Pokémon Go: Where to catch Rockruff and its evolution requirements

Rockruff is now available on Pokémon go

Pokémon Go has been adding generation seven species to the game and now it’s the turn of rock-type, Rockruff to make its way into the game. Rockruff is a puppy-like Pokémon from the Sun and Moon series that is extremely famous among trainers across the world.

How to catch or get Rockruff in Pokémon Go

Rockruff can be found in the wild and is egg- and raid-exclusive which means Rockruff currently can only be obtained during the 1-Star Raid or hatching from a 10km Egg. The Pokémon can be shiny and can also evolve into a Lycanroc and has two forms namely Midday and Midnight.

Rockruff has been introduced under the Alola event which will take place between March 1, 2022, and June 1, 2022, alongside several other Alolan Pokémon like Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio. The Alola event gives players across the world a chance to catch generation seven Pokemon species, their shiny forms and take advantage of all the bonuses that come with it.

Evolution requirements for Rockruff

Users will need to hatch or catch several Rockruff to get enough candy to evolve the Pokémon into both forms of Lycanroc which require 50 Rockruff candy for both the Midday and Midnight forms and can be shiny.

To evolve the Rockruff into a Midday form, users will have to collect 50 candy during daylight which is easy to figure out as the skies in the map will be bright and the same goes to turn Rockruff into the Midnight form for which the users have to collect 50 candy during the night which will be easy to figure out as the maps will be darker.

Rockruff Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

However if users only have 50 candy for their use it is advised to go for the Midnight mode as it is ranked 204th within Great League by PvPoke, compared to the Midday Lycanroc is ranked 663rd, also the Midnight forms give it the lower Attack stat with greater Defense and Stamina stats, as well as a stronger moveset that features the Psychic fangs, Minimal charged move, and a superb Fast Move Counter.

Although Lycanroc has three forms which are Midday, Midnight, and Dusk, Pokémon Go currently only has 2 forms which are Midday and Midnight, the developers have not given any information about the dusk form being introduced to the game as of now.

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