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Path of Immortals Beginners Guide and Tips

Do you dare tread the Path of Immortals?

Path of Immortals is RPG that takes a player through a journey of a warrior who fights to save and protect the planet from monsters. When playing as one of the game’s titular Immortals, you can select from three different fighting styles: melee Berserker, magic-wielding Druid, or ranged Ranger. In this beginners guide, we’ll go through everything you should and shouldn’t do when starting in Path of Immortals, as well as all the tips and methods that will help you win more games.

Gameplay overview


Your mission as an Immortal is to protect the planet from the demons, monsters, and cultists referred to as the Desecrators. Your companions and unlockable, upgradeable pets are The Guardians of Nature. Additionally, you can level up your Immortals, enhance their skills, weapons, and armor, and open an SLG area to upgrade your Guardians.

Capture Path of Immortals
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Path of Immortals, an arcade-style game, has a variety of game types, such as the campaign mode and roguelike levels. A multiplayer component is now available, allowing players to create and join Guilds of other players’ Immortals to explore roguelike areas, face off against bosses, and exchange specific items. Regularly, new features are released.

Introducing the Basics of Path of Immortals

Getting Started

The game begins with a story scene narrating how the heroes were born. It creates the game world and develops interest. The game then asks the player to choose their heroes. The first is a ranger who uses longbows to attack and also has twin crossbows.

The second hero is the druid. Along with Raven Staff and Wind Staff used to attack, Druid can also attack summoned creatures. The third is the berserker who uses sheer power to attack with the War Hammer and great Ax. In the first chapter, the hero is tasked to save some of the people who are under attack from monsters and demons.


From time to time, a new update of the game is released which comes out with an event that the hero can participate in to receive a variety of items, skills, and weapons that can be used for the hero to get stronger. Every event has a different game that the player has to take part in. If certain conditions are met, the event may shower the players with skill boosts and items. The updates of these events are posted on the Facebook community game page of Path of Immortals


There are two currencies in the game that can be used. One is Gold, which the hero can get from completing missions, loot, and quests. They can be exchanged for craft equipment and upgrade abilities. On the other hand, emeralds are also used as currencies, however, they are more difficult to get. The game also has an in-game purchase system, where real money can be used to buy some of the in-game products and services, for instance, chests, emeralds, gold, and other items.

Understanding the in-game Map

To open the map, go to explore. There you can see various levels of challenges waiting for you. After completing various challenges, other story levels will be unlocked. With those challenges, your hero can claim several loots that contain special skills, weapons, and other items.

Map and Chapters
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With those items, the player can upgrade and grow stronger. For completing each story chapter, several rewards await the player. Along with skills and weapons, gold coins are also awarded.

Mastering the Heroes

To grow stronger, the player needs to upgrade the hero. Here is where items are used. To equip items like weapons and armory, go to the option Immortal which is given in a series of options at the bottom of the screen. To equip weapons click on the slots and select the item you want to equip on your hero. In addition to this, you can also upgrade your weapons with certain materials.

This will advance your weapons and armory. In this tab, the player can view all the stats and figures of the hero. The total power capacity of the hero is divided into three sub-divisions. The first is the HP of the hero, the second is the damage dealt per second, and the third is tenacity, which shows how much damage can your hero take.

Upgrading hero
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The game also has a function known as prestige drops that can be acquired through quests. This increases the prestige level of your hero, which makes the player even more powerful. The game also provides EXP, which can be used to level up.

To upgrade various talents and skills of the heroes acquired through the story mode and the challenges on the map, various materials are provided in limited-time events. Although, while playing challenges, the hero after defeating every level will get the option of acquiring one skill. 3 skills are presented and the player has to choose anyone to move forward.

Path of Immortals Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Path of Immortals:

  1. Preserve your emeralds in case of limited events, as they may provide rare chests that can be bought only with emeralds
  2. Try and get rare category weaponry and train it to level 10 as soon as you have the necessary materials to do so. This will increase the loot count while playing challenges.
  3. Try and complete daily and weekly quests, as they provide a decent amount of gold, emeralds, and other materials
  4. Do not hastily spend materials on common artifacts. If you have rare or above artifacts, then use the common category artifacts to level them up. This will ensure you are at your best power levels during dungeon sweeps.
  5. Do not miss out on events as they hold the possibility to acquire rare items or even legendary items.

Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Path of Immortals beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for the Path of Immortals Beginners Guide! Did you find our Path of Immortals beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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