Pokemon Masters Beginners Guide: Tips & Tricks to help you kickstart your journey

Whether you’re an avid Pokémon fan or just a fan of mobile gaming, Pokemon Masters is a great fit either way. If you haven’t yet downloaded the game yet, now’s a good time to check it out as its anniversary (August 29) is fast approaching. It’s important to note that Pokémon Masters isn’t played like other traditional Pokémon games. It features 3 on 3 battles using Sync Pairs and isn’t strictly turn-based. Instead, it uses a stamina bar which recharges as fast as your Pokémon’s speed stat. Here’s our Pokemon Masters guide for beginners to guide you through what you should be doing at the start of your journey in the game.

Familiarization with important terms in Pokemon Masters

First, let’s familiarize with some important terms in the game. These will play a key part as you progress through the game.

Sync Pairs

In Pokemon Masters, you don’t catch pokémon like in traditional games. Instead, you recruit Sync Pairs for your team. A Sync Pair is a character from the Pokémon games (or anime) and their preferred Pokémon. For example, Misty and Starmie. You yourself start as a Sync Pair. That’s right – you’re a Sync Pair too! You can customize your own character and start with a Pikachu (later in the game you’ll get access to other pokémons to sync with).

Pokemon Masters Beginners Guide sync pairs
Sync Pairs in-game

How do you get Sync Pairs? The game’s main story will provide you with a lot of free Sync Pairs. Other than that you use gems to try and snatch the Sync Pair you want from the Sync Pair Scout (which is basically a shop). You can get gems by either buying them with real money or by simply progressing through the game (main story, events, log-in bonuses, etc.).

Of course, there are some Sync Pairs that are stronger than others but the great thing about Pokemon Masters is that you can use whichever Sync Pair you like best. The vast majority of them are viable if you invest in them. But for those of you who want to be the very best, here’s a list of Sync Pairs (both free and recruited) you should look out for

1. Rosa and Serperior

One of the absolute best supports and you get her for free too! Great defence, gauge refills, and an effective passive too.

2. Player and Torchic

You can get a Torchic later on in the game. Torchic’s no pushover, boasting powerful group buffs.

3. Cynthia and Mega Garchomp

Massive attack combined with a killer AoE attack. Unfortunately, she isn’t free, but keep an eye out and try to snatch her, as she’s incredible.

4. Korrina and Mega Lucario

Great attacking prowess and the ability to increase her critical hit rate makes Mega Lucario a threat. If you pair her up with a support that has Dire Hit All, you could actually get Mega Lucario’s crit rate to 100%. The best part is that she’s free and you get her early on!

5. Flint and Infernape

Another good freebie. This pair has both physical and special attacks, along with a buff that targets attack and special attack, making this a versatile Sync Pair to have.

6. Flannery and Torkoal

This is another free pair that you get early on and they work great as a tank. They can even burn enemies, which has become very useful as of late.

7. Acerola and Palossand

She has good buffs and a taunt move that makes enemies only target her for a little while. She’s tanky as well. The only downside is that even though she’s free, it’ll take a while before you get your hands on this duo.

8. Misty and Starmie

Can raise her team’s special defence and can even put a gradual heal on a teammate, making it another viable support option. Furthermore, it’s one of the very first free Sync Pairs you get!

9. Iris and Haxorus

A reliable physical striker with an incredible moveset.

10. Player and Pikachu

If you thought Pikachu would be not as good because it’s the first pokémon you get, it’s not the case at all. You’ll want to switch to another pokémon later down the line, but at the start (and even in the end game to some degree), Pikachu can more than hold its own! This concludes the list. We mostly placed free Sync Pairs that any player (new or veteran) can have access to. Any of these can compete with even the most elusive of 5-star Sync Pairs if you build them up enough!

How to power up Sync Pairs?

There’s tons of ways to strengthen your team. Let’s look at how you can power up your sync pairs in our Pokemon Masters guide for beginners.

Pokemon Masters Beginners Guide sync pair upgrade
This is where you can power up Sync Pairs in-game

Level up your Pokemons

This one’s obvious, but like any Pokémon game, the Pokémon have levels. Simply completing a mission will earn XP towards the Sync Pairs you brought. Alternatively, you could use Level-Up Manuals, which can be farmed in the Level-Up Course in the Training Area.

Unlock new moves and skills of Sync Pairs

Not every Sync Pair comes with all their moves – sometimes you’ve got to unlock them. You can use Training Machines (or TMs for short) along with the corresponding Tonic. You might get both TMs and Tonics in the Courses that are available in the Training Area.

