Pokemon Go: How to counter and beat Giovanni

Beat the top villain and free the Pokemons from him

Giovanni comes under top villain how is as ruthless in battle as he is ay conducting his criminal enterprise where he has a group of Pokemon that he uses in Pokemon GO but his choice changes on occasions so it’s not easy to beat and use counters on him. He has 5 Pokemon in his commend and that has 2 of his choices set for the beginners and the second pokemon could be any one of the 3 different options.

This article will discuss Giovanni’s Pokemon choices, along with the percentages they may appear in battles.

Giovanni counters in Pokemon GO
Giovanni counters in Pokemon GO

Remember – This is only for the current iteration of Giovanni’s team in Pokemon Go so this may change in the future.

Pokemon GO: Giovanni’s group of Pokemons

First Slot of Pokemon:

  • Persian

Second Slot of Pokemon

  • Machamp (44%)
  • Golem (44%)
  • Cloyster (11%)

Third Slot of Pokemon

  • Ho-Oh (it’s pick up is currently Ho-Oh until there is any changes in team GO Pocket’s Pokemon again by Niantic).

Ideal counters to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO

Giovanni villain in Pokemon GO
Giovanni in Pokemon GO

Counters could be formulated with these pokemon in mind. To beat Giovanni using counters in Pokemon GO and his team quickly, you are advised to deal with super-effective damage to them. Follow done to know plenty of elemental weaknesses which are found in Giovanni’s pokemon.

  • Persian– Fightng- type moves
  • Machamp– fairy-, flying and Psychic-type moves.
  • Golem– Fighting, Grass (2x super effectiveness), Ground, Ice, Steel and water Type (2x super effectiveness) moves
  • Cloyster– Electric, Fighting, Grass and rock type moves.
  • Ho-Oh– Electric, Rock (2x super effectiveness) and water-type moves.

In order to center in one type, these moves types are important. Keep in mind you select a pokemon that match the same element as they move will provide them with the same STAB that means the Same Type Attribute Bonus.

There are potential Pokemons and moves to counter Giovanni’s Pokemon and send them packing.

PersianConkledurr using Counter and Dynamic Punch
Lucario using Counter and Aura Sphere
Machamp using Counter and Dynamic Punch
Blaziken using Counter and Focus Blast
Sirfetch’d using Counter and Close Comba
MachampMewtwo using Psycho Cut and Psystrike
Gengar using Like and Psychic
Pidgeot using Gust and Brave Bird
Latios using Zen Headbutt and Psychic
Alakazam using Psycho Cut and Psychic
GolemBlastoise using Water Gun and Hydro Cannon
Gyarados using Waterfall and Hydro Pump
Venusaur using Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant
Kyogre using Waterfall and Hydro Pump
Swampert using water Gun and Hydro Cannon
CloysterManectric using Charge Beam and Wild Charge
Lucario using Counter and Aura Sphere
Electivire using Thunder Shock and Wild Charge
Conkledurr using Counter and Dynamic Punch
Magnezone using Spark and Wild Charge.
Ho-Oh Counters  Rampardos using Smack Down and Rock Slide
Rhyperior using Smack Down and Rock Wrecker
Tyranitra using Smack Down and Stone Edge
Ampharos using Charge Bean and power Gem
Aerodactyl using Rock Throw and Rock Slide.

Did this article help you in beating Giovanni with useful counters? Let us know in the comments below!

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