Pikmin Bloom Guide: How to perform expeditions and earn exclusive items

Send your Pikmins to collect rewards!

Pikmin Bloom is Niantic’s latest addition to their AR-based game list. The company has begun the global launch of the game already and the game is fun to play. As Niantic is always encouraging to spend time in a mixture of the virtual and real world, the game directs players to do so. In this article, we will mostly discuss the ways to perform expeditions in Pikmin Bloom. This will earn exclusive items for the players.

Similar to the existing AR titles from Niantic, Pikmin Bloom uses a different strategy to keep people engaged in the game. The objective is simple, the only way to make the world colourful is with cute Pikmin, who are about to walk. Players, by walking, can grow their Pikmin, increase the slots in a squad, plants flowers and grow them and many more!

Pikmin Bloom: What is an expedition

Pikmin Bloom perform expeditions
Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

Expedition unlocks after level 6. While roaming around and planting flowers, players can mark or discover useful items like seedlings and fruits to collect later, via an expedition. The time can be different based on the distance of an item that a player is intending to collect. Players will send their Pikmin to collect gift items. A thing to remember here is that these Pikmins will become tired after providing flower petals, according to their capability. Players need to wait till the following day to send them to an expedition again.

How to perform

Pikmin Bloom perform expeditions
Expedition Performance: Steps

Performing an expedition is very easy. It’s just sitting idle and getting rewards even if a player is not walking. The app continues to work while it is closed. Android devices without the Google Fit app have to install it to keep track of players’ walks.

Pikmin Bloom expedition: Steps to follow

  • One must open the Pikmin Bloom app from the app drawer.
  • From the main page, one must tap on the top screen that is showing the current location as well as the steps. It will open another window, showing options such as Lifelog, Seedlings, etc.
  • Dragging the sliding menu to the left will let the players check out more options. One will find the Expedition option there, which must be clicked.
  • Check the available items to collect. Select one that one want to get. Now select your Pikmins to assign them to that item.

This is how a player can perform an expedition. Pikmin will bring either Fruit or Seedlings from an expedition.

What are your thoughts on the steps to perform expeditions in Pikmin Bloom? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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