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Overlord of Chaos Hero Tier List for May 2023

Be sure to select the best!

Overlord of Chaos is an RPG game developed by UJGames. If you are looking for famous heroes from different civilizations, this game might be for you. You will use these heroes and form your civilization team to fight enemies by deploying as many as 6 heroes. Of the six heroes, you should use a hero with a high tier with his contribution in battle so that it’s easy to finish the Campaign. Therefore in this article, we will discuss the Character Tier List of Overlord of Chaos.

Overlord of Chaos Hero Tier List for May 2023

This Overlord of Chaos Heroes Tier List should only be taken as a reference. Different strategies and processes can yield different results for players. This Tier List is divided into categories of S, A, and B.

  • S Tier: This tier contains very strong heroes. This can be seen from the uniqueness of their skills like passive and active and their contribution to the team. It is highly recommended to use the heroes.
  • A Tier: This tier contains heroes who are fairly strong, but not as strong as tier S because the skills have been fairly standard.
  • B Tier: This tier contains heroes who are fairly mediocre because their skills don’t have a big impact on the team or formation during the battle. But when you upgrade the heroes, it’s still worth using.
Strong (S)Spartacus, Liu Bei, Arthur, Caesar, Nezha Harald Hardrada, CharlemagneFilipe, Lu Bu, Zhuge Liang, CatherineLiu Che, Cao Cao, Alexander, Cleopatra, Peter, Zhao Yun, Richard I, MarshalDivine – Ying Zheng, Divine – Liu Che, Divine – Cao Cao, Divine – Diao Chan, Divine – Jiang Ziya, Divine – Robin HoodDemonic –  Medusa, Demonic – Cesar, Demonic – Athena, Demonic – Genghis Khan, Demonic – Tamamo, Demonic – Brunhild
Good (A)Gorgo, Roland, VercingetorixHannibal, Frederick, SaladinCyrus, Wu Zetian  
Average (B)Mat Kilau, Okita Soji, Sun Wu, Ying ZhengDiao Chan, Luo Longjun, Oda, Sun Quan, Nobunaga, ChandraguptaHua Mulan, Sanada Yukimura, Genghis Khan, Yuji, KanishkaDivine – Ehuang, Divine – NuyingSeleucid, Demonic – Sigrud, Demonic – Tomoe Gozen

Best Meta Heroes in Overlord of Chaos for May 2023

Based on the strongest Hero in each class such as AoE, Burst, and Support along with the most advantageous combat power and skills in Overlord of Chaos as of April 2023.

AoE – Divine Liu Che, Zhuge Liang, & Demonic Medusa

AoE here is in charge of dealing damage to enemies in an area or large numbers to enemies at once. First, we recommend Divine Liu Che from Siege which can deal DMG to all enemies, plus is able to provide Holy Fire which means it will receive 20% damage per round.

Overlord of Chaos Tier List
Image via UJGames

The second one is Zhuge Liang from Archer who can attack all enemies plus his unique skill, which is that he can revive 1 round after he dies. The third one is Demonic Medusa from Elephantry, she can provide penetration which means the DMG the enemy will receive is more painful than usual.

Burst – Spartacus, Divine Ying Zheng

Image via UJGames

Burst here is tasked with providing explosive damage, but usually only to 1 target. First, we recommend Spartacus from Infantry because one of his skills is quite useful, namely prioritizing basic attacks to the lowest HP, this hero is very suitable as an executor, because in this game, you can’t attack as you please, but random. The second one is Divine Ying Zheng from Siege because his skill is very explosive, which deals DMG equal to 290%, ignores the enemy’s physical defense, and can deal extra damage too.

Support – Cleopatra

Overlord of Chaos Tier List
Image via UJGames

The support here is in charge of supporting his allies by providing healing, buffs or debuffs, and the like. We recommend Cleopatra from Cavalry because she can restore HP for all her allies plus also gives buffs like 15% ATK. Then he was also able to revive one of his allies, which made us choose Cleopatra.

Final Thoughts

Overlord of Chaos is a game with various strategies because there you can use various compositions with different classes. Don’t forget to pay attention to the unit counters to get an additional 30% damage.

Did you find this Overlord of Chaos Hero Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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