Peridot Guide: List of Dot tricks and how to train them

Time to know a trick or two!

Niantic’s latest augmented reality title Peridot got a launch recently, which uses your phone to project a virtual pet companion into the real world, where you must care for them as they develop. The concept is that Peridots are in a world that is vastly different from the one in which they originally roamed, and they will require assistance to avoid extinction. Out of the features existing in the game, tricks are something that might not be very useful but comes across as a fun element for the players. So, in this guide, we shall look into the tricks available in Peridot and the steps to teach them to your Dots.

Tricks in Peridot

Just like how real-life pets follow up with some tricks like hops, jumps, etc, Peridot also has this feature that equips a learning process for the tricks. Tricks unlock at Keeper Level 3. Although there aren’t many tricks currently available, players can enjoy training their dots with tricks.

Peridot Skill
Image via Niantic

The following are the current tricks available in the game.

  • Paw
  • Booty Shake
  • Down
  • Jump
  • Roll Over
  • Sit
  • Spin
  • Stand

A total of eight tricks are currently available. In the coming updates, we might get to see more of them being added.

How to train your Dot

Players can train their dots with a variety of food items. Here are the steps to train your Dot:

  • Tap on the Backpack and select the Food menu. Pick any of the food items of your choice to do a Trick.
  • Drag any food item up to the circle in the center of the screen. A green circle will fill up to let you know you can input the trick command.
  • Hold it there until the circle is finished and a grid of nine circles three each in a row appears, just like your phone unlock pattern screen.
  • Drag your finger with the food in any direction mentioned in the trick menu. It can be left, right, up, or down the grid of visible circles to teach your Dot a new trick. For example, you can make your Dot learn to Sit by moving the food to the rightmost line middle circle and then down.
  • Once you’ve done the gesture successfully, feed your Dot the food you have selected to reward them for learning the Trick.

The training process differs for each trick, which you can monitor at the Dot menu. The training is completed once you teach each trick a certain number of times.

Did you find our Peridot guide to teach your dot tricks helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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