Path of Titans Guide: Tips to get more Marks in the game

Use marks to buy amazing dinosaur skins!

Every game has a unique in-game currency that can be used by players to go for any sort of purchase inside the game. Just like this, Path of Titans also has an in-game currency known as Marks that is being given as a token of reward to the players. Players can even use them to buy even skins of dinosaurs as well. But, there are many key points that are to be kept under supervision by the players to get enough Marks to spend in the game. Hence, to learn about this stay tuned

How to get more Marks in Path of Titans 

The game has numerous ways to receive Marks but here are the best five ways by which players can get Marks easily in the game and thus make a huge bank balance. 

1. Play more Multiplayer games 

Path of Titans Beginners Guide
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While playing in the multiplayer mode, players get many assigned tasks and thus they can go through those tasks, complete them and get Marks in the form of rewards. Players get newly assigned tasks every time they start a new game thus there is a huge scope through this where players can earn Marks. 

2. Finish of Tasks

Players have a Quest section in the game where there are players who can check out many achievements. Players can thus complete those achievements and earn massive amounts of Marks from them. This is considered as one of the easiest methods through which players can easily gather a commendable amount of Marks by completing easy achievements. 

3. Check out the Daily Tasks 

The game also has a daily task and daily rewards system. Players can thus go through them, check them out, and collect the respective amount of Marks. The daily tasks assigned are very easy and players get updated daily rewards every week. This system is not for all the regions, but simultaneously this will be activated in every possible region and players can thus easily get Marks on a regular basis. 

4. Use Redeem Codes 

The game offers an amazing option through which players can get Marks for free. Path of Titans comes up with a codes section where players can use up the redeem codes and get free Marks with their help of them.

Path of Titans Redeem Code Rewards
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Players can get the redeem codes through Path of Titan’s social media handles and official websites. For now, there is no in-game redemption center but a good thing is that the developers have announced that they are working on this and will come into the game sooner. 

5. Go for more Farming on the Map

Farming is the way through which players indulge their dinosaurs in real farming works inside the game and thus by creating new items and crafting new products. Players get a limited amount of Marks by doing so and can make up a piggy bank for their account. 


Path of Titans is a survival-based online multiplayer game now available on android and iOS devices. Marks are the only in-game currency players can get in the game. Above we discussed the ways to receive them and thus utilize them in a better way. 

Did you find this guide to get more Marks in Path of Titans useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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