Pokémon GO: Season of Mischief to start from September 1, 2021

Trainers get ready for the Season of Mischief

The developers Niantic have released the details of the upcoming season in Pokémon GO. The new season is titled Season of Mischief and is scheduled to start from September 1st and will feature to continue all the events left from the Pokémon Go Fest 2021. This time around, the developers have focused more on the lore side this season with special adventure storylines featuring Hoopa titled Misunderstood Mischief. Apart from the story-based content, the game will also feature other content like Bonus Points, New Hatchable Pokémon’s, and others.

The Season of Hoopa

Season of Hoopa in Pokemon GO
Season of Hoopa in Pokemon GO

In case someone has followed the Pokémon Go Fest 2021, he will remember that Hoopa has disrupted the phase of time and space because of which a new variety of Pokémon from the Galar region will be available in the game. The special adventure event featuring Hoopa will be available for nearly 4 months with the season finally ending on December 1st, 2021. Players completing all the adventure lines will be eligible to play another special event at the end of the season. Apart from the special content, the event will also players to earn a lot of bonus rewards by participating in it.

Hoopa's arrival in Pokemon Go Season of Mischief
Hoopa’s arrival in Pokemon Go Season of Mischief

New Hatchable Pokémon

One of the cool features of Pokémon Go is to hatch a Pokémon from the eggs. The developers have added a few more Pokémon to the already existing list. A player can now hatch Pokémon like Seel, Rattata & plenty more Pokémon in their inventory itself.

New hatchable Pokemons in the Season of Mischief
New hatchable Pokemons in the Season of Mischief

Season Based Pokémon

Season based Pokemon to appear in the wild
Season based Pokemon to appear in the wild

During the Mischief Season, players will be able to find a wide variety of Pokémon based on their area and current weather patterns.

Mega Evolution Bonuses

Mega evolution Pokemons
Mega evolution Pokemons

During each month of the Mischief Season, a selected Pokémon will receive a CP boost when mega has been evolved. This Special boost is a valuable asset in trainers and gym battles.

  • September-Slowpoke
  • October-Gengar
  • November– Houndoom

Ditto Transformations

We all know Ditto loves to transform into any of the Pokémon. This time around he has his list of transformations. Please make sure to check the inventory. In case someone can catch any of the following Pokémon, let us know whether it is the original one or a clever trick of Ditto!

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