Path of Titans Dinosaur Tier List for February 2023

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Path of Titans is one of the newest survival games. It is an adaptation of its PC version and is now available on Android and iOS devices. The game lets the players experience a Jurassic world where players play as dinosaurs and go for the best ways to survive over the servers. The game offers several dinosaurs to the players which creates a concussion for the players while starting off their journey. Thus here is the tier list of the dinosaurs present in the Path of Titans so that players can go through this and help out themselves to go for the best dinosaurs.

Path of Titans Dinosaur Tier List for February 2023

The dinosaurs in Path of Titans are categorized into 4 classes S, A, B, and C.

Strong (S)Barsboldia,
Good (A)Alioramus,
The Duck,
The Bars
Fair (B)Ceratosaurus,
Average (C)Allosaurus,

Best Meta Dinosaurs for Path of Titans in February 2023

Herbivore Dinosaurs

1. Deinocheirus

Deinocheirus is one of the fastest swimmers out there in the world of Path of Titans. The dinosaur has a maximum health of 1000 HP. It also has a combat weight of 6800 along with great defense stats.

Path of Titans Tier List
Image via Alderon Games

The Duck has a very deadly claw attack that makes him unique from all the other dinosaurs and this claw attack does 60 damage which can be also considered as its main damage. It also has other attacks such as bite attacks and tail attacks, but both of them do 20 damage respectively. 

2. Barsboldia

Barsboldia is a Tank type of dinosaur that can soak up an immense amount of damage while fighting. It comes up with 1500 max HP which thus helps out to deal with great damage and fight for long as well to its worthy opponents. It has a combat weight of around 7000.

Path of Titans Tier List
Image via Alderon Games

The main attack of The Bars is its tail swift which comes up with 75 damage. It also has a regular tail attack which does 35 damage and a head bud that gives 55 damage

3. Eotriceratops 

The strongest of all the herbivores players can ever witness over the game. The dinosaur, despite having low stamina, has immense health points of around 1200 along with a giant and quick recovering body.

Image via Alderon Games

The regular head bud attack does 75 damage. If the dinosaur uses its head horns while the head bud attacks then it can provide 1.5 times more damage than the regular head bud. The dinosaur also has tail and bite attacks that come up with 20 and 50 damage respectively. 

Carnivore Dinosaurs

1. Spinosaurus 

Spinosaurus is one of the best and fastest carnivores in the world of Path of Titans. It has 1000 max health points that let him deal with great damage and fight against worthy opponents.

Path of Titans Tier List
Image via Alderon Games

It has max stamina of 100 and it has great stamina recovery stats. The bite attacks of this dinosaur come up with 70 damage and the claw attack comes along with 60 damage

2. Sarcosuchus

This dinosaur has a max health of 1000 HP along with a great recovery rate compared to Spinosaurus. It also has great speed along with complemental attacks.

Path of Titans Tier List
Image via Alderon Games

Sarcosuchus is the fastest swimmer in the world of Path of Titan. The bite attack of this dinosaur comes along with 50 damage, the ripping bite is 25 and the charges bite attack can go up to 210 damage points

3. Tyrannosaurus

The most powerful dinosaur in the game players can ever witness. It has the highest health of around 1500 in the game which makes it deal with great damage as well. It has a bite attack which does 80 damage, tail attack with 20 damage.

Image via Alderon Games

Tyrannosaurus also has a crushing bite attack that helps it to increase the usual damage up to 2 times. Players need to be quite more strategic while fighting against it as it has the best stats players can ever check throughout the game. 


Path of Titans is by far one of the best survival games players can check out now on their Android and iOS platforms. Check out the detailed tier list so that you can help out yourself with the best dinosaur from the game and experience the best adventure in the world of dinosaurs. 

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