Pokemon Go: What is Lucky Pokémon and how to catch them

Do you need to be lucky?

Trainers, it is time to catch Lucky Pokémon as they’re finally been introduced in Pokémon GO. Lucky Pokémon is a new style of Pokémon that needs 50% less stardust compared to other ones to power up. They even have a special background in Pokedex while viewing them. In every species, there’s a lucky Pokémon who have a special count which can be displayed on several counters. However, in this article, we shall explain Lucky Pokémon and how to catch them in Pokemon GO.

What is Lucky Pokémon in Pokemon GO

One of the foremost interesting features about Lucky Pokémon is that they always have high IVs which means whether or not it’s lowest, a Lucky Pokémon can have IVs is 80% and that’s an IV score of 10 for every single stat. To test whether that Pokémon is lucky or not you’ll be able to simply check your list of Pokémon where there’ll be a brand-new label of “Lucky Pokémon.” 

Lucky Pokémon in Pokemon GO
Lucky Pokémon in Pokemon GO

How to catch a Lucky Pokémon

Well, it isn’t specified you’ll be able to catch any Lucky Pokémon in wild, they’re exclusively obtained by trading. While trading a Pokémon there’s an opportunity to receive The Lucky status. But some things are still must be explored because the community hasn’t worked out any specifics. It’s performed and as long as you have got owned any Pokémon, the upper chance they have to become Lucky while trading.  

For example, a Pokémon caught in 2018 includes a higher chance to urge the Lucky status when it’ll be traded with a Pokémon caught in 2020, as both the Pokémon have a distinct age in trade, therefore, the community suspected Pokémon GO move to calculate the typical age of the Pokémon. 

But this is often all right down to chance as we’ve got discussed before. It should happen that the brand-new Pokémon caught in 2020 may get Lucky status during trade, not 2018 one.  

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