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OVERDOX Guide Beginners Guide Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Overdox is a game based on the revolutionary MOBA format that has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. And as the acronym suggests, this game is just like your other Battle Royale type of game. 12 ‘gladiators’ embark on a difficult path toward being the last man standing in the entire arena. Here, players have to make sure to loot, buy items from the shops, and most importantly: upgrade their loadout. Today in this article, we will talk about the basic guide for Overdox that will explain the tips and strategies to win the matches.

How to win in Overdox

This game certainly requires skill as well as a winning mentality to survive the close-quarter actions. Being a ‘Hack&Slash’ sort of game, players have to brush up on their melee skills. Here, campers don’t have many opportunities, considering, the arena isn’t that huge nor does it offer cover spots.

So, without any further ado, let’s get on with the “How to win in OverDox?”

1. The use of the BLOCK button is very crucial

Yes, this is one of the most important skills that can turn the tide in your favor. Players, usually, focus on attacking incessantly in the hopes of dealing blows with a great deal of damage. Pro players would, ideally, capitalize on this amateurish move by blocking most of the opposition attacks and shorty breaking out with a super blow skill.

This happens because baseless continuous attacks open up your guard and render you vulnerable to super attacks. Blocking at the exact right time will also result in ‘parrying’ that’ll open up a chance for the player in the defensive stance to initiate a counter-attack. If the player can master this art, he’ll imminently become a legend in this game.

2. Knowing the Arena

There are various arenas in this game, each being unique and having different ‘difficulty’ settings. Players should know where to find ‘normal’ loot boxes and where to find the ‘superior’ loot boxes. In general, players should focus on looting as many boxes as possible before entering the final stage of the arena.

There are various devices and pieces of armory scattered all over the arena for players to restore their health, and obtain new skills. The ‘Universal Effect Device‘ puts a debuff all over the field when activated, but doesn’t affect the user activating it. This device is used by players to edge their way into gaining an upper hand during combat.

Overdox gameplay

The game doesn’t offer covers but that doesn’t mean camouflage isn’t possible. The bushes, if entered, will serve as a hiding spot and render the player invisible to other players. However, this has a slight catch to it: if two players somehow end up trying to hide in the same bush, they will be able to see each other clearly in the bush.

3. Selecting the right set of Armory, Skills and Weapons

Players can try out all the weapons in the practice mode and see for themselves which weapon suits their combat style the most. It’s also very important to know how and when to use special, unique, and basic skills. Learning when to use certain skills and getting to know more about their range and effective damage dealt will, forever, prove beneficial to the players.

overdox best weapons
Overdox weapons

Upgrading weapon levels through the in-game match shops will boost the survival chances of the player. Special care should also be taken about the avatar’s weight. Equipping different weapons and armory alters the weight of the avatar accordingly. Increased weight means that the player will have reduced stamina and mobility. Strategize and engage in combat while keeping the cooldown time of your unique skill in mind. Use the ‘dash’ button to retreat and evade enemy attacks.

4. Look out for the Safe Zone

Like almost all BR types of games, this game too, has a safe zone that shrinks with time. Loot and engage in combat while keeping the path to the next zone clear in mind. Sometimes it’ll become very difficult to follow up to the next zone as the paths become nothing less than sort of mazes. Moreover, there’ll be monsters pestering the players constantly.

Players need to make sure to have at least a hundred coins or a Gate Pass to enter into the last zone. Failing to have any of those will result in death from the zone shrinking. Coins can be gained from looting boxes, smashing vessels, and defeating monsters.

5. Equip Drones to get extra buffs

Drones are bots that’ll accompany you throughout your battle. Drones are classified under various categories. Some are more powerful than others in terms of offering buffs. Most of them increase your health by 30 at the start and offer to open some special gates automatically among other buffs.

These bots require one thing in return for the perks offered: Batteries. Different types of drones consume a different number of batteries per match. Batteries, if possessed none, can be acquired through the shop, by watching ads, or by simply leveling up your avatar and completing the daily missions.

We hope that you find this Overdox guide useful to win more matches in the game. However, if you know some more tips and want us to add them to this Overdox guide, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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Love the guide. Just found out about this game and first couple of battles have been really fun.


Is it possible that his game would become a NFT game?

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