Path of Titans Guide: Tips to level up quickly in the game

Level up and unlock new challenges!

Path of Titans is a survival-based game that is the adaptation of one of the famous Xbox and PC games. As a survival-based game, it has a lot to know about the players and gets more gains to grow more quickly. Leveling up will help out players to unlock many quests, achievements, and tasks and thus players will get more interested in the game. Thus, let us now get into the best tips through which players can easily grab points and level up quickly in Path of Titans. 

How to level up quickly in Path of Titans 

1. Explore the Maps 

Path of Titans Beginners Guide, Path of Titans play with friends
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Go around both maps and explore them. Exploring the maps will lead to unlocking many new places and spotting some more dinosaurs. Players may even complete some of the quests as well while roaming around the corners of the 8×8km maps and thus this will help the players to gain points and increase their level. 

2. Be aware of the dangers 

While roaming around, always look for every set of dangers and play wisely. As it is a survival game, players must know how to escape from danger and survive with the best set. Avoid unnecessary fights, and check out for the mountainsides and water bodies. Do not die sooner as a hatchling, this will not help you level up. Play wisely and carefully to become the greatest on the server. 

3. Plan out your survival strategy 

Path of Titans
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While choosing your dinosaur, choose according to your play style. Plan out a bit by checking out the quests and the assigned tasks you have. This will help out players to strategize well before starting off their game and help them get the most number of gain points and by far increase their level at a good speed. 

4. Complete more Quests 

Quests are one of the wisest sections through which players can help out themselves and earn the most number of points to level up themselves. Thus, check out the quests, complete them, and earn gain points to level up quickly. 

5. Play more solo matches 

Playing solo matches can help a lot as well. It is advised mostly to play along with friends but playing solo can help out players to get the proper knowledge about the map and about all the locations where players can get all the necessary items regarding their survival plans. 

6. Complete the cycle of the dinosaur you choose 

While starting off a game, choose the dinosaur you are most compatible with. Just after you start the game, try to complete the whole cycle of the dinosaur from hatchling to an adult dinosaur. This will help out players to complete many quests and thus get the appropriate amount of points to level up faster. 

7. Go for the auto mode 

Path of Titans Beginners Guide
Image via Alderon Games

Auto mode is one of the best methods by which players can save the energy of their Dinosaurs. Players must save up the stamina of their Dinosaurs by enabling the auto mode and roam around carefully. This will thus help out players save energy and collect as much as increase the player’s level.

8. Unlock certain skins, dinosaurs, and cave decorations 

Marks are the only in-game currency players can check out over the game. By using them players can thus buy skins, dinosaurs, and cave decorations. This will help out players to get a good amount of gain points and increase their level. 

9. Try to communicate while on a server 

When playing a multiplayer match on a random server, roar while you move inside the woods. Also while you try to make new friends over the server, use the hissing voice to communicate in a friendly manner and thus this will help players complete some of the tasks and get wholesome of gain points. 

10. Go along with a Friend 

As said earlier, play solo and get the best strategy plans for yourself. But, also play the multiplayer mode games along with your friends. This will help out players to complete the group tasks and earn more points to level up. 


Path of Titans is a newly launched survival-based game that is now available on Android and iOS devices for all regions of the world. Thus, go through the tips and level up quickly to become a pro among your friend circle. 

Did you find this guide to level up quickly in Path of Titans useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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