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Panilla Saga Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you ready to meet the Fates?

Panilla Saga is a brand-new idle hero role-playing game made and developed by Ujoy Games. The game is a cute artsy character-centric game with nearly 100 heroes available for you to collect and use in battle, as well as a ton of areas and game modes to explore. The gameplay is very much comparable to Hero Arena wherein the AFK or idle-style RPG game has been most popularized. The game can get complicated on a few occasions, hence this Panilla Saga Beginners Guide will help you navigate yourself from those occasions.

Gameplay Overview

When players first start playing Panilla Saga, it would be normal to be taken aback by all that happens especially the depth of the new game. The game is very unique than most games with the only game comparable coming up to mind being the famous Hero Arena: AFK battle and Edge: Mech-Ascent. Below, we will go through everything you need to know and what they should and shouldn’t do when starting in Panilla Saga, as well as all the tips and methods that will help you progress through the game more smoother.

Introducing the Basics of Panilla Saga

Panilla is considered an AFK strategy role-playing game where players create a party of special heroes from different races and participate in arena combat. Players must traverse and engage adversaries in a fantasy environment in order to preserve the world.

The gameplay of Panilla Saga is extremely reminiscent of Hero Arena: AFK fight and Edge: Mech-Ascent, where the primary objective is to gather as many characters as you can while still moving forward in the game’s story and campaign. However, the power levels of each Hero vary, with some being able to compete with little setup and others being difficult to play at higher game levels.

Image via Ujoy Games

Basically, the players can field a total maximum of five heroes in one team where they will automatically fight against the enemies of the stage with minimal to no intervention of the player except for the placement of the agent and which agent would they want to use in the battle which is a very interesting take to the RPG genre that usually boasts a more hands-on approach to the battle against enemies.

Other in-game Features

  • Heroes: Heroes are the characters you the player, will utilize in battle, and learning more about them will be important. The main battling characters in the game are called heroes, and in order to advance, players must acquire and enhance these characters. By at least having a basic understanding of them the players will be able to position, upgrade, and test them to give the best possible team composition possible
Image via Ujoy Games
  • Tavern: Taverns are basically the game equivalent of the gacha aspect of Panilla Saga. Currently, there are three possible summoning gacha aspects in the game currently, Tavern Hall, Starflame Court, and events that vary depending on which characters or Heroes the players will be wanting to look unto getting.
  • Journey: The journey is basically the main grinding spot of the game. It dictates or more aptly indicates how much the player has progressed in the game. This is where the campaign and the story mode of the game happen which is actually quite good if the players will have enough time to actually enjoy it rather than skipping through to go to the gacha part.

Mastering the Heroes

The characters of the game, or heroes as the game refers to them, are rightfully the first topic covered in our Panilla Saga beginner’s guide. After all, you will be needing them in the game’s battles, and comprehending them at a fundamental level can teach you more about your heroes and make you a better player overall. Heroes are the primary fighters in the game, and they are the ones that players will want to gather and level up as they go.

Image via Ujoy Games

There are presently six factions of heroes in the game: Temple, Abyss, Alliance, Tribes, Draconia, and the Council. Each of these categories will support heroes of varying rarity. each has its own areas of expertise and talents. Knowing their placement on the battlefield is very important in the game. The most common lineup would be to put the tanks in front and the squishier heroes at the back.

This will work most of the time but may differ from time to time as some composition requires three tanks which in this case will need to occupy one back row with a tank. Additionally, the team always requires at least two heroes with damage potential to fight, at least one tank, and one healer to be able to easily breeze thru the levels with appropriate upgrades.

Panilla Saga Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Rerolling goes a long way

In most gacha games, the way your gameplay from early to mid-game is and ultimately how much you are going to enjoy the game is the very first rare and strong character that you will be able to pull. So it is very essential to make sure that what hero you get will be worth staying with for the future. Therefore be careful with your rerolls and utilize them to your fullest. Players can check our Panilla Saga Reroll Guide for more tips on how to reroll for the best characters.

2. Only upgrade higher-tier Heroes

Image via Ujoy Games

Focusing on Higher Tier Heroes is essential for long-term planning in Panilla Saga, where the most advanced heroes should only be those at the SSR tier or higher who will unquestionably be your allies in the game’s later stages. The main goal of games should be to have fun, not only to be as effective as you can, therefore if there is a character you really want to play, don’t be afraid to include them in your team.

3. Grinding Levels and Stages

As the game is considered an AFK RPG game where grinding for materials and levels takes the most time that players will be in the game, grinding levels and stages are probably the major hustling element in the game. Knowing this, always remember to farm levels and stages as much as possible even when you can’t play the game as much as you can if you want to advance in it faster.

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