Unlock level cap and potential of Sync Pairs

By now you must’ve noticed that Sync Pairs have a star rating associated with them. This is basically their potential. The more stars, the more levels and stats. Don’t worry too much about this if you are a beginner, just try to unlock the level cap of your favourite Sync Pairs as soon as possible.

Don’t go for Gear and Sync Grids yet

Now, this is something you definitely don’t need to worry about in the beginning. Gear is essentially an equipment item that boosts specific stats. You unlock the ability to get gear after beating Chapter 18 of the Main Story. And Sync Grids are kind of like a perk tree. Even though these two have nothing to do with each other, we put them together because as a beginner you shouldn’t be paying attention to either of these yet.

Evolve your Pokémon

You can, of course, evolve your Pokémon! It’s not quite as important here as it is in the main series, though. In fact, a lot of Pokémon come evolved already. But for those that don’t (like Rosa’s Snivy), you simply head on over to the Training Area and go to Sync Pair Stories. This is a good place to get some extra gems, but better yet, this is where you’ll be evolving most of your Pokémon. You’ll also need Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals, which can be attained via events and in the Exchange Items section of the Shop.


This is a Pokémon mechanic that’s widely known in the series. Not far into your adventure, you’ll be offered a choice of three eggs which are the three Kanto starters (Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander). I suggest picking your favourite, but if you don’t care or simply want the best, then Bulbasaur is the one for you as it is the most versatile one. Squirtle comes in second place. Lastly, it’s Charmander. Charmander isn’t bad, it just has a lot of competition in the Fire-Type slot and simply isn’t as versatile as Bulbasaur.

Hatching eggs
Place to hatch eggs in-game

How to hatch your eggs in Pokemon Masters?

Hatching Pokemon eggs is pretty simple in-game. Just do a set number of battles and wait for a specific period of time. For example, an egg might take 12 hours and 3 battle completions to hatch. You will also occasionally receive random eggs which can give you the likes of Meowth, Tauros, Nidoran, and a few others (with more to surely come later).

Once a Pokémon hatches they’ll go to the Day Care where you can select them to be your partner Pokémon. Don’t stress over eggs though – they’re honestly not very important right now, so we suggest not spending too much time on it. And definitely don’t spend your gems. 

Tips & Tricks for Pokemon Masters Beginners

How to level up quickly?

  • If you are a beginner, the first thing you should be doing is playing the Main Story and try to at least get past Chapter 4. Once you’ve beaten Chapter 4 you’ll gain access to the Training Area.
  • Next, you need to make sure to do those daily Super Courses whenever they become available.
  • Our suggestion for the fastest way to grow in strength is to do a chapter of the Main Story, then switch to the Training Area and power up your Sync Pairs a decent bit. Then do another chapter. Rinse and repeat this process. Feel free to spend a little more time in the Training Area if you’re trying to get a specific Sync Pair up in levels.
  • You should try to have a balanced and diverse team. It’s cool that your favourite type is electric but you can’t have all of your Sync Pairs be electric type! Well, not at the start anyway. You want a good balance of types so you can bring along the appropriate Sync Pair for the challenge at hand.

Where should you spend your gems?

You would get plenty of gems from the main story chapters, so you’d probably be thinking where should you spend your gems to gain more strength quickly. Our recommendation is that try to power up your Sync Pairs with the help of gems. By all means, try for your favourite Sync Pair if they’re available.

Pokemon Masters Beginners Guide sync pair scout
In Sync Pair scout, you get new Sync Pairs

Which Sync Pairs should you look out for?

In our Pokemon Masters guide, we would provide a list for beginners comprising of the best Sync Pairs to look out for. This list will contain exclusively 5-star Sync Pairs.

  1. Cynthia and Mega Garchomp: I know I mentioned her above, but I’ll mention her again. She’s a beast and has carried me through most challenges.
  2. Sabrina and Mega Alakazam: This pair can almost be placed on any team. Great buffs, heals, damage reduction, and deals good damage for support!
  3. Steven and Mega Metagross: The highest attack stat in the game combined with great healing.
  4. Sygna Suit Red and Mega Charizard X: The only weakness this duo has is its awkwardly long name. Literally one of the best (if not the best) special striker in the entire game.
  5. Blue and Mega Pidgeot: This Sync Pair comes second place to the one mentioned right above (fitting, I know). But this duo can still hold their own as one of the best in the game.
  6. Serena and Delphox: No one can spread status effects like this duo – one of the best in the game and will make your life easier for a lot of challenges!

If you don’t get any of the mentioned 5-star Snyc Pairs, there’s no need to worry. Like we said priorly, almost every Sync Pair can be made great if you train them. These can make your life easier, but what’s life without a bit of a challenge?

This concludes our beginners guide for Pokemon Masters. It’s not a complicated game, so just play and have fun. Good luck on your Pokemon journey!

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