay back. If necessary, set a deep DMF (someone like an Anchorman) for defensive assistance. When the opponent long balls, press your defender and do not engage a pass until you get to the ball and then pass it to the nearest defender. If the opponent forwards outpaces you, call your goalkeeper and the defender and block his shooting path. When you practice this, you will find it easy to break long ball spamming. Try to cut off passing lanes. Position your defender well.

If you still struggle, keep your Offside Trap on to trap your opponent forward offside when he makes a run. Works the best if the forward is a speedster.

Q) Why my player takes time to shoot/pass the ball?

Your network/device will have issues sometimes. Its input delay to be precise. Also, take note of Ping because if it is higher than 200 ms, gameplay will not be very smooth. Also, if your opponent does not run on a good network, both might feel the lag. PES Matchmaking is clearly not the best, so with slight data loss, there can be problems. Try to fix them with regular ISP tests else you will have to adjust.

Q) Why my defender/goalkeeper does not clear the ball in my penalty box?

Well, it happens in rare cases. It does not happen frequently, it is because of input delay. If you can’t clear the ball, just pass it. This is a case of bad luck.

Q) How to find out/deal with someone who cheats?

Majority of those cheaters are easily identified.

  • The match lags continuously and does not accept commands given by the use
  • They click on the pause button repeatedly even if there is no necessity.
  • The player has a very weird name.

These might be the only parameters but if you find these points in one player, then you should report him. If he lags too much, there is no way you can play well. But try switching to defensive tactics, do not let him reach your penalty box and on possession, try to quickly counter-attack by quick passing (register your pass as soon as you receive the ball) and then try to score.

End of the day, PES 2020 is a game. Each game has its benefits and flaws, PES is not free from it. Getting adjusted to it isn’t a big deal. No game can be perfect. Improvements will be made drastically. Try to figure out your game plan. Check these suggestions, implement them and play some online matches in PES 2020.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

Hope you find this guide useful to experience smooth and better gameplay in online matches in PES. For more useful content like this, subscribe to our newsletter today. And you can follow GamingonPhone on Twitter and Facebook for instant updates.

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Thanks for these tips, had many questions which we in my mind. Got tired of those long ball players, hope these techniques work out for me


Please let me know how to download PES 3020 with multiplayer online

Sreejit De

You can download it from the play store through this link –
Alternatively, if you use iOs, go to –


Pes meh Mike ka option kab aye gya???


Good game


Can you play normal exhibition matches and career in pes 2020 offline? I want to download it but am afraid that it will be just online game

Sreejit De

Khalil, we are happy to hear that you wanna download this game 🙂 But we are also sorry to inform you that PES 2020 is an online game. You can play exhibition matches vs COM, but the game itself requires internet connection.

Dexter Mccoy

Hey man great job with this article!

A lot of people don’t know how to play online matches in PES 2020. I hope that with this, they can realise how easy it is.


I have problem while I press komand but too late reacted player, and anpther problem is I saw when playing multiplayer, some players when kick or schoot line for strenth somethimes is not green actually somethimes strenth line is yelow. Is this hack or what is this?
Too many problems for me, thinkig to stop this game forever while kids so feel cheating

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